This is a free tubing fabrication calculator from Takacs Cycles. wwww.

Angle Die CLR Arc length 45 7 5.498 Angle Die CLR Regression 45 7 2.899

The lines add up to 124" .

668" The arc lenghts add up to 21.99" This sample of hoop has a total lenghet of 122. Add the arc length The regression adds up to a total of 23.Calculate the regression line and mark it.322" . This is the line where the bend will start or end depending on the start.

Here is a 1" sample bent to 45 degree with 4 inch before and after the bend total tubing le .


gotTrikes.cles.414214 . wwww.5 22.392699 0.


.depending on the start.

749" .e bend total tubing length is 10.

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