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UG and PG Unit Assessment Feedback

Information Student Name: Student ID: Course: Unit Code: Unit Title: Unit Credit: Unit Leader: Tutor: 1st Assessor: 2nd/3rd Assessor: Formative: Summative:

Assessment Requirement (from unit descriptor) Type Component 1: Component 2: Component 3: DD-MM-YYYY Verification (Marks determined and informed by criteria) Double marked: Third marked: Sample verified: Team marked: Moderated: Date Due Grade

Submission Status First Submission: Referral: Automatic Retake: (non submission) Retake: (discretionary following referral) Final Agreed Unit Mark (Summative) (Ensure all components are completed first) All marks are provisional and subject to ratification by the Progression Award Board Date of Feedback


Assessment Criteria (insert below) A** A* A B C D E F Feedback on achievement against criteria (required)

Developmental Feedback (optional) continue on next page if required

Grading Key: F less than 30, E 30-39, D 40-49, C 50-59, B 60-69, A 70-79, A* 80-89, A** 90+