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by Judith Durant and Jean Campbell
Includes chapters on techniques for on and off loom weaving, bead knitting, macrame, wire work, bead crochet and embroidery. Easy reference charts and information on types of beads, threads, cords and needles.

BK2019 (Spiralbound – 104 pages) $18.50

by Genevieve Bourget
An illustrated approach to bead stringing for the beginner and advanced designer. Provides fundamental knowledge as well as the latest methods of bead stringing. Learn to select the right tools and materials for your project. Includes step-by-step illustrations and color photos of completed works.

BKS569 (Softcover – 83 pages) $8.00

by Ruth F. Poris
This well-illustrated manual describes basic tools, supplies and findings for stringing beads. Provides detailed beading techniques for single and multi-strand stringing and knotting, using a variety of bead cords. Required reading for beaders.

BKS570 (Softcover – 45 pages) $7.50

by Jean Campbell
This extensive collection includes many stunning projects, little-known tips, up-to-the-minute bead resources and a variety of design ideas. It also contains detailed explanations on: how to shop for beads, bead types, stringing materials, crimping, tying knots, working with findings and designing you own jewelry. Includes over 100 illustrations.

BK1652 (Hardcover – 88 pages) $16.10

Compiled by Julia Gerlach
Contains 52 projects with easy-to-follow instructions that will enable you to turn colorful beads into earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Explores bead stringing basics, coiling and other wirework techniques and also classic off-loom bead stitches (brick, square, peyote, herringbone and right-angle weave).

BK1606 (Softcover – 96 pages) $18.90


necklaces. tools and supplies that are needed for stringing beads. Size chart included. Bead-by-bead instructions with color photos for more than 55 projects.25 GLASS BEADS FROM EUROPE by Sibylle Jargstof Explores the widespread use of beads along with the evolution of the beadmaking industry. from a bonsai tree. A variety of styles (Phoenician. pins. French and Russian) are presented in nearly 400 color photos ranging from antiquity to modern time.BEADING PEARL AND BEAD STRINGING WITH HENRIETTA by Henrietta Virchick Learn the professional way to restring pearls and beads. Numerous diagrams and explanations highlight the techniques and tools required. wiring. bracelets. BKS734 (Softcover – 32 pages) $7. Bohemian.75 HOW TO THREAD A BEAD NECKLACE from Griffin This manual provides clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions on the proper methods of bead stringing. paper or bamboo. Venetian. Celtic.50 STEP-BY-STEP BEADWORK by Michelle Powell A colorful guide book with 10 orignal projects that will show you how to have fun with beads. Over 300 illustration and photos.00 32 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES To Order Call 1-888-944-0909 . Create an exciting selection of items using different kinds of beads.50 ADVANCED BEADWORK by Ruth F. looming and making your own beads using polymer clay. African. BKS573 (Softcover – 88 pages) $10. fabric. BK2974 (Softcover – 191 pages) $28. BKS567 (Softcover – 144 pages) $18. Make your own jewelry using a wide range of bead styles. Provides information on metalworking. Bavarian. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs. Valuable tips and information for beginning and advanced jewelry makers. barrettes and other accessories. Viking.50 CREATIVE BEAD JEWELRY by Carol Taylor Anyone can learn to make incredible earrings. BKS511 (Softcover – 146 pages) $14. A classic teaching manual. Contains instructions for different techniques of knotting beads including finger knotting. BKS571 (Softcover – 32 pages) $3. findings. Dutch. Tips on stringing. Indian wall hanging and Native American shaker to an African beaded curtain and an astronaut puppet. Explores all of the major beading techniques. Poris An indispensible book for anyone interested in beadwork.

bracelets and earrings. Features 13 step-by-step projects with instructions. faster. Includes step-by-step instructions with close-up color photos. polymer clay. Finished pieces are presented in full color photographs. buttons and wirework. Also includes 18 quick and easy do-it-yourself projects. basic techniques. organization and storage. Offers 15 step-by-step projects with beautiful photograhy and easy-to-follow instructions for the beginner and experienced crafter. Hana Glover & Jema Hewitt Covers a range of techniques.50 33 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES . Clear step-bystep photos and instructions help you complete your projects. BKS710 (Hardcover – 256 pages) $28. crystals and mixed media. A wonderful source for ideas and inspiration. gemstones. The projects are organized by materials: glass and seed beads. metal and chain. diagrams.45 QUICK AND EASY BEADING by Robin Bellingham. beads. brick stitch and peyote in various applications and combinations. beading terms.BEADING EASY BEADING by BeadStyle Magazine Make great looking jewelry with a professional touch. knots and needle threading tips. Contains easy-to-follow instructions with step-by-step photographs and illustrations. embroidery and weaving. bead crochet. pearls and shells. thread. BKS693 Set of 2 (Softcover – 19 pages) $13. neater and more efficient. stitches. Packed with practical hints and tips. needles. BK1605 (Hardcover – 256 pages) $28. how to choose seed beads and also beadweaving tools and materials. Contains more than 140 easy and stylish projects from BeadStyle magazine. TIPS AND TECHNIQUES Bead & Button Easy-Does-It-Series Contains more than 100 tips and techniques to make beading easier.25 DARE TO BEAD by Heather Laithwaite Create stunning jewelery and other items using a wide range of beads. including stringing. illustrations and photos. 2 by BeadStyle Magazine Contains 125 projects to make various necklaces.25 EASY BEADING Vol. Includes a helpful ”Basic Techniques” section and clever shortcuts to make beading easier. Covers topics on tools. BK1265 (Softcover – 80 pages) $12. handy shortcuts and useful tips.75 ABCs OF BEADING Bead & Button Easy-Does-It-Series Teaches the basics of bead stringing and bead weaving. findings. plus tips on how to choose and use your beads. Topics include stringing. Learn various off-loom weaving techniques including basic ropes. BKS732 (Softcover – 128 pages) $20. tassels and lariats. beadweaving.

a bead-shape chart and an 8-page timeline with 2.000 years of history from every major culture and region of the world. easy step-by-step instructions and over 450 color photographs. glitzy earrings and embroidered accessories. embroidery and bead-weaving techniques. BKS566 (Hardcover – 364 pages) $59. Beautifully illustrated. BK2375 (Hardcover – 176 pages) $23. 15 maps of bead sources and distribution patterns. beaded jewelry and beadwork. earrings. Leslie Piña. spanning 40. BK4903 (Hardcover – 214 pages) $47. Contains technical diagrams. Liu Meticulously explores and documents the rise.BEADING THE HISTORY OF BEADS by Lois Sherr Dubin An extensive collection featuring several thousand examples of beads. 600 color photographs. 356 illustrations (254 in color). Detailed explanations of bead work techniques. bracelets. Step-by-step photos and full instructions accompany each design. Explores bead threading. gorgeus photography. BK1653 (Softcover – 118 pages) $16. hairpins and accessories. looming. Techniques range from simple stringing to off-loom stitiching. Constance Korosec The antique beaded bag is a most exquisite and sought-after vintage collectible. Includes a description of various types of beads and stones. BK4995 (Hardcover – 256 pages) $37. Information on history and design techniques.000 beads. inspiring many design ideas for contemporary beaders. ethnographic and contemporary beads as collectibles. clear illustrations and a helpful techniques section for novices or experts.50 COMPLETE BEADING JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES by Jema Hewitt Contains 30 projects for making necklaces. Also includes easy-to-follow instructions.50 BEADWORK CREATES EARRINGS Edited by Jean Campbell Features 30 earring designs including dangles. wire work.50 BEADS ON BAGS 1800s – 2000 by Lorita Winfield.50 THE BEAD BOOK by Sara Withers Features 40 creative projects in a variety of styles including classic pearls. BKS638 (Hardcover – 128 pages) $16. ethnic chokers. growth and development over the last 20 years of ancient. hoops and chandeliers.00 34 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES To Order Call 1-888-944-0909 .50 A Universal Aesthetic: COLLECTIBLE BEADS by Robert K.

Easy step-by-step instructions guide you through each project. Make simple to sophisticated beads and jewelry.95 BEADS & WIRE by Carolyn Schulz Learn how to combine beads and wire to create a range of beautiful items using simple tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Includes tips on a few basic techniques and which tools you’ll need to finish the job. in minutes. pendants and much more. wind chimes.75 WONDERFUL WIRE & BEAD CRAFTS by Mickey Baskett Make more than 50 wire and bead projects ranging from household objects to eye-catching jewelry.BEADING MAKING BEAD & WIRE JEWELRYby Dawn Cusick Easy to learn techniques for crafting the most exquisite bead and wire jewelry. BK2700 (Hardcover – 128 pages) $26. wedding accessories. tassels. Instructions on making over 40 unique wire beads. Includes 35 Jig patterns for the “Delphi WigJig”. Features 9 projects with clear step-by-step photographs that allow you to create your own jewelry. BKS692 Set of 2 (Softcover – 19 pages) $13. pots. necklaces. necklaces and other accessories. earrings. bracelets and earrings with pearls. BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL ACCESSORIES Bead & Button Easy-Does-It-Series This booklet features 18 do-it-yourself projects with detailed instructions and photographs for creating an assortment of bridal accessories. Completed projects are showcased in full color photographs. Create beautiful chokers. lariats. hair bands. Discusses methods for bending. bracelets. crystal earrings and elegant necklaces. Features 75 stunning projects with instructions for creating chokers. looping and twisting wire. BKS589 (Spiralbound – 64 pages) $16. with breakthrough techniques and tips to guide you through the process.25 MAKING WIRE JEWELRY Bead & Button Easy-Does-It-Series Make beautiful wire jewelry! Contains basic wire working techniques and 13 step-by-step projects with photos and easy-to-follow instructions. BK1549 (Softcover – 64 pages) $15.95 BEADIFFERENT: MAKE WIRE BEADS by Lisa Van Henrik The first book to address beads made exclusively with wire. place settings and more. BK2697 (Softcover – 128 pages) $17. Learn how to work with different types of wire and beads. Create unique wire beads using a wide variety of metal wires. Make your own rings.50 35 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES . Combine wire with beads to create earrings. tiaras.

cutwork. BKS575 (Softcover – 128 pages) $20. BK2706 (Softcover – 160 pages) $14. Beautiful diagrams.BEADING BEADING ON A LOOM by Don Pierce The book features step-by-step instructions and illustrations for: loom construction. General knowledge of bead weaving is required. chevron and crocheted rope. BK2187 (Softcover – 112 pages) $20.75 BEADING BY MACHINE by Yvonne Perez-Collins A guide to sewing and serger techniques featuring embroidery. instructions and photographs.75 CREATIVE BEAD WEAVING A Contemporary Guide to Classic Off-Loom Stitches by Carol Wilcox Wells Learn the classic techniques of weaving beads together without a loom — peyote stitch. Offers simple and satisfying projects to help you master basic techniques using step-by-step instructions with color photos and illustrations to put finishing touches on garments and gifts. Patterns and clear step-by-step photography present 10 projects that show you how to make beautiful bags. African helix. BKS666 (Softcover – 120 pages) $16. Color gallery of beadwork. BKS735 (Softcover – 96 pages) $20. bracelets. stylish stitches as peyote. Discusses basic loom technique. elegant necklaces. purses and bracelets. 200 step-by-step illustrations. two-needle bead weaving and more. basic weaving.95 36 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES To Order Call 1-888-944-0909 . correcting mistakes and more! Color photographs of contemporary loomwork. illustrations. blending colors. brick stitch. netting and chevron chain. 20 projects to make. dimensional beading. fringe work and jewelry making. stringing.25 THE ART & ELEGANCE OF BEAD WEAVING by Carol Wilcox Wells Weave seed beads into beautiful earrings. graphic design.50 BEADING ON A LOOM by Alexandra Kidd A practical and innovative guide that demonstrates the versatility and beauty of beading on a loom. warping.95 BEAD WEAVING ELEGANCE by Takaro Sako Contains dozens of elegant loom bead weaving accessories with detailed instructions and photos. necklaces even napkin rings using such graceful. right-angle weave. BK2487 (Softcover – 144 pages) $18. wall hangings and more.

BKS730 (Softcover – 80 pages) $18. right-angle weave and herringbone stich. BK2097 (Spiralbound – 111 pages) $20. original necklaces and bracelets using decorative Chinese knots. brooches and earrings using real three-dimensional Celtic knots combined with beads and pendants.60 CELTIC KNOTS FOR BEADED JEWELLERY by Suzen Millodot Learn how to make beautiful necklaces. photographs and diagrams to create original.BEADING INTRODUCTION TO BEADWORK Bracelets Edited by Jill Devon & Liz Thornton This guide is the first in a series by the Beadworkers Guild designed to teach new stitches and inspire your creativity in beadwork. pendants and semi-precious stones. Brooches. Contains various charts. Also includes full color illustratrions and a color chart. Contains 17 projects with easy-to-follow diagrams. materials and equipment. beads.10 CHINESE KNOTS FOR BEADED JEWELLERY by Suzen Millodot Learn how to make beautiful. Contains a variety of color photos and illustrations to help you complete your project. brooches. bracelets and more. stylish designs. bracelets. BK1784 (Softcover – 80 pages) $18. wall hangings. Discusses basic beading techniques. BK2098 (Spiralbound – 112 pages) $20.50 PINN BEADS Bead Rings II Make beautiful bead rings. purses. brick stitch. Fringes & Tassels Edited by Jill Devon & Liz Thornton The second book in a series by the Beadworkers Guild designed to teach new stitches for beadwork. netting. Recommended for beginners and experienced beaders. BKS733 (Softcover – 64 pages) $15. Over 200 step-by-step color photographs illustrate the techniques discussed. necklaces. graphs. Finished projects are presented in full color photos. diagrams. fringes and tassels using beads. helpful hints and over 50 beadwork projects. stylish designs.00 INTRODUCTION TO BEADWORK Earrings. Contains 18 stunning projects with step-by-step instructions.00 BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BEADWORK by Madeleine Rollason Make beautiful bags. step-by-step instructions and a list of materials for each project. BK1230 (Softcover – 30 pages) $8. 16 stunning projects using clear step-by-step photographs show you how to create original. This book concentrates on basic techniques and instructions for creating earrings. peyote stitch. helpful hints and instructions for creating bracelets using beads. Includes several projects.45 37 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES . fringing. Each finished ring is beautifully photographed in full color. Learn basic techniques including: stringing.

BRACELETS. cultured and imitation pearls. BK4949 (Hardcover – 232 pages) $44. necklaces. how they are harvested and the ways they are used and worn.50 NECKLACES. BK2301 (Softcover – 128 pages) $23. BKS572 (Softcover – 64 pages) $19. chokers. body jewelry and much more. Each project is explained in simple step-by-step stages with photographs and diagrams to help you follow how beads are strung and threads woven. 30 projects are included with how-to instructions. Landman. BKS740 (Softcover – 79 pages) $18. A practical and insightful book for the professional and the consumer. faceted and seed beads and more. Matlins A valuable guide for choosing and buying quality pearls. Provides tips and instructions on how to select.50 MAKING DESIGNER GEMSTONE & PEARL JEWELRY by Tammy Powley Provides special insights on the folklore and healing powers associated with various gemstones.75 38 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES To Order Call 1-888-944-0909 . Features step-by-step projects in a range of styles for creating. BROOCHES and RINGS USING CRYSTAL BEADS by Christine & Sylvie Hooghe Over 50 designs for making attractive and inventive jewelry using various crystals including teardrop. Paula M.75 THE PEARL BOOK by Antoinette L. Learn how to distinguish between natural. care for and buy pearls. bracelets. In-depth information on techniques. earrings. Also presents a colorful gallery of work by leading artists. BK2504 (Softcover – 160 pages) $23. Mikkelsen. tools and supplies.BEADING BEADS by Janet Coles & Robert Budwig Explores the history and culture of beads as well as bead traditions from around the world. Rüdiger Bieler & Bennet Bronson A lavishly illustrated book filled with color photographs traces the natural and cultural history of pearls around the world: describes how pearls are formed by nature and by humans.75 PEARLS: A Natural History by Neil H.

75 DESIGNS FOR BEADED JEWELLERY Using Glass Beads by Maria Di Spirito Showcases 48 gorgeous designs for jewelry made with glass beads ranging from ethnic to elegant and from simple to sumptuous.BEADING CRYSTAL BEADED JEWELLERY by Christine & Sylvie Hooghe Make gorgeous rings and necklaces.10 BEADED ELEGANCE Timeless Designs for Elegant Necklaces by Cheryl Assemi Create your own heirloom necklace. full color graphics and diagrams and a rating based on degree of difficulty.75 CREATIVE BEADING by Juju Vail Create charming necklaces.75 39 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES . Covers basic bead making techniques. Make beautiful beaded designs ranging from casual to formal neckwear. Offers 20 original step-by-step projects with ideas for adapting the designs for endless variations. BK1601 (Softcover – 128 pages) $16. Precise step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations for 13 beautiful projects that take you from start to finish. brooches and bracelets using sparkling crystal beads. Designs range from classic to ethnic and from bohemian to elegant. Details are given for every bead used so that you can reproduce each piece exactly. BKS736 (Softcover – 64 pages) $15. BKS574 (Softcover – 34 pages) $23. BKS739 (Softcover – 79 pages) $18. materials and findings. easy-to-make bead jewelry. BKS737 (Softcover – 64 pages) $15. Features a wide assortment of projects using different types of beads with step-by-step diagrams and instructions. earrings and beaded charms. tools.10 DESIGNS FOR BEADED JEWELLERY Using Natural Materials by Maria Di Spirito Features 48 dazzling designs for jewelry made with natural materials such as coral. bracelets. 12 elegant necklace designs are presented with step-by-step instructions. Contains precise details of the materials and tools required for each project along with a difficulty level. No special skills or tools required. Also includes a unique visual guide to the most useful types of beads. Also includes a detailed section on a wide range of bead types. BK1864 (Softcover – 84 pages) $16. wood and mother of pearl combined with beautiful beads and threads.85 BEAD FANTASIES by Takako Samejima An informative guide for creating beautiful. sizes and shapes. Contains precise details of the materials and tools required for each project along with a difficulty level.

Contains all the basic stitches and designs with a special section on natural tanning methods.75 40 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES To Order Call 1-888-944-0909 . daisies. Each project consists of several individual components that can be sewn together to create an exquisite piece. earrings and more. shells. More than 400 exceptional photographs illustrate and describe the craft of flower making. idea sections. twigs. poppies.25 JEWELRY FROM NATURE by Cathy Yow Contains 45 projects for assembling natural jewelry using seeds. bones and other natural materials. BKS577 (Softcover – 96 pages) $12. BK2975 (Hardcover – 144 pages) $28. a picture glossary. Mixing and matching components allows for an endless number of variations and combinations.95 THE FLOWERS OF VENICE by Giovanna Poggi Marchesi A comprehensive guide to Venetian glass beads and the technique of creating glass-beaded flowers. materials. styles and methods.95 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO TRADITIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK by Joel Monture The most complete book on Native American beadwork.95 DIMENSIONAL FLOWERS. cleaning. tools. stones.BEADING THE BEST LITTLE BEADING BOOK by Wendy Simpson Conner An excellent work book featuring instructions on different techniques. Provides information on hunting and gathering. bracelets. morning glories and many more. BKS608 (Softcover – 128 pages) $17. lilies. preparing and growing your own materials. This book explores standard tools and procedures and encourages flexible ideas to solve your creative problems. BK2403 (Softcover – 44 pages) $23. Includes an extensive glossary and full color photos of authentic Native American beadwork. BK2895 (Softcover – 274 pages) $27.75 MAKING BEAUTIFUL HEMP & BEAD JEWELRY by Mickey Baskett Features 56 projects with instructions and diagrams for creating your own knotted jewelry with hemp cord. detailed descriptions. Grainger Instructions and techniques for creating 14 dimensional projects are provided. How-to projects included for making roses. Learn how to make necklaces. Designed for beginning and advanced bead artists. BKS578 (Softcover – 113 pages) $13. LEAVES & VINES by Barbara L. a variety of diagrams and illustrations and more.

) BKS628 $12.) 41 METALS • TOOLS • SUPPLIES . Each artist presents several outstanding projects and introduces you to a variety of bead making techniques and materials in their area of expertise. metal.70 (Softcover – 82 pg. RUSSIAN BEADING & MACRAME BOOKS BKS625 $18. BK2785 (Softcover – 143 pages) $17. pâte de verre and fused glass beadmaking and the equipment required. polymer clay and fiber (felt and paper).) BKS623 $25.) Written in Russian.70 (Softcover – 80 pg.BEADING More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About GLASS BEADMAKING by James Kervin An extensive manual on the subject of glass beadmaking.95 15 BEADS A Guide to Creating One-of-a-Kind Beads by Jane Dunnewold Discover unlimited artistic possibilities for everyday odds and ends — such as fabric. BKS621 $24. wire. drawn. BKS637 (Softcover – 80 pages) $7.30 (Hardcover – 56 pg.75 (Hardcover – 152 pg.50 JAPANESE BEADING BOOKS Written in Japanese with excellent photos and diagrams. Expert stepby-step instructions for 15 innovative beadmaking techniques. paints. BKS576 (Softcover – 294 pages) $43.75 MAKING BEAUTIFUL BEADS Edited by Suzanne J.00 (Hardcover – 238 pg. blown. markers and dyes. Excellent photos & diagrams. Includes designer profiles and galleries that showcase their extraordinary work.) BKS627 $25. press molded. E. Provides a wide range of techniques including wound. Tourtillott Five talented designers explain how to make beautiful beads from glass.00 (Softcover – 96 pg.) BKS622 $24. metal. paper. Recognized as a great source for safety information.

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