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Which Type of Snow Blower Should You Buy

Which Type of Snow Blower Should You Buy

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Published by: snowblowers on Oct 24, 2011
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Which Type of Snow Blower Should You Buy

When comparing the prices between different snow blower models, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a huge price range. Snow blowers can cost as much as $1000 but also cost as little as $100. ‚Â The cheaper blowers are good for handling moderate snow conditions. Expensive models are better for those who live in areas where there heavy snowfall. When deciding on what type of snow blower to buy, there are two big considerations: the storage space you have available and the amount of snow you expect to receive. Single-Stage Electric Snow Blowers This particular type of blower is smaller and does not have any driven wheels. This particular blower actually uses a rubber-tipped auger that propels the machine along while picking up and throwing snow along the way. The single-stage electric version works best on driveways that are level and not too long in length. This particular blower works great on decks and walkways. This type of blower is made to handle snowfall that is less than four inches. Single-stage electric blowers are lightweight, easy to store and easy to handle. One thing you should keep in mind is that this particular blower type has a power cord so you are somewhat limited in length.

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Single-Stage Gas Snow Blowers This particular type of snow blower is basically more powerful than the electric type. This type of blower can handle mid-size length driveways that are level. Just like the electric version, these blowers are good for decks and walkways. This particular type of blower is very effective at handling up to eight inches of snow.‚Â These snow blowers are small so they are easy to store, they are easy to handle when clearing snow and very light-weight. This particular type obviously uses gas and oil so you won't have a pesky power cord to deal with. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blowers Much like the single-stage blower, the two-stage gas snow blower also uses a powerful auger to pick up and

throw snow while moving. The term "two-stage" implies that there must be a second stage which happens to be the case. The second stage on the two-stage blower involves a fan-like impeller above the auger that throws the snow out of the cute. As far as size is concerned, two-stage snow blowers are much larger than the single-stage blowers. Another difference is that these blowers have wheels to drive it instead of the auger. These two-stage gas blowers have the capacity to sweep up to 30 inches of snow and also have the ability to sweep snow off steep slopes.‚Â In Conclusion The single-stage electric snow blower, single-stage gas snow blower and two-stage gas snow blower all have their different advantages and disadvantages. The type that you should end up purchasing should depend on amount of snowfall and capacity of storage space.‚Â And before you decide on buying a particular snow blower, be sure to read all snow blower reviews. snow blowers

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