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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour


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Another key factor in the success of direct marketing is the evolution of

specialized database firms. It is an expensive proposition both in terms of money

and time to create customer database. This makes direct marketing feasible only

for large firms. A very large component of the Indian economy consists of

small- and medium-sized firms who cannot afford to create this database. Hence

the emergence and evolution of firms specialized in database management will

contribute to the success of direct marketing in India.

To conclude, direct marketing has arrived in India, but is still an urban and

metro phenomenon. It is gradually widening out to non-urban areas too. It is

important to remember that competitive marketing strategies involve using a

combination of general and direct marketing approaches.


1.Explain in detail the application of the Research in the Direct marketing



1. Discuss in detail the various types of scales that could be used to
measure the attitude of the consumers in the direct marketing process.
2. Briefly discuss the future of Direct marketing in India with relevance to
the consumer behavior.

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Consumer Behaviour

Unit - I


3. You are the marketing manager for a manufacturer of speciality watches
designed for runners. Would you sell these items through retail stores or
would you try direct marketing ? What research techniques would you
adopt to understand your consumer’s behavior?


1. Consumer Behavior ( 9th

Edition ) – Roger. D.Blackwell, Paul

2. Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action ( 6th

Edition ) – Henry Assal

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