Name________________________________________ Date_________________________________________ ________________________ figurative language

Literal language: _______________________________________________________________________________ Figurative Language:___________________________________________________________________________ FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE TERMS term 1. simile definition in own words (paraphrase) Comparison using like, as, so, or by implying like, as, or so General Example He runs as fast as a cheetah on the football field OR He is similar to a cheetah when he runs. Example from Macbeth

2. metaphor

Direct comparison

He is a beast. She is an innocent flower.

3. personification

Giving human qualities to something non-human

That stack of papers is calling out my name saying, “Mrs. Vidrine, please grade me.”

4. hyperbole

Extreme exaggeration

I have a million papers to grade.

5. synechdoche

Using something specific to mean something general or vice versa

Give me your hand in marriage. My feet walk upon the ground. Lend me your ears.

6. paradox

A true statement that seems to contradict or defy logic.

My enemy is my closest friend. Every exit is an entrance. The silence rang in my ears.

7. oxymoron

Using an adjective that means the opposite to describe something

She is pretty ugly. I ate jumbo shrimp. The bright night… The lovely stench of the subway station…

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