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Excel Application: Receipts

WARMUP: Step 1Format your receipt (so that it looks like this one)
Column A = 5
Drag a Vons Logo from blog

Column B = 40

Column C & D = 14

Row 4: Thick Box Border Cells A5:D20 All Borders

Cell D21, D22, D23 Thick Box Border

Step 2: Entering the correct formulas for a LINE ITEM (row) 1 Line Item (Row)

What is the formula in this box?

AUTOFILL the formula from D6:D20

AUTOFILL: Pull down on the black square to fill down

Step 2: Entering the correct formulas for the SUBTOTAL, TAX, GRANDTOTAL

Subtotal Formula

Tax Formula

Grand Total Formula

Step 3: Formatting the Cells for MONEY

Highlight the cells you want to be Money Click Format > Cells Choose Accounting
Step 4: See if it works! Go Shopping!!!! (
Scenario: Saturday is your friends birthday party. You and your friends have pooled together $125.30 to buy food for at least 30 guests. Use up all the money, but dont go over! Description Unit Price Description Unit Price (per lb)