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Project Proposal Tone Generator A system is to be generated that will create a tone and make sound through the

speaker. The speaker will be connected with the I/O port of the FPGA board. The tone frequency can be controlled by the switches. Work Flow The project will be done in several steps. Step 1: Make a tone with random clock signal. Step 2: Control frequency of the signal with the inputs. Step 3: Add additional hardware ie Resistor and Speakers. Required Hardware 1. Basys2 Spartan 3E FPGA board 2. 1 K Resistor 3. Speaker Specification: A 25 MHz clock will be generated and it will be divided by 16 bit counter. Then we will get a tone of frequency 25MHz/65536=381 Hz. Later if we want to create a tone of a particular frequency we can just change denominator (counter value) as per requirement. For example if we want to create note A(440Hz), we just have to divide the 25MHz clock by 56818 thus we can get 440Hz. 25MHz/56818=440Hz