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Internet Broadcaster Website Development Guide

Internet Broadcaster Website Development Guide

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Published by scenicradio
A guide for Internet broadcasters to help develop their website.
A guide for Internet broadcasters to help develop their website.

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Published by: scenicradio on Oct 24, 2011
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Internet Broadcasters

Guide For Website
Written By
David Childers
Relaxing Entertainment for the World
Global Broadcast Information Portal
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About The Author
David Childers is the Content 5anager for the Global Broadcasting +ortal www&BroadcastingWorld&com& :e is very
active in the Internet broadcast ind!stry and has written n!mero!s g!ides and a boo abo!t this growing technological
*eld& :e is also the webmaster of www&$cenicRadio&com( the global destination for relaxing entertainment&
5r& Childers; wor has been cited in several national and International +!blications( incl!ding these-
.ive Essays on Co+yright In the Digital Era
T!rre P!blishing
Research <n :igh#Pro*le Digital 7ideo Prod!ction
Digital Content "ssociation of 1a+an
7ideo Podcasting in Pers+ective- The :istory( Technology( "esthetics and Instr!ctional =ses of a >ew 5edi!m
1o!rnal of Ed!cational Technology $ystems
7ideo Podcasting- When( Where and :ow it;s C!rrently !sed for Instr!ction
The >ational Convention of the "ssociation for Ed!cational Comm!nications and Technology
IP Pacet Charging 5odel .or 5!ltimedia $ervices
>ational =niversity of Rwanda
Preservation of a!diovis!al medi!ms- Problems and challenges
Platform for "rchiving and Preservation of "rt on Electronic and Digital 5edia
P?P Technology Trend and "++lication to :ome >etwor
Electronics and Telecomm!nications Research Instit!te 1o!rnal
Peer To Peer Com+!ting # The Evol!tion of a Disr!+tive Technology
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Peer#to#Peer $ystems and "++lications
)ect!re >otes In Com+!ter $cience
$+ringer Berlin / :eidelberg
Please feel free to contact the a!thor if yo! have any ,!estions or comments& 4o!r feedbac is greatly a++reciated&
4o! can contact the a!thor here- www&@)A".&com
Welcome my fellow readers&
<nce more I delve into the dar corners of technology and information to shine the light of nowledge for yo!&
Information has no val!e !nless it is nown by many( th!s it is im+ortant to s+read the wealth of wisdom to others&
5!sic is the ey to ins+iration( regardless of the genre& It is a ta+estry of so!nd and feeling that can o+en the mind to
great +ossibilities& G!y Chamber;s song BBelle 3o!rnCe +!re ne rien faireB from his alb!m # Isis Pro3ect( +rovided the
ins+iration for this 3o!rney of creativity&
I wo!ld lie to than $carlet Coer for +roviding assistance with the editing of the man!scri+t and 1ames Davey at
Broadcasting World for allowing me the o++ort!nity to create this g!ide&
It is my sincere ho+e that the reader *nds this g!ide bene*cial&
David Childers
<ctober ?'DD
PosveEeno >eFi 7idmar&

>on est ad astra mollis e terris via&
)ife is a contin!o!s exercise in creative +roblem solving&
5ichael 1& Gelb
# Introd!ction
# "!dience
# Planning
# Im+lementation
# Embedded Player "nd $tream )ins
# Content
# >on#5!ltimedia Content
# Existing 5!ltimedia Content
# Created 5!ltimedia Content
# 5!ltimedia $oftware Tools
# .ree Gra+hics
# Website "dditions
# Website TraGc
It is im+ortant for an Internet broadcast station to have a viable web +resence& This +rovides the ability to +romote
and maret the station( in addition to +roviding an o!tlet for additional content& The website can also be !sed as a
+latform for reven!e generation thro!gh advertising&
There are several critical elements that sho!ld be considered in the develo+ment and maintenance of the station
website& These elements can s!stain the life of the website or it can doom it to a ,!ic fail!re& It is im+ortant to
!nderstand that the !+ee+ of the website is an on going +rocess&
" website sho!ld never be carved into stone( it sho!ld be considered a contin!o!s +ro3ect of constant change& This
encom+asses both the information and entertainment val!e that is +resented& .resh and !ni,!e content will contin!e
to draw visitors bac to the website and attract new ones& 7ariety is the s+ice of life and this sho!ld be the ins+iration
for creating or obtaining content for the website&
It is essential to tae the essence of the broadcast station and convey that thro!gh the website& The very heart and
so!l of any broadcast station is the feeling that it generates and this sho!ld be conveyed by the website as well& This
feeling will create a cohesive bond with the a!dience members and cas!al observers&
It is also im+ortant to foc!s the content of the website to the desired a!dience& This will hel+ establish a core a!dience
+resence and attract lie minded visitors&
It is very im+ortant to clearly identify the desired a!dience of the website& This information will mae the tas of
designing and maintaining the website m!ch easier& This information can also allow the website to eHectively target
the core a!dience and not waste time or eHort in attracting +eo+le that may not be interested&
It may be necessary to concentrate or narrow the ty+e of content !sed on the website& .inding a content niche
+rovides a greater o++ort!nity to attract a more dedicated gro!+ of website !sers&
Information that can be !sed to target an a!dience incl!des-
# Ty+e of content +resented
# Geogra+hical region
# Ethnic bacgro!nd
# $ocial gro!+
# "ge gro!+
# Gender gro!+
# Economic gro!+
Interests( "ctivities( and <+inions 6I"<8 are variables that sho!ld also be considered when researching and de*ning the
website visitor& This information can be !sed to f!rther de*ne the a!dience&
$!ch variables incl!de-
# Personality
# 7al!es
# "ttit!des
# Interests
# )ifestyles
Ex+lore and !se the individ!ality of the broadcast station& .ind a niche and strive to +romote that !ni,!e
$ome ,!estions to consider incl!de-
# What maes this station diHerent from other stationsI
# :ow is the station !ni,!e I
$ome exam+les of com+arative !ni,!e ,!alities incl!de-
# Genre
# )ocation
# D1;s
# Website
# Ty+e of shows
# <ther
When a website is created several things m!st be taen into consideration& It is im+ortant to +rovide clean( clear and
concise content for the website& =sing lots of Jbells and whistlesK can detract from the !sers overall en3oyment& It can
also limit their ability to easily access the f!ll reso!rces and information available to them on the station website&
Do not allow the website to become a dis+lay of stale static content( oHer the website visitor feat!res to engage them
and ee+ them coming bac&
These feat!res can incl!de-
# Entertainment
# Information
# Comm!nity ex+erience
Things to consider when +lanning incl!de-
# The Three $;s&
L $hort-
# Present information concisely
# 5ae the content bite si2e for easy cons!m+tion
L $im+le-
# Present information clearly
# =se standard English
# "void the !se of slang +hrases
L $weet-
# 5ae the content informative
# 5ae the content entertaining
# 5ae the content relevant to the target a!dience
# Develo+ content nat!rally-
L =se imagination
L =se creativity
L =se !ni,!eness
# .onts-
L =se medi!m si2e
L =se a style that is easy to read
# Colors-
L )ight bacgro!nd
L :eavy / dar font
L Do not over+ower content with dramatic color combinations
L Blend colors smoothly with content
# The website sho!ld contain a mix of both text and relevant gra+hics
L The text and gra+hics sho!ld be balanced with white s+ace( which will +revent the loo of cl!ttered content
L 5aintain a balance or symmetry of the +age format
# Gra+hics-
L Do not over+ower content with gra+hics
L Blend gra+hics smoothly with content
L :ave a clear meaning or reason why s+eci*c ones are !sed
L =se ,!ality images that can be easily seen
# Clearly disting!ish individ!al website sections&
# Chec content for errors-
L Grammar
L $+elling
L .ormat
6@I$$ # @ee+ It $im+le $t!+id8
# =se ,!ality content and !+date the content reg!larly&
# The website sho!ld be easy to navigate&
# =se alt tags for embedded m!ltimedia&
# If the website incl!des advertising-
L Blend the advertising within the content&
L Do not over sat!rate the website with advertising&
# "void !sing .lash( .rames and "3ax for +rimary content +ages # s!ch as Index or landing +ages&
# "void con*g!ring a!dio or video *les to a!tomatically start when a web +age o+ens&
# Chec the website for s+elling and grammar&
# Do not !se excessive website scri+ting&
# =se internal banners to direct +eo+le to s+eci*c +arts of the website&
# Provide attrib!tes to any information !sed from o!tside so!rces&
# Prod!ce the website in m!lti+le lang!age formats if the a!dience is m!ltiling!al or m!ltinational&
# Incor+orate a $ocial 5edia share b!tton within the website content&
It is im+ortant that the website incl!de s+eci*c +ages& These +ages will +rovide maxim!m information +otential to
both the fre,!ent and ca!sal website visitor& It will also allow visitors to interact with both the station and other
visitors& Creating a viable comm!nity centered aro!nd the station is very im+ortant for the stations contin!o!s s!ccess
as well as that of the website&
Im+ortant +ages to incl!de-
# $ocial media connection&
L Google M
L .aceboo
L Twitter
# "bo!t&
L P!r+ose of station
L Target a!dience
# $tream dis+lay&
L Playlist of broadcast 6"!dio8
# Comm!nity +age&
L Chatbox
L .or!m
# Broadcast +age&
L "ccess stream
# Contact information&
L E#mail address
L $y+e ID
L 4ahoo 5essenger ID
L 5icrosoft 5essenger ID
L Postal address
L Tele+hone n!mber
# $tation blog&
L Events
L >ews
L $ched!les
L Changes
# $tation +hotos&
L Events
L $t!dios
L E,!i+ment
L $taH
# "ctivities&
6These can be coordinated with station the broadcast transmission&8
L Contests
L Games
# 5!ltimedia&
L 7ideo
L "!dio
# Daily content
L >ews
L .eat!res
L "rticles
L Weather
"mbedded la#er And $tream Links
It is im+ortant to give website visitors the ability to immediately receive the stations Internet broadcast&
These +layers can be embedded into the station website to allow immediate distrib!tion of content&
# ..5+%&
<+en so!rce .lash 5P%/<GG live stream +layer&
# 3lG!i +layer&
<+en so!rce 1ava a++let to +lay any 5P% or <GG 7orbis *le/stream&
# 1W +layer&
.lash N :T5)O 7ideo Player for .)7( :&?PQ( 5P% and 4o!T!be 7ideos for station website&
# 5obile +hone stream&
This allows mobile +hone and tablet !sers to connect to the station Internet broadcast&
This is a :T5) / P:P / 1ava$cri+t that is embedded into a :T5) website&
This is ><T an "PP that installs on a mobile +hone&
L Blacberry
L iPhone
L "ndroid
# Playlist generator&
Generate Internet Radio Playlists for the internet broadcast station&
L P)$ 6Winam+( iT!nes8
L 5%= 6Windows 5edia Player8
L R"5 6Real 5edia8
Relevant content is very im+ortant to the s!ccess of the website& It is what de*nes the website and will attract +eo+le
and ee+ them coming bac& It is also im+ortant that the content match the intended target a!dience&
Website content sho!ld-
# Ed!cate&
# Entertain&
# Inform&
The content can consist of a!dio( video( gra+hic and text material& " broadcasters website can also be !sed to
distrib!te additional m!ltimedia material and become a content rich web +ortal&
It is im+ortant to remember co+yright considerations and acce+table !se +olicies when !sing existing content from
other so!rces& Terms <f =se for content are s!b3ect to change witho!t notice&
It is im+ortant to !se social media to attract +eo+le& Post m!ltimedia content on the stations lined social media
$!ch content can incl!de-
# 7ideo&
# "!dio&
# Pict!res&
Do not rely on social media to +ost all the station information& This red!ces the val!e of the website and decreases
the reven!e +otential& =se social media to attract +otential a!dience members and visitors&
%on&'ultimedia Content
R$$ feeds can be !sed as a so!rce of free information to embed / dis+lay on the station website&
$ome exam+les incl!de-
.eed ? 1s
This is an <+en $o!rce 3ava scri+t to embed R$$ content on a website&
R$$ .eed distrib!tors can +eriodically change their Terms <f $ervice for !se& Please review the latest Terms <f $ervice
for !se of R$$ feeds&
"dditional Content
There are several websites that oHer webmasters the o++ort!nity to embed fresh daily content for free& This content
is based on vario!s to+ics&
These to+ics incl!de-
# V!ote of the day&
# Today in history&
# .amo!s +eo+les birthday today&
# Pict!re of the day&
# Word of the day&
# Daily weather forecast&
$elf hosted scri+ts can also be incor+orated to embed similar content onto the station website&
Both daily content and scri+ting information can be located !sing Google&
"xistin! 'ultimedia Content
5!ltimedia content can be !sed to attract and retain website visitors& This is content that the station can !se from
existing so!rces on the Internet and embed the content on the station website&
Create a free embeddable 4o!T!be +laylist +layer that can be added to any website&
Playlist criteria based on-
# 4o!t!be eyword N category
# 4o!T!be !sername
# 4o!T!be +laylist
Create a free embeddable 4o!T!be +laylist +layer that can be added to any website&
Playlist criteria based on-
# 4o!t!be search
# =ser;s favorites
# Related videos
# =ser;s !+loads
Create a free embeddable 4o!T!be +laylist +layer that can be added to any website&
Playlist criteria based on-
# =sernames
# =sernames favorites
# 5eta tag
"n o+en so!rce P:P library that dis+lays 4o!T!be and 7imeo videos and galleries in word+ress&
Playlist criteria based on-
# J.avoritesK of a 4o!T!be !ser
# 7ideos from a 4o!T!be +laylist
# 4o!T!be videos matching a search term
# 7ideos !+loaded by a 4o!T!be !ser
# J.eat!redK videos on 4o!T!beWs home+age
# 5ost#viewed videos on 4o!T!be from the +ast day( wee( month( or all#time
Created 'ultimedia Content
5!ltimedia content can created by the station and +!blished on the Internet for general distrib!tion&
Individ!al video +rograms can be created and !+loaded to the Internet and embedded on the station website&
The video +rograms can serve a d!al +!r+ose by allowing other webmasters to embed the content on their website as
These are exam+les of 4o!T!be channels and other video channels&
# Webcam
Broadcast live video of the st!dio&
These are exam+les of services that +rovide free video streaming-
Individ!al a!dio +rograms can also be created and !+loaded to the Internet then embedded on the station website&
The a!dio +rograms can serve a d!al +!r+ose by allowing other webmasters to embed the content on their website as
'ultimedia $o(tware Tools
The following free )in!x based software can be !sed for the creation and editing of m!ltimedia content&
# "7 )in!x&
" non#GP) c!stom created )in!x based <+erating $ystem b!ilt from a hand#+iced selection of available tools
L Debian/G>= )in!x
L )XDE )ightweight X Desto+ Environment
L Remastersys Tools
L lin!xD$P "!dio Pl!gins
L "rdo!r Digital "!dio Worstation
L :ydrogen Dr!m 5achine
L Rosegarden "!dio/5IDI $core Editor
L Vtractor "!dio/5IDI $e,!encer
L G!itarix
L <+enshot 7ideo Editor
L )i7E$ 7ideo Editor
L CinelerraC7 7ideo Editor
6)ive D7D 0 no installation re,!ired&8
# Webcam$t!dio&
" G>=/)in!x +rogram that creates a virt!al webcam that can mix several video so!rces together&
# De7eDe&
" o+en so!rce )in!x +rogram to create video D7Ds and CDs 67CD( s7CD or C7D8&
# "rista&
"n easy to !se m!ltimedia transcoder for the G><5E Desto+&
Free Graphics
)ublic Domain * Creative Commons+
Creative commons content search&
P!blic Domain +aintings # Directmedia( 4orc Pro3ect and Wii+edia collaboration&
"rchive of cli+ art that can be !sed for free for any !se&
$canned images( engravings and +ict!res from old boos&
Provides a large collection of ill!strations scanned from old boos&
.ree ill!strations( +ict!res( drawings( ma+s and other images scanned from anti,!arian( +!blic domain boos and
other old doc!ments&
P!blic domain +hotogra+hs&
P!blic domain +hotogra+hs&
P!blic domain +hotogra+hs&
Creative commons images&
Website Additions
"dding additional feat!res to the website can im+rove its f!nction and !se&
# Google search engine for the station website&
# Google "nalytics is a free web analytics sol!tion that +rovides a com+rehensive loo at website traGc&

# Trac o!tbo!nd clics on the station website&
# Google gadgets for the station website&
# Google voice&
# Google voice widget can be added to the station website&
Content $haring
# "dd This&
This service gives end !sers a sim+le and easy way to share content across the social web&
# $hare This&
This service oHers the an innovative sharing +latform for today;s social a!dience&
# "dd To "ny&
This service is the an all#incl!sive sharing +latform&
Website Tra,c
Website visitor statistics can be !sed to trac the eHectiveness of content& This information can +rovide !sef!l
information on vario!s as+ects of website visitors and the broadcast a!dience habits& Portions of the website that are
+romoted can be monitored for additional traGc activity by analy2ing the website traGc logs&
$tatistics can also be !sed in hel+ing to im+rove wea areas in the c!rrent website content& These wea areas can be
reinforced by adding to or modifying existing website content&
The most im+ortant website statistics are-
# =ni,!e visitors&
# Re+eat visitors&
# 7isitor IP addresses&
# Total +age views&
# Entry +ages&
# Exit +ages&
# .iles accessed&
# .ailed re,!ests& 6This can re+resent +roblems within the website coding or missing *les&8
# Website referrers&
# $earch ,!ery !sed&
# :o!rly s!mmary&
# Daily s!mmary&
# Weely s!mmary&
# 5onthly s!mmary&
The meas!rement of hits is not the same as act!al visitors accessing a website& Each *le that is accessed by +ersons
viewing the website is listed as a hit& " web +age and three gra+hics wo!ld register as fo!r hits( which is an erroneo!s
n!mber for tracing individ!al visitors&

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