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EPSON 7600/9600 PRINTER CALIBRATION To perform these tests, you will need an accurate 1 metre steel rule, a roll

of Epson Double Weight Matt paper, a magnifying glass and a copy of the Epson 7600/9600 printer service manual (available from

Step 1:

Load up the printer with Epson Double Weight Matte paper and perform a nozzle check on the Printer. clean as needed. Turn off the printer and restart the machine in Self-diagnostic mode . ( Hold down the paper feed + and keys as well as the enter key whilst turning the machine on.) Full Instructions can be found in the Epson Service Manual. Refer to How to Start Self-Diagnostic Mode, page 220. (This test needs to be on Epson Double Weight Matt Paper.)

Step 2:

Step 3:

Print the Feed Adj. T&B test for correct Paper Feed Length. On the printer front panel select Check: Adjustment-Feed Adj.T&B and print the target. Perform the necessary corrections and repeat this as needed to get the correct values. This effects all future adjustments. (Media - 1.2 meters per test). Feed Correction Adjustment: Refer to Feed Correction + T&B Adjustment in the EPSON Service Manual on page 239 for detailed instructions to apply the Paper Feed Correction routine and offsets for side, top and bottom. Your printer is now within specification for Epson Double Weight Matt paper feed. To change Paper Feed Length Settings without additional test prints, on the printer, access the Feed Adj. T&B Window. Move through the selections until you reach T&B Adjust?. Select the Pause button two times. You may enter adjustments without printing your target.

Step 4:

Run the Bi-Directionl adjustment. EPSON Service Manual page 248 & 252, refer to Round Trip Print Position Adjustment (Bi-D Adjustment) & Round Trip Print Position (Bi-D Adjustment) Checking.

. Step 5: Copy Parameters. EPSON Service Manual page 251, refer to Bi-D2 Adjustment.

Step 6:

Run the Uni-Directional adjustment. EPSON Service Manual page 253, refer to Head Gap Adjustment (Uni-D Adjustment).