AMA Computer Learning Center Alabang Branch Muntinlupa City Outstanding Achievers Society of Intellectual Students Junior Programming

Society Association of Computer Technician Students National Service Training Program New Generation NEO BYTES August 30, 2007 Subject: Agenda: O.A.S.I.S. General Meeting Continuing the Legacy

Objectives: 1. To submit to the School Director the report of plans and activities of each organization during the 1st and 2nd semester 2007-2008 2. To present drafts of logos and finalize the logo of each organization 3. To welcome the newly elected officers of the newly formed IT Organization 4. To finalize the number and names of organizations under O.A.S.I.S. 5. To finalize the schedule and plans for the Information Counter (IC) 6. Scheduling of Activities and their respective Officer/Organization-In-Charge a. Documentaries b. Seminars c. Tutorials d. Room Usage 7. To stress out major and minor concerns and discuss the possible solutions 8. To distribute the Officer’s Profile Sheet 9. To assign who will be the next officer who will be in-charge of the meeting 10. To assign who will make the report of this meeting and the next general meeting\ 11. To select people who will make the draft of the Organization Manual By the End of the Meeting, we should have decided the following: 1. School Improvement Projects (inexpensive but effective) 2. Implementation of School’s Rules and Regulations 3. The next General Meeting and who will be in-charge 4. Organization Manual – ACLC Alabang 5. Assigning of Tasks per Organizations 6. Submission of Reports 7. Compilation of Officer’s Profile 8. Other Important Items to consider


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