My oral presentation is about a trip I did last Christmas. I went to India.

We left the 22nd of December and we came back the 6th of January. I went with my mother and 4 friends of Holland, so we were six. We travelled in a mini-bus and we had our own chauffeur, because it’s very dangerous to drive there for strangers. We travelled trough a lot of cities and also trough the countryside. In the city there are a lot of people, during the day they stay outside and they life outside. There are a lot of colours. In India it’s market every day. People use bicycles, riksja’s (to transport other people or things) and tuk-tuk’s (this are Indian taxis). Trough the city you can see cows everywhere, you also can see camels and horses. When we travelled trough the countryside, we had to stop a lot a times to let some cows or camels cross the road. We also visited a lot of monuments: temples, forts, palaces, havelis (which are houses were traders lived) and we also visited the Taj Mahal. They all were very nice. We did a trip on an elephant to go up to a fort. It was very touristic but a nice experience. We also did a trip on a camel to go to see a sunset. My friend and I painted some henna on our hands and arms. It was a very nice experience, I really loved it.

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