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Project Brief - Template


Introduction • Brief outline of any background to Project / (business / political) context. Include brief outline of rationale, who commissioned by, drivers etc. Where does it fit within wider Detc

Aim/Vision • Brief description of the Aim or Vision of the Project (where appropriate link to Programme strategic vision) Outcomes • • Brief description of all key Project-level outcomes which will be / are required to achieve the aim / vision Also statement of key benefits expected?

Scope: • • What is in the scope of the Project? What is not in the scope of the Project?

Objectives, Outputs & Targets: • What Objectives, Outputs and Targets will this Project deliver – include list key Deliverables and products (with date/s)? Project Success Criteria • By what / what criteria will allow us to confirm that the Project has delivered all of its Objectives, Outputs etc, etc – i.e. link to measures of achievement of objectives, outputs & targets? Key Assumptions •

Include details of any key Project-level assumptions made during planning / on which plans etc are based


1. For ease of use, the completed document should ideally be less thanc.7-8 pages,
but certainly no more than 10 (excluding Annexes).

2. Template is based upon public sector experience of Department for Education
and Skills
File: 73112848.doc Status: DRAFT Version: 0.1 Date: 5/16/2010 9:09 a5/p5 Author: [name]

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legislative compliance issues etc) that Project may well be liable to. what to we need from others / what do they want from this Project – again need to identify who owns etc: o Other organisation Projects and/or Programmes etc o NDPBs and/or other Departments / external Programmes or Projects? Key Milestone Dates: • What are the key Milestone Dates that need to be tracked? (detailed Project milestone (and task) plan should be attached as Annex – various formats can be used ranging from simple MS Word / Excel tables to more complex/pictorial MS Power Point ‘Peas & Pods’ or MS Project GANTT chart/s) • Key Risks: • What are the key risks to the Project? . No.doc Status: DRAFT Version: 0. External Factors • Brief descriptions as to what external factors (e.g. within the Project and who owns them? What are the priorities for each? (Inter)dependencies • Are there potential overlaps with other Delivery Programmes (or constituent Sub-Programmes or Projects) where ownership or issues etc needs to be clear? Are there any interdependencies with – i.g. Spending Reviews.1 Date: 5/16/2010 9:09 a5/p5 Author: [name] . further Machinery of Government (MOG) changes / Government reform.[name] PROJECT PROJECT BRIEF • State level of confidence Constraints • Include any know difficulties / constraints (e.these should be attached (as an Annex) as a register and should include details of identified /developed countermeasure/s and any developed contingency plans (latter may well be developed as separate detailed contingency plan) Page 2 of 5 File: 73112848. Efficiency Review etc) that may impact on Project scope etc Also assess how and what you are doing may impact on externals? • Work Strands & Priorities: • • What are the key work strands.e.10 scrutiny.

(Detailed issues register should be attached as an Annex) Again include short description of how to be managed / escalation lines etc Structure (i.e. by Project Board (include details (as Annexes) of constitution /membership. what happens if assumptions proved wrong? Key Issues: • What are the live Project issues? These are problems which are an issue now and need fixing.e.e. who? what they are doing? are they Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or Part Time (P/T) etc? o Include skills / use consultants etc File: 73112848.[name] PROJECT PROJECT BRIEF • • Include short description of how risks to be managed and any escalation (to sub Programme/Programme -level etc) routes / lines Include review of assumptions – i. Governance & Accountabilities) • Detail how Project to be structured / governed – i. Structure.e.1 Date: 5/16/2010 9:09 a5/p5 Author: [name] • • • Page 3 of 5 . Project (and – appropriate) Support) Manager and key Project / partner leads). SRO. Terms of Reference.e. If Project fits within larger Programme then outline fit into wider Programme structure Detail / name including where from in DfES / other organisation: o Project SRO o (if appropriate) Project Director o Project and Support Managers (& Deputy/ies) o Strand Managers (if any) Resources • Funding o Brief description / outline as to how Project is to be funded over its life etc (simple table showing FY allocation/s may suffice) • Staff o I. include details of meetings on Project plan as management milestones) Attach Project organisation /structure diagram as Annex (include contact details of key roles – i.doc Status: DRAFT Version: 0. reporting formats and cycle/s.

e. ICT or accommodation etc Stakeholders • Who are the Project’s key stakeholders / delivery partners (and are they internal to your organisation or external e. what. other NDPBs. who? (may be complimented as more detailed/separate Project Communications Plan / Strategy document (if required/not covered by strategic Programme-level plan etc). who.) How will they be managed / kept in the loop / consulted (links to Communications – see below) Communications • • Brief details of how Project-level communications are to be run / operate etc – i. Government Departments. (Suggest construct stakeholder map .including key named contacts and attach as Annex.1 Date: 5/16/2010 9:09 a5/p5 Author: [name] Page 4 of 5 .[name] PROJECT PROJECT BRIEF • Other – i. Commercial Partners et al)? Also indicate / assess level of interest? Identify key stakeholders.g. Quality • • Brief description as to quality management / assurance – i.e.doc Status: DRAFT Version: 0. Local Authorities. importance and how to check etc? Evaluation plan Current Status of Project and Plans: • How far have you got with setting up your Project arrangements and creating plans? File: 73112848.e.

0 1.[name] PROJECT PROJECT BRIEF Annexes: A B C D Project (Milestone / Task) Plan Project Risk Register Project Issues Register Project Organisation Document Revision History Version 0.1 1.doc Status: DRAFT Version: 0.2 1.1 0.2 Author/s Comments / Record of Sign-Off (by who) Issue Date File: 73112848.1 Date: 5/16/2010 9:09 a5/p5 Author: [name] Page 5 of 5 .

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