The Hillbillies Attend a Blue-Grass Festival

By Elton Camp The Straff family had always lived in the hills The thought of visiting the city gave no thrills But a blue-grass festival was coming to town Then they agreed that they have to come around Their best overalls is what they proceeded to seek And they all took baths way down on the creek They said, “We don’t want them folks laughin’ at us We’s jest as sophisticated as some old city cuss.” So they got out the wagon and hitched up the team And off to the city to pursue their musical dream They clapped and cheered and even sang along And once were called to the stage to do a song And when they got back to the hills full of glee They told about all the great things they did see “Out in th’ field whar th’ singin’ took place Wuz a crowd so large hit were almost a disgrace.” “Fer so many t’ be thar fer a whole three day, I shore hope thar crops warn’t wasting’ away.” “We never seen more than one outhouse before But them fancy, rich folks had a dozen or more.”

“We never seen so many extra fancy outhouses!”

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