Outstanding Achievers Society of Integrated Students

AMA Computer Learning Center Alabang Branch Muntinlupa City September 6, 2007 Ms. Leni E. Co School Directress Dear Madam: Good Day!!! We would like to request the following materials for the improvement and beautification of our Information Counter (IC) located on the lobby of our ACLC Campus. Item Name Magazine File Single Cloth Board 14x20 (Chris Cork Int’l Trading) Best Buy Colored Paper Clips Safety Push Pins 50 pcs. Quanti ty 2 1 1 1 Unit Price 61.75 245.00 7.00 18.50 TOTAL Total 123.50 245.00 7.00 18.50 Php 394.00

We are hoping for your approval! Thank you very much! Respectfully Yours, Liafe D. Angco NSTP-President