Rack space combines services with dedicated hosting and cloud computing

technologies in a way that best suits client`s requirements. They`ve adopted a portIolio
tactic to their services which allows customers the ability to choose the superlative
combination oI support level, dedicated hosting and cloud computing technology to meet
their unique IT needs. The major components oI this business`s products and services to
provide that value are: its customer support; which is known as Fanatical Support,where
diIIerent, unique brand oI customer support, is a prescriptive designed to produce an
extraordinary customer experience. It involves everything Irom the way recruitment
begins to the way measurement oI customer satisIaction evolves. This also involves the
technical beneIits that are an assortment oI certiIied backup and recovery plans
eliminated chances Ior any data loss or corruption, imposed scalability where all clients
are assured huge data storage capacity, collaboration convenience and team work, and the
copyright grants. In addition to all, its Iinancial beneIits enable lesser operational costs;
when paying oI excess capacity is reduced, businesses` savings arise. Also the lower IT
staII costs since specialist skills are expensive, diIIicult Ior business executives to
understand, and diIIicult to manage. Savings may be available by renting such skills Irom
a specialist, rather than sustaining them in-house and this exactly what rack space major
concept oI existence. Moreover, its product categories vary Irom hosting to cloud
computing and more. Rack space provides its customers with innovative abilities, access
to services Irom several devices which increases time eIIiciency and eIIectiveness Ior all
sizes oI businesses, especially that cloud computing substantially lowers the cost oI IT
services. Last but not least is its integrated approach which is Hybrid Hosting; this type
oI hosting is a mixture oI dedicated hosting and cloud computing services, which when
combined, create a inIluential solution Ior IT departments and can be easily combined to
address customers` changing and dissimilar needs.
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2· http://www.springerlink.com/content/l6236w3w7SvSul11/

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