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The general economic prosperity of the delta region afforded the establishment of schools and colleges, resulted in the spread of education and produced a western educated middle class. This was also coincided with the founding of various socio-religious organizations in the region like Veda Samaj, Deva Samaj, Hindu Sreyobhivardini Sabha and Arsha Mata Sabha (the influence of ongoing socio-religious reform movements in Bengal and Maharastra and the tours of these reformers to South India can be seen in this development). Madras centered Telugu press (originated in 1830s) began to shift to the delta region as the founders of these organizations (most of them were from western educated middle class, who were also founders of socio-religious organizations) attempted to spread the reformist ideas through the press. (Absence of these factors attests the very slow development of press in the dry zone). Thus there was a steady growth of journalism in the deltas from 1858 onwards. Telugu journalism began with mainly religious, cultural and literary journals. The first Telugu journal was Satyodaya (Dawn of Truth) published in Madras by the Christian Association of Bellary. The early Telugu journals were in Sanskritised, highbrow literary Telugu. Some of them like Tatvabodhini, were started by the Ved Samaj to counteract missionary propaganda. Tatwabodhini became immensely popular after it serialized the Rig Veda. Other journals of this era are Ravi, Shriyakshi, Dina Vartamani and Purusharda Pradayani. Rai Bahadur K. Veeresalingam Pantulu began the first modern journal in TeluguVivekavardhini- dedicated to social and language reform. Pantulu was a prominent social reformer who advocated ending of child marriage, casteism, prostitution. He also propagated rehabilitation of fallen women. Pantulu’s journals are credited with the development of popular Telugu prose. Pantulu also founded 3 journals for women- Sahitabodhini (Women’s Advocate), Haasyavardhini (Promoter of Laughter) and Satyavaadini (Advocate of Truth). Pantulu is considered to be the father of the Renaissance movement of Andhra. Rajamundry, Cocanada, Bezawada, Machilipatnam, Amalapuram, Narasapuram became centers of journalism. Another early paper was Andhrabhasha Sanjivani, edited by Venkataram Pantulu, another social and religious reformer. The first news weekly in Telugu was Andhra Prakasika, published from Madras by A.P. Parthasarati Naidu. It supported the Congress Party. Devagupta Seshachalrao started Deshabhimani- first as a fortnightly, then weekly, then biweekly and finally it became the first Telugu daily. With this, foundations for the social and political leadership of delta area and dominance of coastal Telugu were laid. By early twentieth century every caste tried to reform its group by spreading progressive and rational ideas through caste journals. In the process, several caste groups got consolidated across the regions. In the rise of consciousness of a separate Telugu identity and the demand for a separate Andhra State, Telugu press played a crucial role. Rising education brought about a new interest in modern Telugu literature and culture, which Telugus felt, was being suppressed by Tamilians. Therefore Andhra Brahmans and non-Brahmans together formed a sub-national movement to demand a separate State in which Andhra interests could be expressed.The

com) magazine and Vanguri Chitten Raju for publishing books and conducting annual short story and poem contest for promoting Telugu literature and journalism. the earliest.01. for Telugus there are two distinct phases in their lives .. His news. for the Telugus.telugunaadi. religion. history is at your doorstep! On 10th August 1974.. Early come. region. infact important city news. . Eenadu was launched in Visakhapatnam and a new chapter in newspaper publishing and journalism was heralded in. Two people that needs to be commented is Dr Jampala Chowdhary for publishing Telugu Naadi (www. local news. And in spoken Telugu. One of the major centers of Telugu community literature is found in United States. The heart and soul of Andhra Pradesh. Thus the print.organization of people on caste lines was also a new phenomenon and print was one of the factors which made it is possible. arise. it all began. early Eenadu Before the first rays of the sun kissed the night away. Telugu Journalism Abroad The Telugu literature and journalism is also very popular outside India. Eenadu History People's VOICE . A newspaper which provided the latest news and best reflected their needs. Two phases in language news publishing.. More households in the state of Andhra Pradesh wake up to the Eenadu than any other news daily. Telugu newspaper readers in Visakhapatnam and the neighboring districts got the latest news. Eenadu was born out of an inherent need of Telugus for a newspaper in their own language . and caste.. Telugu and Telugus are dear to us Eenadu was conceived for Telugus. early read. Whether it is village news. From the first day to now. It was a moment etched forever in memory.before Eenadu and after Eenadu. Eenadu's uncommon focus The common man is Eenadu's hero. their concerns.145 copies (ABC Jan . The first generation of immigrants are the pioneers in this field. Awake. Eenadu was reflecting their nuances. Today the newspaper of the telegus is Eenadu. it enjoys a circulation of 17. their views. Making it one of the largest circulated newspaper in the country. Eenadu brings it to his doorstep. in the form of Journalism played an enormous role in the construction of identities on the basis of language.speaking with every SUNRISE Before Eenadu and after Eenadu. The Common man.June 2011) per day and is published simultaneously from 23 printing centers. in an idiom best understood by him. his needs are paramount in importance.

. Eenadu does! 26. 362 days a year! Vijayawada's call for Eenadu to be victorious As the river Krishna gently flowed by. Coming home to Telangana Eenadu Karimnagar edition was launched in 1992. it was Eenadu's pioneering strides to investigate and report that gave news wholesomeness and depth. Everything Eeandu touches. Hyderabad and Vijayawada. here was a newspaper that Telugus in Hyderabad could call their very own.1 daily newspaper in Andhra Pradesh.all covered through 8. Eenadu gave a new ray of hope and expectation to newspaper readers. On this momentous day. Eenadu deployed its own vehicles. First to introduce this concept.a newspaper getting simultaneously published from three places. my newspaper Recognizing this latent need.. their causes. Those who were ready to distribute even less than 10 copies were welcomed. views were given the importance they richly deserved. all the towns and cities of AP. The secret to being on the top. 20th 1982. events. first with fresh news Rayalaseema Telugu readers never looked back after June. First into Rayalaseema. any one who was motivated enough to give the Telugus a path breaking newspaper was enrolled as an agent. With this . My district. the signs of times pointed to Hyderabad. The district's news. Eenadu brought in a product innovation . Eenadu from Visakhapatnam. on the eventful day of May 1st. What's more.for every district its own newspaper.1. To reach the remotest places. 17th.500 agents. Such a landmark change was for the first time in the world.. At last. their language are Eenadu's inspiration and path to pre-eminence.. Eenadu's Tirupati edition entered their lives with fresh news and in their spoken language. With this step came another 'first' . select regions outside the state . is Eenadu's love for Telugus and Telugu. city newspapers in a multicolor tabloid form. Their aspirations. always an Eenadu number All it took was four years for Eenadu to become the No. Eenadu entered Vijayawada. Thus were born 30 district.000 villages. In some places where buses don't reach. my news. it changes And what a change the complete distribution of a newspaper saw with Eenadu.For investigative journalism we said Naandi The very concept of 'investigative journalism' entered the vocabulary of the Telugu reader via Eenadu. Triumphantly into Hyderabad 16 months after the Vizag edition. And so it was that in 1975 on Dec. 1978. No.

Pratibha gives information on education. And of course all the tips. regular columns on counseling are what the Pratibha readers get. articles and views that best reflected Telugu tastes. a class creation With Eenadu. entertaining and informative.. details. Course details. classifieds no longer remained confined to major cities. Firmly rooted in the woman's world. Without waiting or needing to depend on the newspaper to come from Hyderabad city.. educationalists and more. Wholesome. A unique product innovation. A cover story for the weekend. anecdotes were also Aadivaram's forte.. Farmer is the King .' all are Vasundhara's unique offerings. the yeoman effort of Eenadu with Pratibha has also been recognised by several educational institutions. A tribute to womanhood In september 1992. every day for students From 1989 January. economy. Today Vasundhara is virtually the heartbeat of the Telugu woman. Sunday is Eenadu day ! Sundays got transformed and a stir was created with the never before Eenadu Aadivaram. With a goal to mirror their world. stock markets. specially created for the Telugu readers. Vasundhara. earnest and interesting. stories. With Vasundhara.Karimnagar and the surrounding districts got the latest news. courtesy the 'Business' page of Eenadu. For the first time here was a language daily which provided the stock-listing. Vasundhara lends a fresh touch to issues related to them. Vasundhara gives. pros and cons to stay in business. Uncommon and unusual people. Shares. readers in most districts got their very own classifieds column.. a separate section came into women's lives. The excitement of getting a tip from the 'Nazrana' column. In fact. events. titbits.What a woman wants. Pratibha.Fashion. And a desire to be their best friend by being informative.' or moving up the fashion orbit with 'Fashion . An 'Eenadu feature' that benefited them like never before. Discussions. students have been meeting their needs with the unique Pratibha. essays. savings all were there in Eenadu's ' Business ' page. Classifieds in every district. And the icing was of course Aadivaram becoming a springboard for story writers. careers with all their twists & turns and the efforts that are required to make it big in life. Filling in the role of an information provider and guide. advice from the casual to serious matters . Eenadu Aadivaram was a 32 page magazine with 16 colour pages. pouring their woes out to 'Dear Vasundhara. model question papers. A special Sunday magazine. for the first time in India there was a supplement dedicated to women. Common man takes stock ! Common man got a share of his choice.

00.00. August. Eenadu has stringers in every city.00. Kolkata. A value addition and an ' Eenadu extra '. social highlight . and subsequently releases the same. town and mandal of A. For Eenadu..000 9.000 3. there.000 5.all to the common man's delight. by Eenadu * Over 90% of the circulation is catered to by Eenadu's own modes of transport * Eenadu is available in 8.P. RETA is a pioneering Eenadu effort to grow the potential of small businesses. Bangalore and every state capital.modern.' Launched in 1985. new opportunities.500 shops * 90% of Eenadu readers have an Eenadu printing facility within 100 kms of their reach.000 2.1998 1. Mumbai. it is to Eenadu's credit that there are news bureaus of Eenadu in New Delhi. the RETA (Retail Advertising) service conceptualizes and designs the advertising.000 7.The recognition of this truth is Eenadu's ' Raithay Raju.7. Some golden letter days 1.2002 ABC Jan-June 2004 . Help them.00.11. the cartoons in Eenadu give the day's moment.00. As the winner.000 10. a big benefit for small businesses When small businesses cannot afford big budgets in creating advertising. political highlight.000 4.12. contemporary counsel was just a newspaper away with Eenadu. guide them and make their rupee work harder.' Scientific practices.1996 18. it has evolved into a bridge to the farmer and his world.00.5. Empowering the art of cartooning with ' Eenadu touch '. crop-related advice.276 1.1994 1. everywhere Eenadu's news network is vast and has the unique feature of having reporters in every state of India. Chennai.39. A path for him to harvest happiness. Eenadu is there. Here..7.8. It's no surprise that many readers don't feel complete without Eenadu's daily dose of cartoons! RETA.00. Apart from reporters in major cities. Farmer's issues were given prominence for the first time ever with the pioneering 'Raithay Raju. expert opinions .000 6. We'll tickle your ribs and your mind ! Ask any Eenadu reader and rest assured the day's cartoon will be a topic of discussion. thought and smile.1978 August 1979 November 1982 28.00.1983 1. A total of over 1800 news contributors and 300 journalists keep the news ticking.

even the most powerful have to give in.16. Drunkenness destroys Realising alcoholism and drunkenness ruins lives and the very social fabric. In Andhra Pradesh history.386 13. '1984' in Eenadu's journey is more than just a hallmark.07.08. when Governments in Andhra Pradesh were frequently changed or sabotaged by machinations of the powers that be in Delhi. uncovering the truths. Eenadu committed itself to the cause of prohibition. Highlighting the issues.359 Eenadu's journey Our editions Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Vijayawada Tirupati Ananthapur Karimnagar Rajahmundry Suryapet Guntur Nellore Srikakulam Kurnool Our features Main Edition Business Page Pellipandiri Vasundhara Cinema ABC Jan-June 2006 ABC Jan-June 2009 ABC Jan-June 2010 Tadepalligudem Warangal Cuddapah Mahaboobnagar Nizambad Khammam Ongole Chennai Mumbai Bangalore Delhi 7 new features Chaduvu Sukhibhava Champion e-nadu Siri Ee Tharam Hai Bujji The voice of democracy speaks loud with Eenadu Mini Edition Pratibha Computer ChipChat Real Estate Classified When the times demanded and democracy lay in shambles. explaining the impact. Eenadu sounded the clarion call for restoration of order and democracy.11.883 15. A helping hand to the cyclone-hit . Eenadu toiled effortlessly till democracy shined bright again. Eenadu took upon itself to catalyze the movement. Supporting the rural women who were fighting for the imposition of prohibition. It is a remainder that when a common man decides. this perhaps became a moment of Telugu awakening and pride.

or how to put a finger on the pulse of the reader. Eenadu has committed itself to evolve rain harvesting into a 'movement. the last village on the Indo-Pak border. truth and relevance When aspirants want lessons in cultural relevance. Eenadu contributed its mite. A. Samiksha is circulated to the editorial staff with a through introspection of the successes and failures in the news reporting and features. Suryabhavanams. This is best illustrated through our Quality Cell. Apart from well organised reviews. the pioneering efforts of the Quality Cell find expressions in Samiksha .a monthly dedicated to the improvement of quality standards. for whom water is more than just precious. in 1977. We need to make rain harvesting a habit. Today the urge to conserve water has been kindled in every Telugu's heart. reaching out Eenadu helped in rekindling lives in Khavda. how to arrive at a view-point are all part of smiksha. or for that matter when Orissa was devastated by a super cyclone in 1999. their choice is inevitably the Eenadu Journalism School. How to report.P. We need an awakening. Students of the Eenadu Journalism School are in step with changing trends. 'Let's conserve water. It is Eenadu's cherished desire to create a motivated citizen. Quality? You can take our word for it When it comes to quality. Eenadu is striving to bring back hope and a smile on many a face that has been affected by the Gujarat earthquake. 60 uryabhavanams rose to help in 1996. in 1996. Rebuilding Khavda. these Surya Bhavanams today provide social succour and help educating the needy. It is also a platform where good work and good talent is recognised and individuals are rewarded.P. spontaneous feedback. Serving the dual purpose of cyclone shelters and school buildings. A school of journalism. Everyone who writes for Eenadu always wants to be in the column .' A special page that is giving the clarion call to Telugus. Recognising the seriousness and urgency of this issue. life's best luxury. to conserve water.' And so was created 'Sujalam Suphalam. And harvesting it is a way of life.Mecchina Seershikulu (liked features) and not in the Mecchani Seershikulu (disliked features)! Quality Cell and Samiksha help Eenadu to become . and when the cyclone put an end to many a life in A.. Working through the Sri Swami Narayan Samstha. A division whose responsibility is to monitor quality on a daily and ongoing basis.' a solid Eenadu movement We need to conserve water. where hope shines Eenadu's efforts have fructified into extensive housing with the help of Ramakrishna Mission in Palakayaippa Village in Diviseema. or for that matter cultivate a style endeared by the common man. Eenadu has very high standards of commitment and responsibility. Eenadu's efforts helped construct over 70 houses. and an 'aware' individual. what to analyse. and when the Gujarat earthquake brought to halt the human pulse.When floods devastated Diviseema. In Orissa too.

Our tomorrow is what our readers want. ... EENADU Our today is to always be the heartbeat of the Telugu world. Eenadu's love for Telugus and Telugu is eternal. magazines for women and family besides Annadata.the byword for the highest standard of editorial. a film weekly. And the Eenadu story goes on.. a magazine for farmers.. Chatura and Vipula. Other successful Telugu publications include Sitara..

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