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Published by: shum terry on Oct 24, 2011
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Hey guys, we are back with our second blog post aIter we wrote the Iirst blog about

Kampar. This time, it is in ipoh! Are you wondering what to buy when you guys visit to
ipoh? Don`t worry as we will introduce you the things that you should buy there.
Firstly, we will introduce you guys about the tremendously Iamous Pamelo. We bet that
all oI you know that Pamelo has been the trademark oI Ipoh. We went to check out the
Pamelo Street in Iront oI Sam Poh Tong along the Gopeng Road. There are many stalls
there and we randomly choose one. The owner oI the stall is a middle age woman. We
interviewed her and she told us that she has been selling pamelo since 1989. At Iirst, all
the sellers are selling the pamelos beside the street but sooner the government groups all
the stalls together and prepare stalls Ior them to sell their product. That is why we have
the pamelo street now. Due to the stiII competition, stall owners hired pretty girls to woo
customers to their stalls. The owner told us that the pamelos are mostly reputed to be
Irom Tambun as there is a big Iarm planting pamelos there. Do you people know how to
choose a pamelo? Let us tell you the way. Firstly, we must choose a pamelo with a
heavier weight because the more heavier the pamelo, the juicier it is. Secondly, avoid
dropping it as it will become bitter. There are two types oI pamelos: sour kind which has
pinkish Ilesh and sweet kind which has white Ilesh. Pamelo with a shaper head is sour
while it is sweet when its head is round. We were amazed when the owner told us that
pamelo has many other uses except Ior eating. Their skin can be used Ior cooking.
Besides that, the skin can be used to disperse the mosquito aIter we burn it.
Note: RM 18¹¹
No 27, Jalan Gopeng,
31350, Ipoh, Perak.

Next, we move on to another Iamous product in Ipoh which is the Iragrant biscuit, a.k.a
'Hiong Piah¨. The name oI the shop is Chang Weng. When we entered the shop, we
were attracted on the aroma oI the traditional biscuit. The owners oI the shop told us that
they start their business 10 years ago. At Iirst they were working Ior other people but
aIter they know the skill, they start their own business. The owner let us try some oI the
biscuit. The outer layer oI the biscuit is thin and crispy and the sweet Iilling complements
it very well. It is really tasty. We took pictures oI the process they make the biscuit, it is
all handmade! Isn`t it amazing? The price oI a piece oI Iragrant biscuit is only RM 0.60.
Besides the Iragrant biscuit, there are myriad oI biscuits too such as chicken biscuit,
sesame rice cake, ear biscuit, red bean biscuit and so on. AIter we interviewed the boss,
we bought some oI the Iragrant biscuit as we are all enamored oI it.
No 302, Jalan Gunung Rapat,

The last thing we recommend to you guys to buy is the salted chicken, which is also
known as yim kok kai in Chinese. It is one oI the specialty in Ipoh. That is why it is a
must try when you are in Ipoh! Aun Kheng Lim is the pioneer Ior the salted chicken. We
interviewed the second boss oI the shop. She was so courteous and answered every
question we asked. She said that they start their business since 1987 and the Iounder oI
the salted chicken is Mr Lim Ming Tek. The chicken is baked in salt in such a way that
the skin and meat is so delicious that you will deIinitely Iinish it all! The second boss told
us that they used the Kampung chicken which is smaller in size. It is because the chicken
has less Iat compared to other chickens. The chicken is wrapped together with Chinese
Herbs such as Dong guai and Gei Zhi in one piece oI oil paper and baked in an oven
covered and Iilled with IlavourIul salt crystals. The salt is absorbed by the meat to
enhance the taste. One oI the specialty oI the shop is it doesn`t provide dine in service but
only take away. StaII manning the phone to take orders while there are also people who
walk in and buy the salted chicken. The boss told us that during the peak season, they
sold out at least 28 boxes oI salted chicken in just an hour! We can see how Iamous it is!
So what are you guys waiting Ior?
Note: RM17 per box

No 24, Jalan Theatre,
30300,Ipoh, Perak.

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