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What is decision
Docision naking is iofoiiod lo as piolIon
Il is a piocoss of iocognizing lho piolIon and
finding a soIulion lo il.
Docisions aio oflon lakon ly ovoiylody in an
oiganizalion lul nosl of lhon viII lo lakon ly
$teps of decision making
Idonlify lho piolIon oi oppoilunily
Calhoi ioIovanl infoinalion
DovoIop as nany aIloinalivos as possilIo
LvaIualo aIloinalivos lo docido vhich is losl
Docido on and inpIononl lho losl aIloinalivo
IoIIov-up on lho docision
odels of decision making
#alionaI nodoI
Sinon nodoI
Cailago can nodoI
What is rational model?
s lho void ialionaI suggosls, lhis appioach liings
Iogic and oidoi lo docision naking.
discipIino and consisloncy is luiIl inlo youi docision
naking piocoss.
$teps involved
1. dentIIyIng a probIem or opportunIty
2. CatherIng InIormatIon
3. AnaIyzIng the sItuatIon
4. DeveIopIng optIons
5. EvaIuatIng aIternatIves
6. SeIectIng a preIerred aIternatIve
7. ActIng on the decIsIon
$imon model
%ho foui phasos of Sinon nodoI aio
1) InloIIigonco phaso
2) Dosign phaso
3) Choico phaso
4) InpIononlalion phaso