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Esdp Upnp 0 95a

Esdp Upnp 0 95a

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A brief summary of the interactions in establishing peer-to-peer UPnP
networking connectivity between devices supporting UPnP using L2CAP-
based solution is given below. Subsequent sections in this profile provide
more detail for each of the following steps.

1. Discover another device’s BD_ADDR via inquiry process and paging of
other device(s).

2. If necessary, establish Bluetooth links with these devices and using SDP
find a device that provides UPnP services using the L2CAP-based
solution. The LocDev may either query multiple RemDevs to determine
whether or not they provide UPnP services using L2CAP-based solution,
or it may stop after encountering a RemDev that provides the desired
services. This is an implementation detail and hence is beyond the scope
of this profile.

3. Select a RemDev that provides UPnP services using L2CAP-based
solution and establish a baseband physical link to the selected device if
one does not exist.

4. The devices establish a peer-to-peer L2CAP connection.

5. Peer-to-peer UPnP networking connectivity is established.

6. At any time either of the devices may terminate the L2CAP connection
thereby also terminating the peer-to-peer UPnP networking connection. If
however the peer-to-peer UPnP networking connection is terminated the
underlying L2CAP connection may or may not also be terminated. The
management of the L2CAP connection by the connection management
layer is an implementation detail and hence is beyond the scope of this

Bluetooth ESDP for UPnP

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