SWOT analysis of Barbican

"Barbican", a product oI Aujan Industries Co.L.L.C is a non alcoholic beverage which
is preIerably served chilled and is manuIactured in the UAE and available all over the Middle
East. Like all products it has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which
are discussed below.


It is a very popular drink in Europe and the UK and in recent times has been
introduced in New Zealand receiving a positive Ieedback.
It comes in a variety oI Ilavors which are Original Malt, Lemon, Raspberry,
Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple and Green Apple.
Barbican is widely popular in the Middle East and its demand grows exponentially.
Since it is a cold beverage, it has grown popular in places with a hotter climate, thereIore the
experience oI drinking it, is said to be rather reIreshing.
Barbican is a non alcoholic beverage which has also made it hold a stronger market in
Muslim Countries.


Barbican has no content oI alcohol in it, which makes it a less oI an attractive product
by countries where the percentage oI alcoholic drinks consumed is more.


The current market is booming and room Ior non alcoholic beverages grow, the
opportunity oI capturing market share is available, iI Barbican becomes successIul, markets
neighbouring provinces could be targeted.
Product mix can be expanded once initial success is created and brand loyalty becomes
Health related issues arise due to the consumption oI alcohol in countries such as the
states, so Barbican can target people who enjoy the same taste oI beer without alcohol in it.


The market Ior nonalcoholic beverages grow as people look Ior something which can
readily cool down there body with something light and Iizzy without consuming any alcohol.
Companies such as Bario, Holsten and Moussy commonly Iound in the Middle East manage
to do the same.
Barbican has made a signiIicant name in the market but still Iaces competition by
such companies who may oIIer a similar experience at a cheaper price. The variation is price
and taste may be a threatening Iactor Ior the company that manuIactures Barbican.



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