if you loved me, really there's no denying my head's in a whirl you got me spinning round and round like to think

it's different that you miss me, and you know that every moment you keep away adds another brick to the wall between us if you loved me, really you couldn't help but have to see me—now well, i'd be lying if i said it didn't hurt i mean it's even troublesome to try to sleep wish it was different 'that you knew for certain you wanted 'us and that the time you've taken to be apart is not equal to losing a chunk of my heart, forever if you loved me, really you couldn't ever live without me—so you know that it's the little kid in me that's crying weeping cause it's a little uncomfortable wish i didn't feel stuck while you're taking your time making up your mind in your air-conditioned upper east side apartment knowing i'm stuck in queens with the heat and the cat and noise in my head if you loved me, really you wouldn't cause this pain in my life i'm being facetious, of course (when i put this blame on you (completely after all it was i who recommended you take your time while you're sorting out your life and said that i'd be here with open arms & a smile and a warm embrace, ready, waiting if you loved me, really you could hardly wait to kiss me so i guess my expectations proved me wrong they popped out of nowhere (those menacing things!) to remind me ,yes, to prove to me that i had them ,not necessarily denied but hidden, slightly suppressed ,they shouted in unison that i was still utterly human that this time my excuse was love if you loved me, really perhaps you would do exactly what you're doing