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Excel Basic Training



Practice Set B
Use the STANDARD FORMULA STRING to create formulas for the following using OTHER FUNCTIONS:

Where does the FORMULA STRING get typed in?

Write down the STANDARD FORMULA STRING in the box below. Memorize it NOW!

A. Cell B1: 5 x 32 B. Cell B2: 132.5 82 C. Cell B3: 62 - 13 + 64 x 12 7 D. Cell B4: 4 x 4 E. Cell B5: 12 x 3

Using Cell Addresses as Variables

What if you wanted to ADD 232 to the answer in Cell C1? Write a possible formula for this below:

How to use the STANDARD FORMULA STRING: Example: What formula can you type to answer the problem:

4 + 32 = ___
Write the formula using the STANDARD FORMULA STRING

Practice Set C
Include the cell addresses in your formulas

Practice Set A
Open MS Excel

A. Cell C1: Add 232 to the answer in B1 B. Cell C2: A2 + B5 C. Cell C3: 64 B1 + 88 D. Cell C4: 200 A1 E. Cell C5: B4 x B1

A. Cell A1: 35 + 23 B. Cell A2: 65 + 75 C. Cell A3: 12 + 13 + 64 D. Cell A4: 12+13+54+16 E. Cell A5: 6+12+13+90


The Summation Formula String What does an AGGREGATE FORMULA STRING LOOK LIKE?

Add Subtract Multiply Divide

So what if we wanted to take an AGGREGATE SUM of everything in column A? What would the formula look

like? Type this FORMULA in A7. Copy this formula to summate Column B, then Column C. Then finally, THICK BOX BORDER around ALL SUMMATIONS ALL BORDERS around All other calculations COLOR each column with a different color CHECK YOUR WORK!


What it does

Average Largest Smallest Mode Count Total

Need more? Super duper challenge question

In Cell C9, insert a formula that would add up ALL the totals. Write the formula that you used in the box below.

Now, in COLUMN D, Enter formulas that will add up all the