Take Assessment - ESwitching Practice Final Exam - CeNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless (Version 4.

11111111111111111111111 -,

liiim e Hie main ing:

I 01 :H9::31

B its per second:



Dala bits:

I None



Slop bits:



Flow control;

I Hardware

IRefer to the exhlbit. A.lnetwork admlnlstrator cornfigwres HyperTermimal with the· parameters .showm but iis unable 10'connect to a switdh via the conso!e port. Tlheaelmlnislralor is usingl a tested rollover cable attached 10'the· only COM porton Ihe computer, and Ihe connecnons have been verifiedL What is Ihe llikely problem? (') The cable is connected 10 the wromg: port. 5 The wrong: cormecnon speeel is selecteel. 5 Tlhe cable is Ihe wrong: IJlpe. @ Tlhe fiow control settimg is not correct. 5 Tlhe stop' biils snoutd be set 10'LeW.


W,hich two condltions

wowlcl require a VirP' client to senda d!eletedL

request adJierttisement to a VirP server? {Choose


~ 1rhe sw:ilch Ihas bee mires st.

10 A VLill\l

has been createdor

~ A five minute time period Ihas elapsed

10 "irtnemameof

a VLAN has beendhamgeel.

lO"irtne VTP' do m aim name has been charnged

lR.efer to nil e exhi Ilit. il:U switch lirnlel1f"aces are memberso;f m comirngl tram es fro m ~he Ihosts s'h ould be forw8rdiedllo' iEl nil a so urce address ~ e'ldi m th e IP Ihaadar rEl nil e dlestirnalio:n put n u rnber limnil e TOP' headier rEl th edleslirnalio:n adld'ress ~ a Idi m th e ILayer 31h eadler @I th e dleslirnalio:n address ~ el din th e iEth ern eth eader

~he same ViLA:M..W,tilat irnformatio:n is IUs edi by S,witch ~ 10 dieter min e lif R.o!ller~ ?


53# show vtp status VTP Version FaOl10 Configuration Revision Maximum VLANs supported locally Number of existing VLANs VTP Operating Mode VTP Domain Name VTP Pruning Mode VTP V2 Mode VTP Traps Generation MD5 digest OxBO OxAl Ox43 OxD2 OxE4 Ox44

:2 :0 : 255 : 15 : Transparent : CeNA : Enabled : Disabled : Disabled : OxEE Ox5D


Configuration last modified by at 3-1-93 18:31:19 53# configure terminal 53(config)# vlan 30 53(config-vlan)# exit 53#

Refer 10 Ihe exhib'il. A network admimis!rator enters Ihedispl.ayed commands to comfigme VLAM 30..What is the result of rwnnimgl these commands? () VLA:N3Dwi II be added 10 S~, 82, and 83" bwtImot10 8:4. () VLA:N 3n wi II be ~rumed from the VLA:Ndata bas eof 8:1 @ VLA:N 3.0' will be added 10 Ihe VLAM d!atabase of 83 but wiliinot be propagated 10 8:4, 82 or S~. () VLA:N 3n will motbe added 10 Ihe VLAM d!atabase of 83 and amenror message will bedisp'layedl. 5 \IV,hicms!atememt lis Ir,weabowto~emawthenticatiom whem it is enab'ledom an access pOint? @ requires no autmemtication () uses a 'M-bit encryption .a'igoritmm () req u res tme us e of ana wthenticati 0 n server () requires a mwtua'lly agreed Iw~onpassword












> .J >





Refer to the exhibit. Computer A sends computerB computer Band Router1 G computer C and Router1 computer B, computer 0, computer computer B, computer C, computer computer A, computer B, computer

o o

a broadcast message. Which devices will see the broadcast?

o o


E and Router1 0, computer E and Router1 C, computer 0, computer E and Router1


Which statement regarding the service password·encryption command is true? The service password·encryption command is entered at the privileged EXEC mode prompt. The service password·encryption command encrypts only passwords for the console and VTY ports. @ The service password-encryption command encrypts all previously unencrypted passwords in the running configuration. To see the passwords encrypted by the service password-encryption command, enter the no service password-encryption command.



8 MAC address OOSO,Ofab,0023

FaO/2 FaO/2 MAC address OOSO,Odbe,0023

------MAC address OOSO,Oabc,0023

Refer to the exhibit. All switches are configured with the default bridge priority, Which port will act as a non-designated port if all links are operating atthe same bandwidth? @ FaO/1 interface of switch A FaO/2 interface of switch A ~ FaO/1 interface of switch B ~ FaO/2 interface of switch B ~ FaO/1 interface of switch C ~ FaO/2 interface of switch C



Bridge Priority: 32,768 MAC: 0010.0da2.000c

Bridge Priority: 12,684 ~ MAC:0010.0da2.0005 Bridge Priority: 32,768 MAC: 0010.0da2.0001
Refer to the exhibit. Which switch will be elected as the root bridge of the spanning tree topology? Cat-A Cat-B Cat-C Cat-D



\lU\N20: Ports 2,5,6,8,11 \lLAN30: Ports 3, 4, 9 IP Address:

Host1: IP Address:

Default GHtewar:
Refer [o'lhe e~hiliblit.Wlha!! lhilree sla!!emenlsdesonibe rll fhi e sYI.I:itchipmits alreorndi~elrenl VilA!Ns..

Host2: IP Address: 192.16E.2.2i24

Default GHtelMl~:'24
wihiy1HI0Isl181rndllHlosl2are IUlrnablle10 (0 mml!llrniC8!!e? (Chioolse Ihlree.)

rll Th e hosts @Ireco:mfigl!llredlo ndlilfeirelmilio gi caln ell1¥iJo:rks .. rll A ro ulelr Iis req ured to fOl'lI'iJ8!rdIralifi c betwe elmHI0lsl1 8!rndlHosl2:.
10 Th e VLA!N pert ass ig nm elmIs ml!lsl be co:mligL!JO'l!I fo:r eadh \J,LJ\N .. s 10 th e host delfaulltga!eway adld'res s as mL!Jsl be o:rnIh e sa me 10gica'llrn elMO r~.
11 How are daJta,~ra,rnss lide:m~ifie ~almd 5 e:mt~n~he mnreot VllAM wh e:me~i~inglalmBh e:nm e:t~rlwlm? k

10 Th e sYI.I:itchiliP a:Cid'ress lis o:rnIh e wro:rngl.3u bn et

IiIFlramesalre· fo:rwalrde ~ to ~he iQo:nreotVllAM ba,se~o:m ~he VllAM ta;gl.

() IFlramesa1re,a1Iwa¥s fo:rwa1rde~ ~o~he Ima!~i~e tA!N wh e:me~i~ingla ~rlwlm, V k () IFlramesalre, fo:rwalrde ~ to ~he loo:nreotVllAM oa,se~o:m ~he sO'WlrceIlPa;~~ress. () IFlramesalre, fo:rwalrde ~ to ~he iQo:nreotVIlJ!M bas e~o:m lilmfo:rma!NomIin ~he IMACa;~~ress ta,blle" 12 How does Sipa1mlmlingl lPiro:tooo~lajd Ime:OOt'o:rkaJldhlitedwlre? Tiree (la111lows fo:r Ire~wlmdalmtIIin kg by ellIimina!Nnglll,oopg () pm~idesg rea!te:r.scaJablillli~ by ellIimina!Nngl iQo~llllislio:m.s () Ire~w(eg sWiitdh pro cesso:r loa;~ by Ire~wdmgl blroa;~ca,st ~ra!i(o:m ~rlwlmIIIin ks k () Ire~wcesadmilmlistra!N~e ,o~e:nhead by slh,a1ninglVllAM daJta,oasss be:twee:mswitdh ss ,aloross ~he n e:OOt'o:rk


S1(Il#shru' int FaO/2 tl'llllk Port FaD/2 Mode Encapsulation des ir abl e 802.Iq Status Native vlan trunkill9" 100

Port Vlans allovred on trunk FaD/2 10,20,100 Port Vlans allovred and active in managem.ent domain FaD/2 10-30,100 Port Vlans in sparnill9" tree for1J8l"ding state and not pnned FaD/2 1-100
S1(I2# shru' int FaO/3 tl'llllk

Port FaD/3

Mode trunk

Encapsulation 802.Iq

Status Native vlan t runkill9" 100

Port Vlans allovred on trunk FaD/3 10,100 Port Vlans allovred and active in managem.ent domain FaD/3 10-30,100 Port Vlans in sparnill9" tree for1J8l"ding state and not pnned FaD/3 1-100

iRefer to Ih e exhi M. VLAN :2.0 !/!IaS Irecently added amIh e neilmJork. I~s ersom VLAN :2:0'0 n SW~ slall eo mp'l ai rnimg Ihal th ey do not h ave earnne:otivity 10tme IW ersom Ih e same V,LAN 0 n swilom S,W2. What s hou Id be do ne to Iremedy Ih e prob'l em? s t) Co nfigw re tme Iru n~ pall Iin adesi ra b'le mo dec n SW2. @llnclwdeV,LA:N 20' imIhe lis! ofallowedVlJ\Mson tmelrun~ linkon SW2. t) Co nfigme V,LAN 110 ~e tme n a]ive VLAN fo r botm n etworks on SW~ amd SW2. t) Hemo~e VLAN 20 fromlhe a'ilowedV,lJ\Nsorn Ihelr,wnUimkom SW2, an actiom Imatwill ernable a'il VLANs am tme Irumk lin~.

14 \iV,m ioms!atem ernl correotly descri bes tme s pamni ng-itree palh cos!? t) IIIis ca'iowialed based on thelotal nwmber ofswilches comneoted ima loop. t) IIIis ca'iowlaled bas edo n th e IwtiliLatiomofalllh e swilom es a'i0 ngl.8 givem patm. t) IIIis ca'iowlaled bas edo n th e b~id'ge ~rio ~ityof Ih e swilch es a'iamglag iven p,ath. @lllisca'lowlaledbasedontheswm oftme pOllcoslva'lue,delermirned byllimk s~eed, for ealomswilch ~Oll a'lomglagiven path.

Host1 Host2

Host3 Host4

Refer to lh e exhi bit. A:l1 edge po rts are co nfi gwred with Ih e s:pannlrng -trea portfast co mm amd. Hcstlis Irecently co nne oled to ~o rt Fa0110m switdm 8Wl WtiI iom stalernent Iis tru e abo ul 1me status of po rt Fa DIl? (') Time po rt will tram s itio n Iinto bll0 c~imglstale .. i Time ~o rt !llI'ill tram s itio n Iimm edi.a!te:ly Iirno fomardim glstate. 10 Time po rt will tram s itio n iinto bll0 c~imglstale and 1men im medii ale Iy into fo rward:i ng slate. f) Time po rt will tram s itio n Iinte bll0 c~imglstale and Iimnnedi ale Iy Iransili on tmFO ugm ltil e list elmm glan d Iearn m g sta!tes.

116, Aflelr Uri! pa ckimgl anew Un ksys WRirJO ON wi re IeSB m ullifum olio nde'lli ce, a u s er needs to (halm ge tmedefaull a.dmi n istralor pa sS!l!lord amd ma.keotm er co mfigurati 0 n dilanges. What must Ih e us er do te.acees s th e de~i ce iinc rder 10 ma ke tmes e cham ges? (') usea lI!iireless client toassodiate witm tme WRTJOON amd lhenopen a l~yperTermina'lsessiom witm tmede~ice. t) Establ isima !Iltired co n n eolio n witm ltil e devi ce and 1men re bo ot tme attach ed (Om ~uler to IIann dmIh e co nfigw rali on software .. i Estab'l isima !Iltired co n n eolio n fro m a compuler Iin th e same IPs u omet as tme W.RT3:0 0 Nand emter tmedefa!JIlt IIP address of Ih e device inlc a web browser on tmewmpuler. 10 Mo dify Ih e TCPflP pro perli esot th e (Om puter ltil at lis corn n eded to lh e WIRT3:0 ON so tmat th e wm~uler amd th e W.RiDO 0 N exi st am lhe same network. Than retcot lhe compl!ller to eslabHstii a cnnnadicn ..



SVVT-A#show spanning-tree VLA.NOOO1 Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee Root ID Priority 32769 Address 0090.0C86. CA 14 Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec Bridge ID Priority 32769 (priority 32768 sys-id-ext 1) Address 00 EO.BOBA.3A25 Aging Time 300 Interface Gi1/1 Gi112 Role SIs Cost Prio. Nbr Type

Root FWD 4 A~n BLK 4

128.3 128.3

Shr Shr

iRefer 10 Ih e exmibit. H ow is port G i1 n 8VIT -A. fum alio.ming in lhi e s pam nilmg:-tre e lo~o 10gy? @ IIIIis sen d:in ga.m d Ire<eelillin gdata frames. () IIIiiS Ireceiliim gl BPDLh, but not s endi n gdata lra m es. IIIIiS pa.rti oi pati n gin Ih eel ealiom pro cess by fo rwardimgllm e IBPD Us it re ce i\les. () IIIiis Irecei~im gl BPD U s an d po pull ati ng Ih e MAC adtdres s ta 0'1e, but not s elmdim gl d,ata.




Host 2

Host 4

iRefer 10 Ih e exmibit. A:llihosts are Iin IIis len mo de ..Host 121mdlHIost 4 b,olh trans m it data.alt ltil e same ti m e. I~ Ollll'do, ltil e h osts Ires pe nd onhe Imetwork? (Choose mol r!':l After 1me erndof Ih e ja m s ig n al.a ba ckoffal gorith m Iis Iinvo ked.

r!':llf a 1m ha s dlata 10' nans mit after 1me backoff perle doHm at tilos!, Ih e tilos! ch ec~s lodetermi oet trans Iilil ifiiJiigl.

10 ~ osts 1 and 10 The hub will 10 ~ os!s 1 and

4l are 0 perali n g fulldw p'lex so bloc~ lhe p·ort cenneded

1n0 co

IIisi 0 n willi exist.

10 HOist 4i 10 prevent a ccllisicn. n e if lhi e Iiin e is idl e before

4 area s s ig n ed s horiter ba ckof 11211 10 ~Iro\lide 1mem ~Miority 10'aeees s ltil e media. UI es

19 101- 2FL(config)# interface faOl1 101- 2FL(config-iO# switchport trunk. encapsulation 101- 2FL(config-iQ# switchport mode trunk 101- 2FL(config-iO# end


Sales HR Exec

=VLAN 5 =VLAN 10 =VLAN 15

Sales VLAN



101-3FL(config)# interface faOI2 101-3FL(config-iO# switchport mode access 101-3FL(config-iO# switchport aceessvan 15 101-3FL(config-iO# end Refer to Ihe exhibit Ihe switches have been configwredl as shown. Ihe hosts Ihat are connected 10 switdh 1 O~-:2.RLare not able to cormmurnicate with Ihe hosts in their corresporndirng VLANs that are connected to switch W1-3FL What showldl bed:one to fix the problem? @ Configure port Fa 0/2 om switch 101-3FL as a static trunk link. t) Iintroduce a Layer 3 device or a switdh with ILayer 3 capal1iliW lnto Ihe topology t) IUtilize Ihe switl:hll0rt tmnk allowed vllan alii command on switch W1-3FL to permit Ihe WAN traffic. t) Apply IP addresses Ihat are lin the same sutnet 10 the lntertaces Ihat are used to cemeet switches ~O'i-.2FL and ~D~~3RL.



Fa011, Fa0J2, FaOJ1i1, F~0112

FaOJ21,FaO!22. F~OI23, ~~OIN
Gi0i1, GiOl2'

raOJ13, Fa0/14" Fa0!15, ~a0116 FaQI17, Fa0/18, Fa0/1~, WaW20

FaOiU FaOl5

W 10





~el.i1ie aclilie

Fa1Ji3, Fa0!4



FaWo, Fa0!6 raM, FaOJ8 Fa0f9, Fa0l10

IOID3 10M Wro6

fd dinet- defau It trne~ ~ ei f~uH

acme a~lNe



Refer to Ihe exhibit RTB: is configured for traditional irnter-VLAN mutirng IRinB cam ping cernputer A. bwt cannot ping computer H What is a possible cause of this I"ailure? @ IPoriIF 1 is lin th e wro rnglVLAN. IRinBdoes not have an active muting protoeet The liP address of computer IBlis in the wrongllogical rnetwor~. 1R0uter interface IFaOJ~ has the wrong Irunk encapsulation Iwe configuredl

o o o


21 W,h.atIhree tasks s!howld be peliformed before moving a Catalyst switch 10 another VlP mamagememt dlomain? I~Dhoose Ihree,) ~ SeleD! the co fireD!\!TIP mode andversio.m. ~ Gomfigwre the switdh with Ihe name of the new mamagementdomain. ICiID owmload th e VTP dlataba s e fro m Ih e \lirP serve r Iin th e new do maim. ICi Gomfigwre the \!TIP seNeT in the mewdoma.in 10 Irecogmize the BID of the switdh. ICiIReset Ihe \firp cowmters to allow the s!I!Iitdh to synchronize with the other switdhes in the new domain. ~ \leni~ that the switch has a Ilower configuration Irevisiom Inwmber tham the other sw:itdhes limIhe Inew domaim.

2.2 W,h.atIha~~ens when Ihe tij,Pt@ key lerl~ille rsa command lis emtered ena switdh comfigmed with Ihe transport input s,shwmmamd
omthe'liIy lines? (j A Inew RSA key ~a.ir Iis created. tl The switch defaw'lts to allowing irelnel (onneolions only tJ The switch is no lomgera~'le 10 make SSH connectionsa.s am SSH client. ~ The switch allows ramcle connectionsomly after a Imew RSA key pair lisgemerated

23 W,hidh para meIer is a speoific frequency at which a wireless access ~oint !I!Iillo~erate? BSS WEP

e e e ssn

IE) adhee @dhamne~1

24 W,hidh security protocol or measure would ~rollide the greatest ~rotectiom lor a wireless LAN? ~WPA2 tJdloaking SSIDs IE) shared WBP key MAC address filtering


25 W,he·mport security is used on a sw:itdh, which violation mode will csuse am SNMP trap to be semt amd traffic 10 be dropped whem the Inu rn ber of secu re IMAC adldress es lor a po ~ is rea ch edi? ~ sticky (j prote·ct ~ restrict tJ shutdown

2,6 W,hidh benefit is gaimed by designimgl a Imeiwork with a smaliinetwork diameter? @ lowerllatemcy (j improved security tl in tress ed recu ndlamcy tJ hig'heTinterfa ce barndwidth



- - -- --

005U"Oaba ,00,23

Sl(config)# interface FaO/l Sl(config-if)# spanninq-tree port-priority 112 Sl(config-if)# interface FaO/2 Sl(config-if)# spanninq-tree port-priority 96 S2(config)# interface FaO/l S2(config-if)# spanninq-tree port-priority 112 S2(config-if)# interface FaO/2 S2(config-if)# spanninq-tree port-priority 96

Refer ~owrn exhi bit. Both slI!Iildrnes are co rnfigure d lith defa uII bridge p~iori!y. Whi em ~ort willi sol a s 1m e 8TP e QI~,eratinglatlrne same banawid]rn? () IFaOJ~linlertaceof 8~ II IFaOl2lin!ertaceof 81 ® IFaO{~lin!ertaceof82 ® IFaOl2lin!ertaceof 82

[0 01 ~ort lif all IIi rnks are

Sl(config)# line vty 0 Sl(config-line)# password cisco Sl(config-line)# login Refer ~owrn exhi bit. What Ii3 1m e rssu II of is siwirng 1m ss e wmm ands? e ~ Tlhe ernab'le ~assword !Mill bese!. ~ TIhe passwo rd will ~e 3 el for 1m e firsl Tellrnellcon rnection. () TIhe passwo rd will ~e 3 el for 1m e co rn30'1 e co rnrneclio n. () TIhe passwo rd will ~e 3 el for 1m e 81wxill co rnrneclio n. iary

New Office VlAN 1!26 Gateway:




VlAN 1!24 Gateway


lRefer to the exhibit. Awmp.amy has acquired a mew office ina campus enlfiromment. 8witdhes lin Ihe exislingl office and the mew office aredireolly connected by do tr,un~ lIink. irlhe IILANs and IP .a.didressimg are selup as showm lin Ihe exhibit. The computers in eadhoffice are net able to pimg each other. W,hat will fix Ihe prob:lem? t) Use an access Ilimk betweem 82 and 83.. @ Gomneol S2amd 8310 do commcn router. 8etthe subnet mask in the Inew office 10124. Gomfigure Ihe new office default galewaylo n2.n10.~ Ohange the port assiqnments in the new office 10 a different \lLAN ..

o o o



Host A Host B Host C

Host 0 Host E

lRefer to the exhibit. Hosts A amllB anernpt to transmit a frame at the same time and a collisionooours transmit? @ limmediaWly t) .after sending its jam signal t) .after Ihos! A. anc:1Ihos! B:have completed transmissiom .after Ihe jam signaldlears and its bac~off delay expires

..When will host D


ab:le 10'



5T A-1 (co nfi g)# intetface faOS10 5T A-1 (co nfi g-if)# switchp 011 mode acess s 5T A-1 (co nfi g-if)# switchp 011 acess s vlan 30 5T A-1 (co nfi g-if)# en d
IRefer 10 Ihe exhibit W,h.at rs Ihe purposeoflhe wnfigwratiom commands it) to activate pori Fa Ol~'0 @tomakelhe port a memb·erofVLAM 3:0' it) to activate pori seounit\t on port IFaOJ10' it) to add VLA:M 3,0 to the trunk that lis conneded to port FaOi1 0 Ihat are show.m?

32 W,hidh three adlons are p,erformedldwning

10 The boot loader 10 Th e be at loader

the boot sequence

of a Cisco switdh? {Ohoose three)

uses Ihe salt-ccntalned

sWitchop,eratimg system 10 boot the switch.

Irelnievesd:i ag ncsf cs ro uti n as IIi a. IHP.

~ llhe boot loader peliforms POST. ~llhe boot loader lis IloadecHrom RA:M. boot loader loads the defaultop,erating system itthe ftash-basedop,erating system lis corrupt or missing ~ The boot loader limitializ.es the fias!h file system that is used 10 boot Ihe system.

10 The

Switchl(config)# ip ssh version 2 Switchl(config)# ip domain-name c~co£om Switchl(config)# crypto key generate rsa Switchl(config)# line vty 0-1~ Switchl(config-line)# transport input all
lRefer 10 the exhibit The ImelmtOT~ d'ministrator wamts to configure Sw:itch~ to aliowSSHI cnnnerticns and prohibit Telnet ccnnecnens .. a How should the nelllilork administrator change Ihedisp'layed configuratiom to s.atisij Ihe requirement? it) UseSSHI version 1 it) lRecomfigure Ihe RSA key it) Gomfigure 8SHoma differemt Iline.. @ Modify the tmnslI@rtlinputwmmamd.


Sw1 (co nfi g)# interface fa0124 Sw1 (co nfi g-ifj# switchport mode access Sw1 (co nfi g-ifj# switchport port-security Sw1 (co nfi g-ifj# switchport port-security mac-address 0019. d2e4.d917 Sw1 (co nfi g-ifj# switchport port-security violation protect
lRefer it) @ it) it)

10 the exhibit W,hat wll.llhapp,en whem frames w.lth a source address other tham '00'19.d2e4Ld:9n enters linleliface IFaOJ.24?
IFa0124!1l1:ilibecome error-disabled. llhelimcominglframes will be dropped. Th e IFam24 pori UED wi II be tum ecloff. lim e s eownilyvi 0 lanon co un! !IlI:iI be Iin crernented I




lRefer to the exhibit. The switches m the exhibit Ihave VTIP prwnimg ena~led. What will be pruned lin Ihe VirIP adiveriisememts from switch 8T"C to switch SI-1? \/LA:N 30 \/LA:N 20 and VLAN 3.0 \/LA:N ~, VLAM :200, and VLAN 3.0 @ \/LA:N 21hrowgh \/l.J\M 29', and Vl.J\M 31 through VLAN 1000'

a a a

J6 \IV,hich p,arameter is associated with wire~less authemticatiom? @ snared key

aSSID a ad hoc a chamne~1

J] Rl# show ip route

IFr'aO/ll10 FaWO,.20 10.11'0.0.1 10.20;0.1

<output omitted> C is directly connected, FastEthernet 0/0.10 C is directly connected, FastEthernet 0/0.20 <output omitted> Sl(config)# interface faO/! Sl(config-if)# switchport mode access Sl(config-if)# interface faO/2 Sl(config-if)# switchport access vlan 2 Sl(config-if)# interface faO/3 Sl(config-if)# switchport access vlan 3


lRefer to the exhibit. A netwOT~ administrator has seqmented Ihe network into two \/lJ\Ns and wmfigured However, IPC1lis unable 10 access PC2. What lis Ihe Ii~ely problem? No ro uti ng proto co'l is configw red 0 n IR.~ . @ Tn e Fam1 pOJitofS~ is not a tnm k porit. t) Ttre defawlt gatew.ay address lis not set om 8~. t) On'lyone physica'lllin~ betweem 81 and R.~ lis conllqured I(Jrlimter-VLAN routing

R~ and S~ as displayed


PIP-A eh 1 ssmWLANA

sse WLANA asso 0000.1)000 -i'lf1 e


ell 11
sse WLANA sssm 0000-0000 -i'lf1 e

Refer 10 Ihe exhibit. Awire~less irnfras!ructwre has been es!ablis!hed in a comparny bwildirnglas show.rn. The design go.al was to allow roaming betJNeernlhe Ihree A:Ps for harndMlddellices.. Howeller, lhe devices lose wrnrnectivizy !IiIhernlhe users roam l~o1lltcam lhis prob:lem be fixedl? ~ Assign different SS'IDs to each AP. Reconfigw re all A:Ps to th e same enan neI. ~ use the same BSSID address for each AP. ~ Repositiorn Ihe APs so Ihat eaoh area ofsign.aJ strerngth overl.aps Ihe neighbor b,y at Ileas! 10-~ 5%.


3~1 Whioh Ihree statements are correct concernimg the default configur.atiomofa!new ICI Sp.amnimglTree IPmtoco'l is d:isa~led

switoh? ,~Ohoose Ihree.)

ICI Enable password is configwred asdsm
~ A:IIs1liiitch ports are assigned 10 VLA:M1. ~ Tlhe ftashdirectory ecntare the IIOS image

ICI VLAN1 is configured with a mamagement IPaddress.
~ A:IIinterfacesa.re set 10 auto-negotiation of speed and du~lex.

4IDI Usimg the commend cO,pymp:b~tlmp,cfg startup-o~nfig, an adminis!r.ator dow.mloaded a saved comfiguratiom ~roma THP selVer 100 a switch. Why does Ihe administrator net detect .any changes in the switoh configwration after Ihe dow.mIead com~letes? ~ The commarndshowld ha\le been cQPY startup-ocmfig mp:b~tlmp,cfg tJ A bac~wp 'Domfiguratiom fro ma THP s elVer camnot be co pi ed direotly imto th e starlu p-ee nfi g tJ The cemmsnd ,tOpy running'tonfig5t~.rtup'tonfig s!hould be used to save the chamges on the switoh. ~ Dowmloadimgllo Ihe staritu~,comfigllreqwire.s Ihes!lilitch 100 Ire~loacfedin order for the mnfigwration to Me effeot. be

41 P1'IIti1'l1 router configuration: interface fastethernet 011 no shutdown interface fastethernet 011.10 encapsulation dot1 q 10 ip address interface fastethernet 011.20 encapsulation dot1 q 20 ip address interface fastethernet 011.30 encapsulation dot1 q 30 ip address lRefer 10 tn e eihl bll. An e'!ll!host n e eds 10 be co nn acted 10 VLAN :2n. Whi dhi IIP address s!hiould be as sig n ed 101m is new lhios!? t) 17:2. m. m.681.'n

e e e e

172. ~'6..~o.. ~,O' 27 ~1 17:2.~'6..)Og61.'n


lRefer 10 lhie eihi bil. An elwo rk adm imistrato r hasdlesig n edl amdllimp'l em ented a hi erarcmcaln elwo rk. Wh at lis 1me maxi mum n et1jj!o:r~ dia meter betwe en .any two hostsen 1me n elwork? t) live six @ len me:lve

e e

43 Wm at VLANs are all owed arros s a Iru n ~ wh ern tn e ran ge of a'llowed VLAN s Iis s etto th e default va'llwe? @ All V,LANs will be aliolliledaloFO<ss Ihe tr'wlmk. t) OmIy VLAN 1 wi II be allowed a cross lhie trunk t) OmIy th e n alive V,LAN will beaJlo'!ll!edi a DrOS S Ih e trunk ® The s!llI'ilches will negotiate via VirIP whidhi VLANs 10 a'llowaoross Ihe tnmk



Switcn2# 2.G:~8:19: %CDP-~-NA1'IVE VLANMISI1Al'fIi: Native VLANmismatcb discover,ed FastEthernetG/l U) r wi tn sl FastiEthelmetO/1 UO~) on

Switcn1# 8[101'1 i[ltFaOjl switcl:lport Name: Fa0/1 Switcnport: Enabled Administutive Hode: trunk Operational Mode: trunk Administrative Tnmking Encapsulation: doUg Operational l'n.1nking Encapsulation: dot lq Negotiation of Tnmking: On Access Mode VLAN: 1 ,(default) lrunking Nativ,e Hode V1AN: 100 ,(Inactive)
-toutputom tted>

Switch2# 8i!WW i[ltF,a.ojl swi tcnport Name: FaG/1 SwitchpoIt : [n.abled Administrative Hode: dynamic desirable Operational Mode: tlnm,k Administrative Trunkin'g Encapsulatxon: dotlg Operational l'runking Encapsulation: native Negotiation of Tnmkin'g: On Access Mode VLAN: 2; {VLANGG02;) Tnmking Native Mode VLAN: 1 [default)

<output ,omitted> Refer 10 Ih e exhi iJit. After Irece ivimgl a, corns 0'1 e no!iffica!iomom Swildh2, th e n etwo rk admilm islra!or iJegi ns to Iro ubl es ho 01 Ih e Ir,wn~ IIimk iJetl/l!een Swildh 1 and Switch 2, W,hidh configu ra!iom ,dhange cam be made to wnre oj Ih e pfobl em with ltile Irumk Iiink? Selltile FaCti imlelliface om S!IlI'itch2 to Irlwn~ mode. Ohamge the Irlwnk encapsula!iomom Swildh2lFaOn 10 do!1q. ~ Oh amge th e Imative VLAN 0 n SWitctil2 im!enface Fa 011to VLAN 10 D'. Oh amge th e a Gees s nnode VLANo,m Swildh2 10' Ih e defa wIt VLA:N 1.


e e



VTP Operating Mode: Server VTP Password: Cisco1 VTP Domain Name: lAB Configuration Revision: 5 Number of existing VlANs: 8 VLANs: VLAN 10, VLAN 20, VLAN 100 native trunk trunk


VTP Operating Mode: Client VTP Password: Cisco1 VTP Domain Name: lAB Configuration Revision: 5 Number of existing VlANs: 8 VLANs: VLAN 10, VlAN 20, VLAN 100 native

SW3 VTP Operating Mode: Client VTP Password: Cisco VTP Domain Name: lAB Configuration Revision: 0 Number of existing VlANs: 3

Hefer 10 th e eihi bit. Tlhe VIP diomai n mas beem wmfi gUlred as s!howm iin th e exhi bit. No neof Ih e comfigured VLANs omSW1a m d S,W2 are pres ento n SWl W,mat s!mow'ld be dione to Iremedy th e prob'l e m? eJ Hewmfi gwre s1Il(ilches SW2 .an~ 8W3 Iin \!TIP tramsparemt rna de. ~ Heeomfi gwre Ih e VIP pass!li)'or~ In be co ns istemt am a'il VIP switdh es .. eJ lRewmfigwreaJI switches as \!TIPdlients 10 sy,mchro:mizethe VlP:M dalabase imformaliom. eJ lRewmfi gwre Ih e VIP 5elller asa VirP ,dlliemt an~ Ih ern Iretwm 10 \!TIP server mo de 10 res et th e (0 nfigw raliom Irevis ion n uruber..

46; Whidh ijpeofframe BID ILSA ILSU ~ BPU~

e e

(onlaims imformatiom Ihal lis wsed in the election oflme s~anmimgllree root bridge?



Ports 1 defaul·t act.a.ve


3D 1002 1003 1004 1005

adma n facuJ!xy fddi-defa.ult ·token-ring·-default f·ddine·t-defa.1l1·t trilet-def·au! t

8c,tive ac.tive

FaO!13, FaG!l~, FaD!15, FaD!16 FaO!11, FaG!lB, FaD!19, 1"010/20 FaO!21, FaG!22, Jii"aD!23 Jii"a.D!24 , GiO!l, GiD!2 FaO/5, Jii"aD!6. FaO!1, Jii"aD/S FaO/9, Jii"aD!lD

ac.t!uClsu.p ac.t/l1nsup
act Zunaup


Refer to Ihe exhibit A network administrator issues Ihe command shownon Sw.ltdht. W,hat are two possible reasons that ports IFaOl1 throwgh FaQ/4, and ports IFaOJ11and FaD!12 do not s'how in the command owtpwt? {Choose two) ~ rn e ports Ihave be en co nfigme elas trun ks.


rn e ports Ihave IDe assl gmeel to Ih e ImativeVLAM. en 1rIheWAN Ihat they are a.ssigned 10 has beem deleted. 1rIheports currently do not Ih.aveamydevices plug:g:ed into them 1rIheno shutdown command was not issued omthese ports


Switch# show interface trunk Port Mode FaOJ1 on GiOJ1 on Port GiOJ1 Encapsulation 8021q 8021q Status Native vlan trunking 1 trunking 2

Vlans allowed on trunk 1-4094

F aOJ1 1-4094
Refer to Ihe exhibit. W,hich statement is true reg'ardiirug:the information s'howru? 15 Oru'lyone VLAM is currently configured 10 use the trunk links. 15 The switdh rueg:otiated trunk links for interfaces FaOJ~and Gi0l1_ iEl A Cisco proprietary protoeo'l is iimwse for interfaces FaD/II and CiOn. @ Interfaces G'iO/1 and Fa,Olllarealiowed 10carry data from rnultlple VLAMs..


SW 1 VLAN ports VLAN 20: faOJ2·faO/10 VLAN 30: faOJ11·faO/18 VLAN 40. faOJ19·fa0/24


Host IP addresses Host1: 172.18.t. 10/27 Hostz: Host3:



RT (conf~g-5ub~f)~ enoapsulation dot1Q 20 RTl (confiq-sub1t) ip address RT (config). int·erfaoe FastEthernetO/0.2 RT (contig-sub1i) encapsulation dot1Q 30 RT1(config-subif)1 ip address RT (confl.g)t1nter~ace FastEthernetO/0.3 RT1(confiq-subit)! enoapsulation dot1Q 40 RT (con!ig-5ubif)' 1p address RTl (confiq). interface FastEthernetO/O

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring RT1 for inter-VLAN routing. The switch is configured correctly and is functional. Host1, Host2, and Host3 cannot communicate with each other. Based on the router configuration, what is causing the problem? Interface FaOJO missing IP address configuration information. is @ IP addresses on the subinterfaces are incorrectly matched to the VLANs. t) Each subinterface of FaO/Oneeds separate no shutdown commands. t) Routers do not support 802.1Q encapsulation on subinterfaces.


50 A wireless access point can function as which type of shared medium, wired LAN device? @hub switch router gateway

e> e> e>

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