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Healing Abusive Organ is at Ions

Healing Abusive Organ is at Ions

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Published by: api-3801194 on Oct 17, 2008
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The following programme of action is proposed for healing an abusive organisation: • Teaching: - Integrate into courses, conferences & preaching themes of organisation. - Key subjects: o Spiritual abuse o Correct discipline o Godly leadership o Fallenness of human nature – potential for evil in seemingly good men. Staff change: - Discipline abusive hypocrites – preferably remove from leadership. - Bring in leaders from outside to stop inbreeding. - Send leaders on Sabbatical to spend time in other organisations or in business exchanging ideas and learning new things. Structural change: - Accountability forums to members. - Accountability to trans-local leadership in relationship to local. - Constitutional reform. - Encourage openness and transparency. Leadership reform: - Leaders get new mentors from healthy ministries - Take time off. - Read books and study how to lead in a fair and non-abusive manner. - Spiritual time to focus on God. - Public rebuke of leaders for sin. - Public repentance for wrong done. - Get rid of religious status symbols. Relationship - Leaders form relationships with other leaders in healthy ministries - Organisations form relationships with other healthy organisations Protection of good leaders - Prayer mobilisation for leaders

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17 October, 2008

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