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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour


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Marketers are concerned with how individuals learn because they want to teach

them, in their roles as consumers, about products, product attributes, and

potential consumer benefits; about where to buy their products, how to use them,

how to maintain them, even how to dispose of them. Marketing strategies are

based on communicating with the consumer.

a) Marketers want their communications to be noted, believed, remembered, and


b) For these reasons, they are interested in every aspect of the learning process.

There is no single, universal theory of how people learn.

There are two major schools of thought concerning the learning process: one

consists of Behavioral learning theories, the other of cognitive learning theories.

Cognitive theorists view learning as a function of purely mental processes,

although behavioral theorists focus almost exclusively on observable behaviors

(responses) that occur as the result of exposure to stimuli.

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