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Major Challenges in HPHT Operations

Major Challenges in HPHT Operations

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Published by: Jeffrey on Oct 24, 2011
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Major Challenges in HPHT Operations

Survey results of a survey sent to HPHT Professionals
16 November 2010

HPHT Wells Summit 2010: HPHTWells.com

HPHTWells.Thank You! To all respondents: Thank you very much for taking your time to fill out our questionnaire. We are happy to present the results of the survey.com . The survey aimed to assess the major challenges in HPHT activities.

1) Which of the following would you say has the biggest technology gaps for HPHT operations? W hic h o f the fo llo wing wo uld y o u s a y ha s the b ig g e s t te c hno lo g y g a p s fo r H P H T o p e ra tio ns ? Casing 4% 8% 8% Tubulars Testing facilities Safety measures 12% Seals Cement design and performance Polymers and metallurgy Other (please specify) 34% 8% 14% 12% HPHTWells.com .

com .they prefer to play Russian Roulette with the lives of their rig crews Seismic resolution Testing Facilities and Materials are both equally with respect to gaps • • HPHTWells. but not every company uses it .1) Which of the following would you say has the biggest technology gaps for HPHT operations? Other responses: • • • • • • • • Drilling equipment. Mud High temperature electronics capable of surviving 200C operation High temperature electronics subsystems providing power to directional Logging MWD/LWD tools unable to perform consistently over 150 Deg C QAQC and testing Qualification of specialist materials Well control. Can be mitigated using cesium format brine.

com .2) • • • • • • • • • • • What are the major challenges you face with equipment durability? BOP equipment sealing elements Extended exposure to temperature Equipment reliability and durability with temperature above 175 deg Celsius Durability against high temperature Dynamic seals Getting equipment to be reliable under extreme conditions Hot hole tools. Long term effect on metal / elastomers Internal annulus unknown changes and access to monitor and intervene Liner hanger sealing element Material failure due to high temperature case Quantifying how T & P cycling effects each component of the systems being used HPHTWells.

260C) electronics given ultra deep wells and geothermal wells The main challenges in my field relate to measurement accuracy and precision.2) What are the major challenges you face with equipment durability? Cont’d: • • • • Reliability of down hole chemical injection systems. both to achieve the required levels and maintaining the calibration through (multiple) temperature cycles. Wellhead hander sealing elements • • • HPHTWells. work over and packer fluids Surface drilling equipment and down hole drilling tools The High Temperature limits the performance of tools so during drilling you can optimize the cooling system in order to plan the availability of different section of job The increasing need for higher temperature ( 230 .com . Stress corrosion cracking caused by the halide brines used as completion.

shock and vibration. Supplier commitment to Oil market & Sub systems and MCM approach HPHTWells. max Junction temperature.com . de rating at temperature of passive competent.3) • • • • • • • • • • What are the critical factors to consider when ensuring the electronic survivability of equipment? Always the High temperature but also the High Pressure that increase the possibility of leak Combination of down hole dynamic (shock) and temperature Connection technology is also very important Electronic equipment needs to be robust against higher temperatures (Step change in technology) Ensure that the sensor withstands the maximum temperature case Extended exposure to temperatures above 450 f How stable circuits can be made by resistance to extreme movement and how well recovery can be captured due to shock and surge Long term testing under realistic well conditions is also crucial Material choices Max operating temperature. availability of SOI devices. longevity at temperature. supplier viability.

operating environment.3) What are the critical factors to consider when ensuring the electronic survivability of equipment? Cont’d: • • • • • • • • Pressure. temperature fluctuations Pressure difference between inside and out side of the tools in high temp environment QAQC and testing Remove as many unnecessary items as possible. Understanding of real down hole temperatures. OBM environment. particularly reagents which will affect the life of the components through chemical degradation Shock. Temperature and vibration Temperature. Voltage switching devices HPHTWells. vibration and high torque. Pressure and operating procedures. environment.com . position. Understanding of simulated and measured circulation temperatures. fatigue testing.

8% HPHTWells.4) Is enough being done to combat the risk of product failure at high temperatures? Is e no ug h b e ing d o ne to c o mb a t the ris k o f p ro d uc t fa ilure a t hig h te mp e ra ture s ? 7.com .7% 38.5% Yes No I am not sure 53.

Thoroughness & Honesty Early planning and good well plan using Wellcat. enough lead time for casing.5) • • • • • • • • • • • • What are the key factors that contribute to the success of your QA/QC process? Adapt qualification process integrating shock loading in down hole condition Casing design & seals Clear and concise quality plan that is correctly implemented Constant monitoring and improvement Custom design to specific parameters Detailed check list Diligence. seals etc… Enforcement of QAQC process Environmental testing Experience level of people involved Going into drilling challenges studies before drilling the well HPHTWells.com . tubulars.

5) What are the key factors that contribute to the success of your QA/QC process? Cont’d: • • • • • • • • • • • Innovation to meet next generation demands Involving right personnel with the right competence Rigorous expectation management towards vendors Management close the loop of failures Proper standards Packaging techniques Redesign component specific for high temperature Root cause analysis Test at Temp'Shock and Vibration testing Vendor requirements. Supply chain Verify the plan of each step with right and real information Wealth of offset data HPHTWells.com .

000psi and + 350F systems and alongside this the development of drilling BOP's is progressing quickly. The ability of the systems to access B and C annulus areas especially in large casing programs is a key area of concern and solutions need to be developed Use benekte with track record or proven long term test.000 psi and 350F are untested in the full scope of delivery of the drilled well.com .. BOP control is not proven. The technology needs to be customized for floating rigs in the North Sea Stick to safety. recent developments in subsea wellhead systems are leading to 20.6) Do you have any additional information or comments? • • • • • Invest more money to research micro-electric . Managed Pressure Drilling could be used as an Active Well Control tool for drilling HPHT wells.. and environmental rules & regulations The factors in subsea HP HT wells being in excess of 15. Use common test criteria and facilities HPHTWells.

Trendsetter Electronics has been assisting the design and supply chain process for 15 years. funded over many years and supported by the DOE. Semiconductor Suppliers and Passive and Magnetic suppliers. the industry will need to work closer with suppliers of technology to craft solutions capable of drilling into harsher and hotter environments. We are currently positioned for component level and sub-system solutions supporting HPHT wells up to 230C 30Kpsi Operational adjustments should not be used as a substitute for safety factoring. The intelligence of the drill will continue to increase in intelligence. Universities.com . Oil Field Service Providers. This initiative will need to be driven at many layers. specialists need to handle contingences when plans cannot be followed • HPHTWells. The development of smarter tools will take time and money.6) • Do you have any additional information or comments? HPHT wells will continue to push the limits of existing technology. In order to meet the demand of future requirements.

25th November 2010): HPHTWells.Thanks to all participants! More information about the HPHT Wells Summit in Aberdeen (23rd .com .

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