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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour


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Now that we know about needs and wants in details , we need to now move on

the motivation. But before going into an in-depth discussion on these, we will

first understand the distinct meanings of the three interrelated terms motives,

motivating, and motivation.

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Consumer Behaviour

Unit - I


Motives: Motives give direction to human behaviour. Wecan say that a motive

is an inner state that energizes, activates, or moves and directs or channels

behaviour towards the goal.

Motivating: This implies an activity engaged into by an individual, by which he

or she will channelise the strong motives in a direction that is satisfactory.

Motivation: Motivating can be described as the driving force within individuals

that impels them into action. For instance, at the basic level, our body has a need

(say hunger), which will translate into a drive (here the drive will e to obtain

food) and the goal will be to satisfy the need (in this example to fee full in the


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