Aad: Possibly "unit"; used as a suffix in many Qunari military ranks.
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Anaan: Victory. Antaam: Soldier rank. Ari: Possibly "person"; used as a prefix denoting singular or leadership, and as a suffix denoting a group. Arigena: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people, leader of the craftsmen. Arishok: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people, leader of the army. Ariqun: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people, leader of the priests. Armaas: Possibly "quartermaster"; provider of equipment. Arvaarad: "One Who Holds Back Evil"; a Qunari who watches over the saarebas (Qunari mages) and hunts Tal-Vashoth. Asala: "Soul." Ash: To seek. Ashaad: Soldier rank. Scout. [confirmation needed] Ashkaari: "One who seeks"; scientists, philosophers, or those who seek knowledge. Ataash: Glory. Atashi: "Dragon."

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Bas/Basra: Foreign to the Qun, literal meaning "thing". Implication of being purposeless. Basalit-an: A non-Qunari worthy of respect. Basvaraad: "Foreign leash-holder"; honorific bestowed upon Hawke by a saarebas. Ben-Hassrath: An order whose task is to police the Qunari. Beresaad: A type of scouting unit, sent to "answer questions" for the Arishok.


Dathrasi: A type of animal. Used as a derogatory term against indulgent individuals, comparable to the pig.

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Ebasit: A form of "to be." Ebost: To return. Esaam: "Can be found in" or "exists in the location of."


Gaatlok: Explosive powder.

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Kabethari: Simple person. Term used for all recently-conquered people who haven't converted to the Qun. Kadan: Friend, brother. Rarely bestowed upon non-Qunari. Karashok: Infantry private. Karasten: A soldier. Karataam: A group of Qunari mages and their handlers. Kasaanda: Sundew, a carnivorous plant. Kata: The end, death. Katara: (You) die. Ketojan: A bridge, specifically a bridge between worlds (religion). It is the name given to the Saarebas by Sister Petrice in Shepherding Wolves. There is significant uncertainty whether this is a Qunari word at all. Kithshok: A military commander of the Seheron army. They also are in charge of negotiating trade between the Qunari and foreign traders at ports. Kost: Peace.

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Panahadan: "Goodbye". Parshaara: "Enough".

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Saar: "Dangerous". Saar-qamek: Gas that causes madness in non-kossith. Saarebas: A "dangerous thing," the Qunari word and title for mages. A "Bas Saarebas" denotes a non-Qunari mage. Sataareth: Lit. "That which upholds"; an enforcer, defender, or foundation. Say: With. Shanedan: A respectful greeting. Shok: "War" or "struggle". Sten: Commander of infantry.

TTal: True
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Talan: Truth Taam: Possibly "group" or "army". Taarbas: A title/rank of Qunari. Apparent role is to retrieve the weapons of fallen Qunari Tamassran: A priest who is charged with educating the young. Exclusively a role for women.

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Vashedan: Crap (literally "refuse" or "trash"). Vashoth: "Grey Ones"; used to refer to Qunari outcasts. These outcast call themselves Tal'vashoth, meaning "true grey".


Viddathari: A recent convert to the Qun.

Qunari Phrases and IdiomsEdit
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Asit tal-eb: "The way things are meant to be." A driving principle of the Qunari philosophy; "It is to be." Ataash varin kata: "In the end lies glory." Basra Vashedan: Used to refer to non-Qunari ideas, and sometimes, people; "foreigner trash." Maraas imekari: "A child bleating without meaning." Maraas toh ebra-shok: "You alone are basalit-an." Said to Hawke by the Arishok in the Viscount's Keep if Hawke has previously earned the respect of the Arishok. Nehraa sataa karasaam: Meaning unknown; spoken by Arvaarad to his men in Shepherding Wolves. Nehraa aqun ebra kata Arvaarad: Meaning unknown; spoken by Arvaarad to Saarebas, resulting in his voluntary execution when given the choice to submit to the Qun. Shok ebasit hissra. Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit, aban aqun. Maraas shokra. Anaan esaam Qun: "Struggle is an illusion. The tide rises, the tide falls, but the sea is changeless. There is nothing to struggle against. Victory is in the Qun." Extract from the Qun from Qunari Prayers for the Dead. Teth a: A call for attention, or warning. Vinek kathas: An order to attack or kill.

Phrases used by Sten as battle cries:
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Ataash Qunari!: Glory to the Qunari! Nehraa Beresaad! For the vanguard! Katara, bas!: Die, thing! Ebost issala!: Return to dust!" Ashkost say hissra!: Seek peace with your gods! Nehraa kadan!: For my brothers! Anaan esaam Qun!: Victory in the Qun!

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