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Officers of All Organizations O.A.S.I.S. General Meeting August 30, 2007 2:00 pm Room 204

Requirements: Report on Plans/Activities for the 1st and 2nd semester school year 2007-2008 Logos Agenda: The logos of each organization will be presented and finalized during the meeting. Finalization of the schedule and plans for the Information Counter (IC) Documentaries and Seminars Concerns about the school Tutorials and Room Usage Officer’s Profile Sheet and Attendance Sheet

List of Officers: Elizabeth Tenorio Theresa Tamboong Michelle Nesbith Ailyn Vertusio Jhocel Casanova Ma. Estrellita Monteclaro Erick Jurell Magbuhat Christopher de Leon Danilo Aquino, Jr. Marie de Leon Annaliza Lazarte Vanessa Ojeda Maydel Pasion Alex Bermudo Daryl James Floriano Joemar Paras Liafe Angco Emmdel Asuncion Ma. Cecilia Castro Noted by: Ruel Adobas Toshi Matsuoka Arjade Perez Rancy Mae Salamat Ms. Leni Co School Directress Rommelle Chito Goto Adela Amaran Trisha Naguit Jeanine Cas Eric Raymundo Chris Anthony Tobias Kaycee Robles Danica Lara Cerezo Donna Guardian Dominador Landa Menchie Villar Christine Jimao

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