Writing a PROFILE OF A BAND: Krezip

Krezip was formed in 1997 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The members are Jacqueline (singer), Anne Govaert (guitar), Joost van Haaren (bass), Annelies Kuijsters (keys), Bram van den Berg (drums) and Jan Peter Hoekstra (guitar). Jacqueline writes the most of the songs. Krezip's first album was released in 2000 by the record company Warner Music, the name of the single was Run Around. Their second single was Nothing Less, this was one was more famous as the first one. It became a first hit in Belguim and in the Netherlands. They sold 250.000 copies of this album. Krezip plays pop music. Now days, the most famous album is What Are You Waiting For?, for producing this album they were helped by an American producing couple and the wrote and recorded it in Los Angeles. The most famous songs are Out Of My Bed, I Would Stay, Don't Crush Me and I Apologize.

Inés Beekers

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