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Hi Everyone, Forwarding you skeleton Elevations of Master Bedroom of our ongoing Apartment project.

Plz take this as a base for drafting all other elevations. While checking prefinal elevations, all the teachers observed that even basic things to be shown were not drafted properly. You will find these Elevations clearly showing how they are to be drawn. Plz follow the drawings and instructions shown in them. Many of you have not bothered to ink drgs for prefinal sub, some of you who have inked the drg have used one point throughout. Just mentioning few things which we came across which you MUST rectify in the final drawings: Drawings without border Drawings without format Pencil drawings - not inked Drawings not rendered - rendering includes colouring, showing indication of various materials, SHADOW & SHADE to mke the drg look three dimensional Column beam slabs not shown properly Brickwork indication shown for RCC slabs Double line or thickness of slab shown at Floor level when we have repeatedly told u to show only ONE thick line as Base Balcony railings not shown properly - plz follow the railing indicated in these elevations for Living room also Skirting not shown False ceiling not shown in elevations Door frames not shown Windows not indicated properly - plz follow the window indication shown in these elevations Do not show Wall plaster Those of you who got very poor remarks on the drg/ got poor marks for prefinal submission/ those whose drgs are not matching these elevtions/ those who feel they want to improve their prefinal work - - for all of them: we want you to REDRAFT all the drawings again, re-render them again. Guys to whom i am mailing these elevations plz forward this mail AS IT IS to your group and also to others so we dont miss out anybody, also plz acknowledge that you have received this mail Happy Diwali to all, expecting good work for Final submission Deepak Kamat Sir & All Design Faculty