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“Topping the recipients were state Senate President Russell Pearce, a Republican
who received more than $39,000 in tickets, trips and other freebies. From 2002 through
2009, Pearce went on VIP trips sponsored by the Fiesta Bowl to games in Denver,
San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Pasadena, Boston and Dallas.” - USA Today, 6/29/11
Russell Pearce was at the center of the Fiesta Bowl scandal. He was given tainted
campaign contributions from Fiesta Bowl staff, illegal tickets, and thousands
of dollars in luxury travel.
After receiving thousands of dollars in tainted campaign contributions, it’s no wonder
Russel Pearce wants to gut campaign reform laws. He’s leading the efforts to repeal
Arizona’s Clean Election Law and would allow corporations, special interests, and
lobbyists to dominate state politics.
On November 8th, vote NO on perks.
Vote N
O on Pearce.
+ 127 to take a government pension,
because he believes that holding office
should be a public service, not a career
+ 127 to accept any gifts from lobbyists
or special interests. If taxpayers can’t
get it, Jerry won’t take it.
+ 72,1752'8&($*,)7%$1, so that
no Arizona politician can ever get tickets,
lunches, trips or other freebies from
special interests.