3-D Skin Model

You will make a three-dimensional model of the skin from “Play-Doh” that includes the features that are listed below.

1. Start with a square with sides about 3 inches long. Model should be about 3 inches high. 2. Include the following layers: Epidermis Dermis Hypodermis (subcutaneous) 3. Include the following structures-be sure that they are in the correct skin layers.
          

Adipose cells Arrector pili muscle Basement membrane Blood vessels Hair follicle Hair shaft (use string but be sure to apply while dough is wet) Nerve fiber Sebaceous gland Stratum corneum Sweat gland and duct Touch receptor

4. Set up a key or labeling system so that I can tell what each structure represents. (Ideas might include a color key, making flags to label or your better idea) 5. Hand

in a list that briefly describes each of the structures


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