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RAJAT BHATIA Biography and Deals List - May 2010

RAJAT BHATIA Biography and Deals List - May 2010

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Published by: Rajat Bhatia on Oct 25, 2011
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Founder & CEO Tel: 561 901 9619
Fax 877 817 4655

1525-S Spring Harbor Drive Delray Beach, FL 33445, USA

Work Email: rajat@neuraltrader.com Personal Email: rajatbhatia001@yahoo.com Skype: rajatbhatia001


Rajat Bhatia is the Founder & CEO of NEURAL CAPITAL – a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in raising venture capital and private equity for early stage and growth stage firms. Neural Capital also develops quantitative trading strategies for the global financial markets. The trading strategies of Neural Capital include the Neural Trader and the Silver Box, which had a positive return of 124% in 2008 during the market meltdown. He has also consulted to hedge funds, Wall Street banks, money managers, law firms and consulting firms such as: McKinsey & Company, New York City Oliver Wyman & Company, London Bain & Co, New York Morgan Stanley, New York City – Principal Investments Deutsche Bank, Asia – Global Credit Trading Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney Barclays, London Saudi American Bank, Riyadh Neuberger Berman, New York Alliance Bernstein, New York Schroeders Investment Management, Asia Susquehanna International Group, Philadelphia Sageview Capital, San Francisco Friess Associates, Delaware Liability Solutions, London Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance, Bahrain Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP, New York

Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions Venture Capital Private Equity Strategic Consulting and Advisory services Derivative Products: Credit, Currencies, Energy, Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities Global Debt Capital Markets: Yankee, Euro, Samurai, Dragon and Global Bond Issues Global Markets Research and Analytics Alternative Investment Strategies Proprietary Foreign Exchange Trading Quantitative Financial Modeling Quantitative Trading Strategies 1|Page

Mumbai. London Scottish Life and Scottish Widows. Manila Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. New Delhi National Thermal Power Corporation. His employment history covers: Founder and CEO NEURAL CAPITAL. Rajat worked with the following clients in the public and private sectors: Asia Pacific: Ministry of Finance.06/2001 07/1996 .com Senior Vice President CITIBANK GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. England Industrial Bank of Japan. Australia Financial Markets Group Manager CITICORP INVESTMENT BANK.06/1997 07/1993 . Florida Lead Portfolio Analyst WILLIAMS ENERGY TRADING. New Delhi ICICI. London Alternative Investment Strategies Group Vice President LEHMAN BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL. State Bank of India. London Global Derivative Products Group Assistant Vice President MERRILL LYNCH CAPITAL MARKETS. IFCI Korea Electric Power Corporation Republic of China Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Air India Europe: Republic of Italy Kingdom of Belgium European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Postipanki Bank.RAJAT BHATIA   WORK EXPERIENCE Prior to starting NEURAL CAPITAL. Rajat worked for many years as an international investment banker with bulge bracket wall street firms. New Delhi Reserve Bank of India. Finland Cargill. Republic of India. India Asian Development Bank. Hong Kong Asia Pacific Capital Markets and Derivative Products Group Management Consultant BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON. New Delhi Indian Oil Corporation. Headquarters. Edinburgh and Glasgow 2|Page .Present 12/2002 .12/1994 05/1992 .11/2005 08/2001 . TULSA Founder and CEO INDIAFX. INDIA Interbank Foreign Exchange Trading Group Management Consultant ANDERSEN CONSULTING. IDBI.11/1997 01/1995 .11/2002 06/1997 .05/1991 06/1987 .05/1988 As an investment banker. Florida Partner FINANCIAL ENGINEERING.05/1993 06/1988 . LONDON Financial Markets Group 11/2005 . Sydney.

Highgate.B. London 1996-2000 Captain of the Cross Country Athletics team at IIM Ahmedabad Member of the soccer team at IIM Ahmedabad Member of the Adventure Club at IIM Ahmedabad . Honors in Economics Class of 1985 AWARDS. New York (1991 to 1992) – Master of International Affairs with specialization in International Banking and Finance. and India in the following industries: Advanced Solar Technologies Specialty Chemicals and De Copier Technologies Aerospace “Green” Construction Technologies and Materials Global Housing Air Taxi Services Next-generation Hybrid / Electric Aircraft Refinery Projects EDUCATION Columbia University. University of Delhi (1982 to 1985) . Dean’s Fellow – top 5% of the Class of 1992 Indian Institute of Management. A.MBA with a major in Finance Class of 1987 St.C. New York (top 5% of the Class of 1992) Professional: Winner (most profitable bank) of the November 1988 Citibank Asia-Pacific Bourse Game in Singapore Elected Best Trader in Asia-Pacific at the 1988 Citibank Asia-Pacific Bourse Game Literary: Cambridge Essay Prize at St. England Played Tennis and Squash at the school. Cape Canaveral. Dorset. Seattle. Tulsa Cricket Association 2001-2002 Played cricket for Hampstead Cricket Club. Florida Aerobatic Flying in T-67 Slingsby aircraft at Compton Abbas Air Base. Ahmedabad (1985 to 1987) .RAJAT BHATIA   NEURAL CAPITAL has also provided strategic advisory and investment banking services to start up firms located in California. HONOURS and INTERESTS Academic: Founder’s Gold Medal at La Martiniere for Boys. Boston. Washington D. Stephen’s College.Member of a cycling trip from IIM Ahmedabad to Lothal (center of the Indus Valley civilization) Member of the Cross Country Athletics team at St Stephen’s College Athletics track champion in both the 800 and 1500 metres at La Martiniere for Boys. college or club level Recreational swimming.Leader of the cycling and mountain trekking trip from IIM Ahmedabad to Mount Abu . Editor of “Synergy” a monthly student magazine at IIM Ahmedabad Editor of the student “Yearbook” at IIM Ahmedabad Author of the book “One Man’s Dream – A Million Kids’ Beneficence” Sports: Vice President. 1985. Stephen’s College. snorkeling and windsurfing 3|Page . Calcutta in 1980 for Ranking first in ICSE Examinations Dean’s Fellow at Columbia University. London 1999-2000 Played cricket for the Palm Tree Cricket Club. Calcutta in 1980 Cross country Flying in Cessna 152 and 172 at Merritt Island.

1988 “Caps. Collars and Floors” in the Economic Times. 1988 “Offshore Banking in India” in the Financial Express.Fluent Conversational Russian – Basic Conversational 4|Page . a book on De Nobili School and the Life of Father Hess LANGUAGES English . August 2007 “Artificial Neural Networks in Finance” in the Financial Express.RAJAT BHATIA   PUBLICATIONS “Financial Chernobyl or Manageable Risk .Fluent written as well as spoken Punjabi – Fluent Conversational Bengali . 1988 “One Man’s Dream – A Million Kids Beneficence”. July 2007 “Currency and Interest Rate Swaps” in the Economic Times.Fluent written as well as spoken Hindi . London.The brewing storm in CDOs and sub-prime mortgages” published in The Hedge Fund Journal.

the La Costa. India DEAL SIZE US$ 1 billion TYPE OF DEAL Cross Border M&A DEAL STRUCTURE Advised TELSTRA on the valuation of VSNL – India’s sole International Telecom operator. The company was listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Restructuring of the bank’s domestic retail branch network prior to privatisation as part of a team of management consultants from Booz. Private placement of equity with Bankers Trust Funds Management. Deal was not consummated because the Foreign Investment Promotion Board refused permission for a foreign entity to take a majority stake in VSNL. PRIVATE EQUITY AND VENTURE CAITAL) CLIENT TELSTRA. California. Sydney. 5|Page . Performed cash flow modelling and valuation of VSNL and worked closely with the senior management of both sides. Growth stage financing for an Indian refinery firm listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and on Luxembourg Stock Exchange Start up aerospace component manufacturer to outsource the manufacturing of aerospace components from United Technologies and Boeing Growth Stage private equity investment in an American firm looking to enter the Indian market for green construction materials Stage 1 Venture Capital for an advanced solar technology form specializing in multi junction solar cells Listed Indian Petrochemicals company Commonwealth Bank of Australia US$ 15 million PIPES Strategic Advisory Business Restructuring prior to Privatization Private Equity Listed Refinery Company Start up Aerospace component manufacturer Green Construction Technologies Company Advanced Solar Technologies Company Start up Nano Technology Company $ 200 million US$ 15 million Early Stage / Seed Investment US$ 20 million Private Equity US$ 20 million Venture Capital US$ 10 million Private Equity Currently working with a start up Nano Technology company focused on new technologies and alternative fuels such as ethanol to raise $ 10 million as seed capital from venture capital / private equity investors. Fountainbleau in Las Vegas and several buildings in Miami and South Florida which are in distressed sale Various Real Estate Deals US$ 20 million to US$ 300 million Financial Restructuring and Distressed Investments This is only a partial list of deals for illustration purposes only. The deals list is to be treated as being private and confidential and is not for onward circulation. Negotiated a cross-border M&A deal with VSNL and the Foreign Investment Promotion Board of India on behalf of Telstra.RAJAT BHATIA   Appendix 1: CORPORATE FINANCE DEALS LIST (INCLUDING M&A.Allen & Hamilton. Investment in Distressed real estate – both commercial and residential. Deals include several well know hotel properties like the St Regis in Dana Point. Sydney. Australia And VSNL.

Global bond issue including bond-buy backs through tender offers. Global bond issue along with simultaneous re-structuring of their liability portfolio involving bond-buy backs through tender-offers.5 bp US$ 650 million Hybrid bond issue Yankee and Euro The bonds had a principal guarantee from the ADB (rated AAA) and a coupon guarantee from ONGC (rated BB+). Yen. Sterling. 5 year and 7 year maturity Kingdom of Belgium US$ 500 million US$ 500 million Global Bond Issue European Investment Bank Global Bond Issue Indian Oil Corporation Korea Electric Power Corporation US$ 250 million US$ 450 million Eurobond issue Eurobond issue US$ 450 million Eurobond issue along with the exercise of put options on their outstanding bonds which resulted in cheaper re-financing.RAJAT BHATIA   Appendix 2: DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS DEALS LIST CLIENT Republic of Italy DEAL SIZE US$ 1 billion TYPE OF DEAL Global Bond Issue DEAL STRUCTURE Global bond issue and simultaneous re-structuring of liability portfolio which included international bonds issued in US Dollars. Deutsche Marks and French Franc. ECU. Identified potential savings of US$ 30 million for the Republic of Italy. Two-tranche. 7-year Euro bond issue prices at 150 over T-Bond curve Industrial Credit & Investment Corp of India Industrial Development Bank of India Asian Development Bank and ONGC US$ 25 million Euro Bond issue (CoManagers) US$ 25 million FRN issue (CoManagers) 7-year FRN issue priced at 6-month US$ Libor + 82. This reduced the new issue spread on this structured 12year bond issue from 350 basis points over 10-year US Treasuries to 170 basis points 10-year maturity Republic of China US$ 1 billion Global bond issue 6|Page .

Tokyo Toshoku. Hurdle 92. Hedging of US Treasury Bond portfolio through structured swaps and options on US long bond. London Springfield Asia.6 month ITL Libor Coupon = strike . FRF and GBP swap rates 10 times leveraged swap indexed to 3 month CAD 15 times leveraged swap indexed to 3 month ECU and GBP 10 times leveraged swap indexed to DEM.RAJAT BHATIA   Appendix 3: STRUCTURED DERIVATIVE PRODUCTS DEALS LIST (for Institutional Investors) CLIENT Baring Asset Mgt. Hong Kong DEAL SIZE US$ 10 million TYPE OF DEAL Option embedded MTNs FX Digital/Pyramid Note Diff. Jakarta Overseas China Bank. Taiwan (4 deals) US$ 50 million Portfolio Hedge US$ 8 million US$ 9 million US$ 16 million US$ 8 million Re-structuring of structured interest rate swaps KS Global Fund. Japan US$ 200 million US$ 49 million Structured notes Coupon = 12 months Yen Libor + 101. Hurdle 91. Japan US$ 70 million Unwind of structured and leveraged deal indexed to the spread between 10-year Swedish Kroner swap rates and 10year Danish Kroner swap rates.80 Coupon = 12 month Yen Libor + 102.80. Japan Nippon Sanso.80 US$ put. Swap DEAL STRUCTURE Structured investments linked to Italian Lira swap rates US$ 5 million Coupon = IDR 27% or 10% or 0. Japan US$ 50 million US$ 58 million Inverse Floaters Inverse Floaters 7|Page .00% depending upon IDR/US$ range Nissho Iwai. Yen call K/O 104. Yen call K/O 102. * * * * 10 times leveraged swap indexed to DEM.30 US$ put. FRF and GBP swap rates PT Ispat Indo.6 month ITL Libor Structured notes Fuji Oil.30 Coupon = strike .30.

Swap unwind. Korea US$ 100 million Eurobond issue with financing swap EGAT. Air India US$ 350 million Jet Fuel Linked Financing Industrial Finance Corporation of India General Electric Capital Corp.RAJAT BHATIA   Appendix 4: STRUCTURED DERIVATIVE PRODUCTS DEALS LIST (Liability Management Driven Deals) CLIENT British Aerospace DEAL SIZE US$ 400 million TYPE OF DEAL Structured interest rate swap DEAL STRUCTURE Re-structuring of debt portfolio using interest rate options and swaps at a time when US interest rates were very low and the yield curve was very flat. Unwinding of US$/Yen and US$/DEM knock-out Options Structuring of US$ floating rate liabilities into Yen Floaters through structured swaps PT Sinar Mas Group Treasury. Thailand Yen 50 billion Cross-currency Interest Rate Swap Structured interest rate swap Various structured deals Air India US$ 650 million US$ 25 million US$ 90 million Structured deal to swap a portfolio a floating rate loans into one fixed rate liability to hedge US$ interest rate risk. Yen 40 billion Cross-currency interest rate swap Emerging market hedge US$ 10 million 1 year deal indexed to non-deliverable Indian Rupee forwards. Bond issue with embedded jet fuel oil put options to finance the purchase of new Boeing 747s under a partial guarantee from the US Exim Bank. This deal was designed to hedge General Electric’s exposure to investments to India. Jakarta 8|Page . Structured financing swap with embedded digital FX options to reduce their cost of funding from 50 basis points over 6-month US$ Libor to 35 basis points. Yen fixed rate swapped into US$ floating rate Hanil Bank.

I Collateralised Loan Obligation with Senior and Junior Tranches The Legion Funds and Alpine Select were fund-of-hedge funds that were created by Citibank Global Asset Management out of the San Fransisco office and marketedto institutional investors in Europe.I Various Investors US$ 300 million US$ 500 million Captiva CLO . Switzerland Sumitomo Bank. the Middle East and Asia. Singapore CHF 13 million US$ 150 million Hedging of Credit/Default Risk Hedging of Credit risk Credit Derivative for hedging their loan portfolio in Indonesia 9|Page . Collateralised Bond Obligation with Principal and Contractual Coupon rated A2 by Moody’s. Various Investors US$ 350 million Captiva CBO .RAJAT BHATIA   Appendix 5: ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT STRATEGIES DEALS LIST CBOs / CLOs. floors and swaptions. India and the Philippines re-packaged and sold to Banque Brussels Lambert with a credit derivative to back the transaction. The deal was driven by tax considerations. Portfolio of Loans made to China. Credit Derivative for electricity projects in India Various Investors Legion Fund and Alpine Select Banque Brussels Lambert US$ 1 billion Asset Backed Tax Driven Credit Derivative Asea Brown Boveri. CREDIT DERIVATIVES AND FUND-OF-HEDGE FUNDS CLIENT Postipankki Bank Finland Various Investors DEAL SIZE US$ 450 million US$ 150 million TYPE OF DEAL Mortgage Backed Securities Participating Obligations Without Residuals DEAL STRUCTURE Re-structuring and hedging of the Mortgage Backed Securities Portfolio using caps. Unrated Contingent coupon that is dependent upon cash flows from High Yield Bond Portfolio aith average rating of B1 Collateralised Bond Obligation with Senior Tranche rated A2 by Moody’s and wrapped with a CAPMAC guarantee Equity tranche unrated with a targeted return of 14%.

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