MyTheme Beta 1.0.

1. How to apply MyTheme ? 2. How to change the Background Image of chat window ? 3. How to use smileys? 4. Whom to contact?

1. How to apply MyTheme ? Close the chat windows (if any). Open the settings in your google talk main window and navigate to Appearance tab Under Chat Theme, select MyTheme

2. How to change the Background Image of chat window ? Run the utility Change Background.exe from Start Menu Programs. Browse the files to set the path to your desired image. (Only jpg files are supported) Close all the opened chat windows (if any) and re-open to view the changes.

3. How to use smileys? Description Shortcut O:-) X-( =D ;;) :D : -B =(( :c :/ B-) :(( : -Y :PP =P~ : -h := ~x( : -* :)) =)) :x :SS |-: ]-( :)] Alternate Word :atb :angel :angry :clap :bath

All the Best Angel Angry Applause Bath Batting eyelashes Big Grin Blushing Broken Heart Call me Confused Cool Crying Day Dreaming Dislike Do Not Disturb Drooling Game Ghoting Gud Morning Gud nite Heart Hi Hit Hug I am Mad I love you I miss you Idea Kissing Laughing Laughing Love struck Mess Movie Nail bitting(Jealous)News No No Not talking Now On Phone -

:blush :callme :cool :waa :dream :naa :dnd :hee :game :ghoting :gm :gn :heart :hi,hai :hug :mad :ilu :imu :idea :kiss :ha :haha :love :mess :movie :j :news :no :no :calm :now :call

Pray Raised Eyebrow sad Secret/Silent Shut Up Sleep Sleepy smiling Smug Sorry Stop shouting Straight face Surprised Take care Thanks Thinking Tongue Wait Waving, Bye Winking Worried Yahooooo Yes


/:) :( : -$ I-) :) : -T :| :O : -? :P =; : -h ;) : -S ||-)


:pray :cha :shh :shutup :sleep :zz :mm :sry :stop :oh :tc :thanx


:wait :bye :wor :yahoo :yes

4. Whom to contact? For Help, support, queries and comments, Please feel free to contact

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