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Age: 21 Origin: San Fierro, SA. Background Story: Royce is a boy coming from a middle-class family.

He was born in Los Santos on t he 5th of July, 1990. Both of his parents were intellectual people, his mother b eing an economist, and his father a plane pilot. He was raised in a harmonious e nvironment. Unfortunately at the age of 7, his mother and father died in a plane crash. He was alone, only with his grandmother, with no other relatives. His gr andmother couldn't afford to raise him so he started to think on his own. He beg an by working at a local restaurant as a waiter. The payment was good, but not g ood enough for him to help his grandmother out. Gradually, he made new friends, but it is the antourage that got him on the wrong path. He started with small th efts, then getting bigger and bigger until he was head over heels in drug busine ss extorting etcetera. Now, with his grandmother deceased he started a new life in the city of Los Santos, always looking for new oportunities. Question: Have you got any past RP experience on SA-MP or another game? If past RP experience on SA-MP, what server(s) was it and what was your IG name(s)? Your answer: Yes, I did on various other servers. PR-RP, Valhalla-RP, and some o ther romanian servers. Question: What is our policy on rape, robbing and scamming? Your answer: Rape is not allowed unless it's been agreed OOCly on it by both par ts. Robbing is allowed but not more than $5000 and only if the player is above level 2. Scamming is allowed but also not more than $50000 and only if the player is abov e level 2. NO OOC SCAMMING/ROBBING aswell. Question: Explain some roleplaying terms, like metagaming and powergaming, and g ive examples to each. Your answer: Metagaming is using OOC info. IC. Informing someone by OOC methods of something IC is also called metagaming. Example : I am seeing something on the forum about a faction and then I use that info ICly to find them. Powergaming is known in two ways : first one is performing acts/doing things tha t are not humanly possible, and the other one is now leaving the other player an opportunity to roleplay/fight back. 1st way example : I am in a SWAT van and I suddenly break the cuffs, beat up all the cops and steal the truck afterwards. 2nd way example : /me grips on Sam's hand applying pressure as he breaks it.