Elvish Vocabulary A Abelas (ah-BEY-lahs): Sorrow. Also used as an apology. Adahl (ah-DAHL): tree.

Adahlen (AH-dah-len): forest. Alas (AH-lahs): earth, dirt. An (AHN): place or location. Annar (AN-ahr): year. Ar (AHR): personal pronoun: I, me. Aravel (AHR-ah-vehl): long journey. Arla (AHR-lah): home. Arlathvhen (ahr-LATH-vehn): Meeting of the Dalish clans, every ten years. [5] Asha (AH-sha): woman. Assan (ah-SAHN): arrow. Atisha (ah-TEE-shah): peace, peaceful.

B Bel (BELL): many. Bora (BOHR-ah): to throw, project, loose. Bor'assan (BOHR-ah-sahn): bow.

D Da (DAH): small, diminutive prefix. Dar (DAHR): to be. Da'len (dah-LEN): little child. Dareth (dah-RETH): be safe. Din (DEEN): not, or isn't; also used to indicate someone who has died: someone who is not. Dirth (DEHRTH): tell, speak.

Dorf (DOHRF): grey. Durgen (DUHR-jen): stone. Durgen’len (dur-JEN-len): Children of the stone. The original Elvish term for the dwarves.

E El (EHL): our. Elgar (EHL-gahr): spirit. Eluvian (ehl-LOO-vee-ehn): mirror. Elvarel (EHL-vah-rehl): longer, more effort. Elvhen (EHL-vehn): "Our People". Elven name for their own race. Elvhenan (EHL-vehn-ahn): Place of our people. The name of the elven civilization before the arrival of humans in Thedas[6]. Also could be translated as: "Our hearts". Emma (EM-mah): my, i am. -en (EHN): suffix indicating plural. Ena (eh-NAH): appear; emerge. Enasal (EHN-ah-sahl): repeat Enansal (en-AHN-sahl): gift or blessing. Era (EH-rah): story, tale, dream.

F Falon (fah-LOHN): friend. Felas (FAY-lahs): slow. Fen (FEHN): wolf.[7]

H Halam (hah-LAHM): the end, finished. Hahren (hah-REHN): Elder. Used as a term of respect by the Dalish, but more specifically for the leader of an alienage by the City Elves.

Halamshiral (hah-LAHM-sheer-AHL): The end of the journey. Also the name of the capital of the second elven homeland in the Dales[8]. Hamin (hah-MEEN): rest, relax. Deconstructing: "mi": blade; "in": inside. 'Sheath your knife'? Harel (hah-REHL): dreaded, frightening, causing fear. Him (HEEM): becomes.

I In (EEN): with or inside; dwell. Inan (ee-NAHN): eyes. Literally: "inside place" or "dwelling place" - i.e. windows to the soul. Ir (EER): very, more. Isala (ee-SAH-lah): in need of.

L Lath (LAHTH): love. Len (LEHN): child. Lethallin; Lethallan (leth-ah-LEEN; leth-ah-LAHN): Casual reference used for someone with whom one is familiar. Lethallin is used for males, while lethallan is used for females[9]. Akin to "cousin" or "clansman" since "lin" is the word for blood. See talk page for more information. Lin (LEEN): blood.

M Ma (MAH): you. Mahvir (mah-VEER): tomorrow. Mamae (mah-MAY): Mother[10]. Mana (MAH-nah): distant past; long amount of time. Melana (meh-LAH-nah): time. Melava (meh-LAH-vah): time, past tense. Mi (MEE): blade.

N Na (NAH): your. Nan (NAHN): revenge; vengeance. Nehn (NEN): joy. Numin (NOO-min): cry, tears. Nuvenin (noo-VAY-nin): want, need.

R Reth (REHTH): safety. Revas (RAY-vahs): freedom.

S Sa (SAH): one. Sahlin (sah-LEEN): now, in this moment. Samahl (sah-MAHL): laugh, laughter. Sa'vunin (sah-VOO-neen): a single day. Serannas (SEHR-ah-nahs): grateful, appreciative. Seth (SEHTH): thin, tenuous. Setheneran (SEH-thehn-ERR-ahn): Land of waking dreams. A place where the Veil is thin[11]. Literally: "Tenuous waking dream place" Shem (SHEHM): quick, fast. Shemlen (SHEHM-lehn): Literally "quick children". The original name of the elves for the human race. It continues to see use as a slang term amongst the City Elves ("Shems") even though its meaning has largely been lost. Shiral (shee-RAHL): journey. Somniari (sahm-nee-AR-ee): dreamer, a mage that can shape and control the Fade.[12] Souveri (soo-VEH-ree): weary, tired. Su (soo): happen.

Sulahn (soo-LAHN): sing. Suledin (soo-leh-DEEN): endure. Sulevin (soo-leh-VEEN): certain.

T Tan (TAHN): three. Then (THEN): awake, alert. Tu (tooh): to make, to cause.

U U (ooh): alone. Uth (OOTH): long, forever, never ending, eternal. Uthenera (ooth-en-ERR-ah): Waking sleep. Uthenera was the name of the ancient practice of immortal elves who would "sleep" once they tired of life. Literally: "Eternal waking dream".

V Vallas (VALL-ahs): writing. Vallaslin (vahl-ahs-LEEN): Blood writing. The art of tattooing adopted by some elves to more prominently (and some might say belligerently) display their worship of the traditional elven pantheon[13]. Ven (VEHN): to go. Vhen (VEHN): "people of" or "belonging to the elves, the clans, elven society". Vhenadahl (vehn-AH-dahl): The tree of the people[14]. Vhen'alas (vehn-AHL-ahs): The land itself, as in "the ground". Literally: "our earth". Vhenan (VEY-nahn): heart. Vir (VEER): way or path. [15] Vunin (VOO-nihn): day.

Constructing Elvish: Examples of Phrases Endearments da'assan (dah-ah-SAHN): little arrow da'mi (dah-MEE): little blade da'vhenan (dah-VEY-nahn): little heart emm'asha (ehm-AH-shah): my girl emma lath (EHM-mah lath): my love emma sa'lath (EHM-mah sah-lath): my one love emma vhenan (EHM-ma VEY-nahn): my heart ma'arlath (MAR-lath): I love you ma emma lath (ma EHM-mah lath): you are my love vhenan'ara (VEY-nahn-AHR-ah): heart's desire

Insults elvhen'alas (el-VEHN-ALL-us): dirt elves len'alas lath'din (len-ALL-us LATH-deen): dirty child no one loves seth'lin (seth-LEEN): thin blood

Threats Ar'din nuvenin na'din. (ahr-DEEN noo-VHEY-nihn nah-deen): I don't want to kill you. Ar tu na'din. (ahr too nah-DEEN): I will kill you. Ar tu na'lin emma mi. (ahr too nah-LEEN EHM-ma mee): I will see your blood on my blade. Emma shem'nan. (EHM-mah shem-NAHN): My revenge is swift. Halam sahlin. (hah-LAHM sah-LEEN): This ends now. Ma emma harel. (mah EHM-mah hah-REHL): You should fear me. Ma halam. (mah hah-LAHM): You are finished.

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