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{170}{250}[Bong Water Bubbling,|Knocking On Door]
{249}{326}[ Hip-Hop ]
{326}{385}Hits from the bong
{454}{526}Hits from the bong|From the bong
{562}{656}[ Bong Water Bubbling ]| Hits from the bong|From the bong
{717}{791}Hits from the bong | Pick it, pack it|Fire it up
{791}{876}Come along|and take a hit from the bong
{875}{929}Put the blunt down|just for a second
{929}{987}Don't get me wrong|It's not a new method
{987}{1066}Inhale, exhale
{1065}{1120}Just got an ounce|in the mail
{1121}{1169}I'd like a blunt|or a big fat cone
{1169}{1231}But my double-barrel bong|is gettin' me stoned
{1232}{1307}I'm skillin'|There's water inside|Don't spill it
{1330}{1393}Hits from the bong
{1393}{1467}Gonna get high
{1467}{1545}Hits from the bong|Gonna get high
{1544}{1609}Let's smoke that bowl|Hit the bong
{1609}{1683}And then take that finger|off ofthat hole
{1682}{1772}Plug it, unplug it|Don't strain
{1771}{1822}I love you, MaryJane |[ Pounding on Door]
{1822}{1891}What the fuck|is your problem?|No dishwee-saya.
{1891}{1986}- Me bumbaclot johnson|no workin, see?|- What?
{1985}{2054}My raasclot true gashman|and me dick won't stay tick, see?
{2053}{2126}I think I got somethin'|for that. Hold on.
{2164}{2228}Ain't what you want, baby |Girl, wake your ass up.
{2228}{2292}But what you need, baby |Damn right you ain't sleep.
{2293}{2343}Not what you want, baby
{2342}{2414}It's what you need, baby |"Crabs."|"Bad Breath."
{2414}{2512}- Come back with me, baby|Satisfaction guaranteed|- "Limp Dick." Ha
{2511}{2595}Got that dough?|Mm-hmm.
{2594}{2666}Will this make my drill sergeant|stand at attention?
{2666}{2746}No, but it'll make you|forget your drill sergeant|don't stand at att
{2744}{2801}Blaze two,|get at me in the mornin'.|Peace!
{2801}{2871}Yo, Silas, my brother!
{2897}{2946}Oh, shit, Mikey.|Hell, no!
{2947}{3042}Come on, Silas.|I need somethin'|to help me out.
{3041}{3143}Yeah... rehab, mouthwash|and a job application.|Jeez!
{3141}{3232}I'm startin'|to recognize things.
{3231}{3320}That's 'cause you comin' down|off a three-month crack binge.|It's ca
lled reality, son.
{3319}{3368}Later, man.|Wait, Silas!
{3369}{3425}You've got anything|for a head wound?
{3425}{3477}Man, ain't nothin' wrong|with your head.
{3478}{3537}- Aah!|- [ Thud]
{3583}{3630}There is now.
{3680}{3716}Fuckin' crackhead.
{3748}{3843}- Now what? Oh, shit, Ive!|- What's up, dog?
{3935}{3983}What's up, nigga?|What's crackin'?
{3982}{4052}Oh, shit. You know.
{4052}{4114}Hey, you get my message about|goin' to the Jets game?
{4114}{4204}Yo, I wish I could, dog,|but I got this little shorty|comin' through
{4203}{4260}I met her on the Internet...|chickenheads.com.
{4261}{4308}This girl is bangin'!
{4309}{4363}Yo, we even exchanged|pictures and everything!
{4363}{4437}Damn. This look like|your last girlfriend.

{4436}{4486}Mm-hmm.|And did your picture|have that nasty...
{4486}{4554}Al B. Sure pubic patch|in it, motherfucker?
{4553}{4622}This just sprang up.|You know what I think it is?
{4622}{4673}It's the mark of Buddha.
{4674}{4737}And your haircut game|is fucked up.
{4737}{4788}Girlfriend see that,|she gonna shit on you.
{4788}{4863}This girl is different.|All she cares about|is Kevin Costner movies.
{4863}{4933}I'm gonna let Kev|do the foreplay, right?|Mm-hmm.
{4933}{5019}And I figured I could get|somethin' from Garden of Weeden|to make it
{5018}{5094}Costner, huh?|Dances with Wolves.|Mm-hmm.
{5094}{5159}Field ofDreams.|That's a corny motherfucker.
{5159}{5225}You gonna need some strong shit|just to stay awake.
{5225}{5280}You're feelin' me.|You're feelin' me.
{5280}{5330}That's a four-hour move|you're makin', motherfucker.
{5330}{5394}Whoo! What is this?
{5394}{5479}Huh? Get up.|Dog,|you shouldn't have.
{5479}{5532}Man, I didn't.|Get outta here with that shit.
{5531}{5580}Let me just grab a titty.|Hell, no.
{5580}{5659}She wouldn't even know|it was me.|To hell with that.
{5658}{5730}Yeah. What you got for me?|Here you go,|right here:. the bomb.
{5729}{5782}Oh, yeah.|What's this right here?|Aah!
{5835}{5899}Stop touchin' stuff!|When you gonna get|funds for this shit?
{5899}{5947}Look right there.|See that right there?
{5947}{5995}That's a natural|aphrodisiac right there.
{5995}{6055}Come here.|Let me show you some more shit.|Look right there.
{6054}{6123}See that right there?|That's a painkiller.|Look up under there, bro.
{6123}{6173}You see that?|Cure for blue balls.
{6174}{6222}This ain't shit, all right?|Watch yourself.
{6222}{6316}Yeah, well,|your shit is raggedier|than a motherfucker, okay?
{6315}{6388}If you took|your head off these ho's|and put it in some books,
{6387}{6439}you'd have that lab|you always talked about.
{6439}{6489}Half those books|is filled with bullshit,
{6489}{6538}the other half lies, all right?
{6538}{6606}See what I'm sayin'?|I gotta give Pops his medicine.
{6607}{6654}I'm hungrier|than four dudes.
{6654}{6713}Hey, I'm hungrier|than five.
{6713}{6768}Who is you,|and what's you doin'|in my house,Jack?
{6769}{6817}I work for|Porkchops-O-Chunky.
{6817}{6908}Whether you're black,|or a honky or in-between,|you'll love Porkchop
{6907}{6966}Man, that's me!|So what's in this stuff?
{6965}{7053}Nothin' but pork.|Wow! Right on!
{7052}{7110}Why don't you|have a bowl...|There you go, man.
{7110}{7160}Yo, you scared|to answer your call?
{7161}{7208}What callin'?
{7209}{7290}Porkchops-o-Chunky|Taste real good
{7289}{7379}Won't make your bathroom|smell funky, yeah
{7379}{7436}You got a opportunity|to do somethin' here...
{7436}{7497}that the drug companies|would never do:.|What up? Stay up.
{7497}{7581}puttin' the power of healin'|in the hands of the common man.|Yeah, w
{7580}{7662}What you need to do|is concentrate on gettin'|the power of booty...
{7661}{7736}into the hands|of your common ass,|that's what you need to do.
{7735}{7835}Don't worry about the Ive.|I got mine comin' tonight.|Hey, Silas.
{7833}{7896}Damn, you see|the ass on her?|Shut up, boy.
{7896}{7993}Yo, you just remember|to take them THC's, at least|try to get into c
{7991}{8040}workin' in a real lab,|makin' some real money.

{8040}{8142}Yeah, okay.|Whatever, man.|If you say so, bro.
{8141}{8206}The world is bigger|than Staten Island, dog.
{8206}{8254}I'm out.
{8323}{8370}Holler at me.|I'll try to.
{8371}{8433}What's up, ladies?|Yo, Si.
{8433}{8499}If I got hit by a bus tomorrow,|I got your back, dog.
{8499}{8555}Ifanything happened to me|while Ijumped out a window...
{8555}{8616}and my hair caught on fire,|I got your back, dog.
{8617}{8724}Ifmy ex came after me|with a knife and stabbed me,|I got your back!
{8721}{8769}Man, you talk|too fuckin' much.|Peace!
{8769}{8822}Yo, Silas!|You better take|those college exams!
{8870}{8937}[ Woman ]|Look at Jamal.|He's a good boy, huh?
{8937}{9020}Good boy, my ass.|Ask her why I had to cancel|my nail appointment...
{9020}{9089}to go and pick him up|in the precinct last week.
{9089}{9130}Momma, they lyin'.|They lyin'?
{9130}{9214}- They found the weed on you,|didn't they?|- It wasn't mine.
{9212}{9292}Then what is this|that I found in your bedroom?
{9292}{9374}Hello.|Ma, it is a lamp.
{9372}{9420}And this is where|you turn it on now.
{9420}{9490}Excuse me?|Head.
{9619}{9710}Now, where did I go wrong|with your ass?
{9709}{9786}You're gonna have to take|that THC test and get|into a four-year col
{9786}{9841}or I'm just gonna cut you off|from this family.
{9841}{9978}Baby, you are the first member|ofthis family to go to college,
{9975}{10074}but six years|at a two-year community college|is not what I had in
{10073}{10121}[ Both ]|Tell the truth.|Baby, I got a dream...
{10122}{10170}that one day I can put|your college diploma...
{10170}{10242}here under my Jesus,|who's master of this house,
{10241}{10334}next to your brother's|prison-issued|barber certificate...
{10333}{10391}and your sister's|weave master degree.
{10390}{10461}Now don't disappoint me,|you weed smokin',
{10461}{10508}three-day-wearin'|nasty ass.
{10509}{10559}Just like your father.|Ma,
{10559}{10644}why you always gotta|be talkin' to me like that|in front of compan
{10643}{10719}- These bitches ain't nobody.|- [ Both ] Oh!
{10719}{10785}- Now go warm me up|some Porkchops-O-Chunky.|- Is that all, Momma?
{10785}{10899}- Wash your nasty ass.|- Is that all, Momma?
{10896}{10953}I really don't know|what you came here for
{10984}{11032}You the man.| Round and round we go
{11032}{11099}Consider your bags|outside the door |What's up, baby?
{11099}{11196}Oh, hell no!
{11195}{11254}I didn't know|you had dreads.|And what is that?
{11253}{11330}Brother just got extensions|put in today. They tight, huh?
{11330}{11394}Where?|Between your eyes?
{11394}{11481}What the hell is that?|It's the mark of Buddha.
{11481}{11529}It's the skid mark|of Buddha!
{11529}{11597}Looks like he took a dump|in the middle of your face.
{11596}{11658}I don't think|this is gonna work out.|Hold on, now!
{11658}{11751}Why you doin' this?|I'm in the Field ofDreams|and Dances with Wolv
{11750}{11823}Nigga, you are a wolf.
{11822}{11890}Chocolate diva!|Nubian goddess!
{11890}{11986}I'm gonna take you off|my buddy list, bitch!|[Door Opens, Closes ]
{11985}{12099}I hope you get a virus...|you and your computer!|[ Tires Squeal]
{12097}{12164}[ Man Whispering On TV ]|If you build it, they will come.
{12164}{12236}[ Man #2 On TV ]|What you mean, "If you|build it, they gonna come"

" {14639}{14730}Ooh. {17190}{17281}Look at that car. I figure if I study high.You got some nice titties.{12236}{12314}Who's gonna come|to a fuckin' cornfield?|Who gonna cut the grass? {12314}{12390}I know you don't expect me|to sell no peanuts out this.|Roots and shit. Ivory!|My.|get that car fixed. you did not..|Look at you now.We didn't hear anything. {13696}{13792}Damn. ashes.|After all these years|of blazin'. dead. get the fuck|outta here.|[ Sniffs ]|Ooh. hu h.|You been busy plowin' my corn. {13274}{13359}[ Screaming ] {13357}{13409}Fire {13585}{13698}Mark ofBuddha. Matter of|fact. {14016}{14063}And if you're really my boy. dog.|what was it? {12747}{12859}. {14577}{14638}"Early Girl. Forget it. {14337}{14416}Rude-ass motherfucker.|T old you. son. bitch. Ivory. hey. {13791}{13887}who would've thought|the last thing to wind up|smokin' would be yo ur ass? {13886}{13933}I'm gonna miss you.|Peace. {13934}{14017}and I'm gonna|be thinkin' about you|while I'm taking them THC's. get high score s.. dog. {16872}{16943}Say.. bro? {16943}{17067}Yeah. man! {15585}{15650}Look at this little-ass|bag of fuckin' weed!| Cisco Kid {15651}{15740}[Radio: Reggae ] {15739}{15818}Yes.. you tryin' to|get somethin' to bring them|nerves down too. man.|It's kinda pretty. {16818}{16872}I'm Jamal.|Stingy bastard! {14456}{14503}Shit. {13095}{13195}Did not. {12454}{12502}I don't play this. ya heard? {14152}{14233}Thanks.|Did. Silas. Word. {12503}{12579}Hey. my ass. {17063}{17111}Right?|Right. man. boy! {15283}{15343}[ Car Sputtering ] {15415}{15524}[Radio ]| Cisco Kid|was a friend ofmine {15522}{15586}Man. {12390}{12455}Shit remind me of slavery.|Is it on fire? {17309}{17364}Hit that. yo. {17111}{17165}[ Both ]|Right. {12953}{13045}It's a good baseball field.|That voicejust now. that shit smell|good as hell.|[ Coughing ] .. what was that?|Annie! Crazy ho! {12579}{12664}Only way I'm comin'|is if you got some females|and some chronic. nigga! {14978}{15026}Jeez! {15127}{15220}Oh. damn! {15849}{15930}He drink whiskey|Pancho drink the wine {15929}{15982}[ Passes Gas ]|Oh! {16011}{16059}Oh! {16127}{16219}Oh! Oh! Oh. {12857}{12955}What titties? What?|Okay. {14064}{14152}you'll make sure I pass|that motherfucker. {12662}{12747}Then we all gonna be comin'.. Ivory!|I had no idea you could|stink so good. yeah. isn't it? {13043}{13094}Uh..|Never mind. shit! {16217}{16282}My weed!|Oh! Oh! {16283}{16358}No cigar? No!| [Reggae Continues ] {16381}{16456}Fuck! Fuck!|Bitch! Fuck! Fuck! {16455}{16523}Bitch! Fuck! {16522}{16610}To think thatjammin'|was a thing ofthe. how you've grown! {14797}{14844}[ Sniffs ]|Wow! {14845}{14981}Damn. No. Pops. {16634}{16662}Got blunt? {16706}{16745}Got weed? {16746}{16818}Man. what's up with that little. {14232}{14339}Can I get a little. Ray. Lord. {15219}{15283}Bumbaclot.|..|dog.|take the test high. you must've heard that.

.. {17889}{17970}Goddamn!|That is the shit.|but this is what happens|when you smoke your boy.|I'm just here for you.Yeah. {19531}{19608}I told you I have your back. you. we still high|on that Ivory? {21319}{21390}[ Bells Jingling ] {21507}{21555}[Man ]|Dean.|let alone two people. {20998}{21047}Damn!|But it would have been|impossible.|every college in the country|will b e knockin' at your door. {20884}{21001}We either have|a one-in-six-billion|phenomenon or a cheat. bro. {21144}{21266}Congratulations.. Silas!|Chill out! Silas! {18442}{18490}Word! {18490}{18571}What the fuck is goin' on?|Ain't you supposed to be dead? {18570}{18646}I am dead. {19326}{19409}I got all the answers. {21763}{21831}How come we don't|have more minorities?|How should I know? . {21715}{21762}The trustees seem to|think we need it. These scores|are going to get you into|any colleg e in the country. {18646}{18739}Holy shit!|Man. {17969}{18033}Hey. ghost.. {17833}{17888}It's the shit.|.And you predicted that shit?|. I'm gonna|be in there with you. {20561}{20672}.[ Horn Honks ]|.|but I'm alive! {19981}{20034}. {19262}{19326}But you gotta understand|people can only see me|when they smoke me ... man. I know how you can|get hi gh scores. {18162}{18226}What's up. relax. kid? {18033}{18110}I just gave it to|the guy in the back. yo. ghost.|I can consult with people. ghost.|That shit is called Ivory.|get a perfect score . {21666}{21714}Excuse me?|Ethnic diversity. {18737}{18771}Can we talk about|this in your car? {18770}{18792}Can we talk about|this in your car? {18794}{18845}Look. {18109}{18162}Guy in the back?|What the fuck are you. it's as simple as this.|even if I got hit by a bus. {20218}{20266}with no gag reflex|or some shit like that? {20266}{20320}Even better. let me try that!|Silas. {19134}{19210}What are you doin'?|You just runnin' the streets. {19407}{19484}Socrates. {19483}{19531}That's bullshit. {20154}{20218}What are you doin'here?|You gonna hook me up|with a chick. {20485}{20561}Ow! Shit!|Man. bro. {18278}{18348}Damn.{17464}{17546}[ Gagging ]|[ Coughing ] {17650}{17702}Yo! {17703}{17773}Yo!|[ Coughs ] {17772}{17833}This is the shit.[ Screams ] {20091}{20153}. {21263}{21318}Yo.|It's me. dog?|That's Ivory. {19608}{19663}Your ass didn't|even get hit by a bus. {20753}{20888}We've never had anybody. ghost..... Nietzsche. {18225}{18277}No. {18954}{19013}I'm a ghost. man. man. {21047}{21146}for either of you to cheat. y'all|pass that.|I bullshit you not. {19662}{19719}[ Screaming ] {19799}{19900}I made it!|I can't feel my legs.. That explains everything. that's the Ivory.Cool.|ghost. {20670}{20752}I'm up here tryin' to put|my fuckin' hand through the.|That's the Ivory.|Ivory! Holy shit! {18348}{18444}You got to be kiddin' me!|Yo. {20320}{20408}By the time I'm done with you. {21614}{21665}about getting some color|up at Harvard.|you had two totally different|versions of the test..|fuckin' with the livin'? {19209}{19261}No. dog. {21555}{21614}The trustees|of the university|are riding my ass. man. I must not|be high enough.He a ghost.|even the old dude|who made up this test. {19049}{19135}Don't touch me.

no wake and bake?|Got other stuff for that...|Brothers.|.Yes.. join us. with test scores|like theses.. {23787}{23862}and get some head|while I'm doin' it.. I fucks with ya.|Advanced Hatred for th e White Devil.|brother. {25358}{25439}I know I can|get at least 1 2 years|up in this motherfucker." {24402}{24451}Then we'll fucks|with each other.What the fuck was that?|-Jesus! {25281}{25359}If I can pull off six years|at a community college. ain't it a lot|ofrichie people up there? {23474}{23527}Shit. {23710}{23787}All I wanna do is develop|my herbal in a real lab... {24101}{24192}So. {23861}{23949}Well. {22752}{22803}in a relaxed campus atmosphere. you can|roll up anyjoint you w ant..Next! Next! {23373}{23476}Harvard?|Man.|we offer a cornucopia ofeducat ional.|Shit. you learn.Next! {23243}{23303}. {25742}{25790}Okay. {22682}{22752}at Reparations Technical|Institute and learn hatred|for the white devil. how much|of that Ivory shit|we got anyway? {25521}{25587}We limited... {23527}{23612}Well.|They look like mug shots! {22385}{22442}I don't care. {22886}{22914}and. {24010}{24103}music... I gotta roll up|that joint. what about|those two guys I read about|from the tri-states? {22181}{22242}They made perfect scores|on their THC's! {22242}{22332}I saw those guys' pictures. {25586}{25664}You know what I'm sayin'?|We only blaze at test times..Next.You think you're all hot tamales|right now..|volleyball. {24348}{24402}. does it sound tempting?|Ivy League atmosphere? {24191}{24270}A place where you can|really grow academically? {24269}{24349}Shit. {23303}{23374}. {22916}{23017}. play ball.|where classes range..Taking a vow of celibacy. I'll tell yo u. anyway? {25013}{25081}[ Both ]|Yeah! {25101}{25163}[ Wolf Calls ] {25163}{25240}.frees your mind and your body. I want them! {22443}{22549}At Reparations Technical Institute. gentlemen.. I was rig . {21912}{21980}What about Upchuck Kamalu?|He's Eskimo. {24876}{24952}If there's grass|on the infield. {22802}{22887}from. {21980}{22048}Why isn't he considered as a minority?|And I brought him in.. {24952}{25014}Where the fuck is|orientation at.Is that good?|... all right?|We gonna have to|split this shit up.{21831}{21913}Ifwe don't do something soon. {22048}{22107}Yes.|Damn! {24794}{24876}[Silas ]|Alls look like they|still in high school. dog. {23162}{23244}.|Hatred for the White Devil.and then you can build|refrigerators and such. to. {22546}{22626}and business opportunities|for brothers and sisters|to pursue hi g her learning. we have|the finest botany department|in the world. but it's breaking the bank|keeping his igloo frozen. artistsand the women. {25663}{25742}What. yo.|is not just any joint.. {23014}{23113}Why don't you come to the base|and understand what it's really|lik e to be somebody special? {23111}{23161}You can work hard. {23611}{23712}But Harvard.. {22626}{22681}Read from the brochure.|.|. {23949}{24011}and a quality of life like no other. I fucks|with you too... {22107}{22181}Dean. {25467}{25520}Yo. {25815}{25863}Bart! {25863}{25925}Remember those artifacts|that I found this summer?|Well. {24449}{24469}Then we'll fucks|with each other.|I might get fired. that's a "yes. {24732}{24795}Eh. yo.|It's an institution .Next!|....

{28808}{28859}Oh. {28746}{28808}Harvard isn't for everyone. {27517}{27604}Who are they?|Who are they. you know. {26230}{26295}it could be the greatest find|in the history of|anyone attending H arvard. my man.Jimmy Jam. {28365}{28413}Istanbul. goddamn it?|It's rowing. girl. {28182}{28298}As dean of freshmen. as I was saying.|[Barks ] {29033}{29090}. {28954}{29033}We straight. {26295}{26354}I loves|Ben Franklin.. sucker. {27130}{27180}you wouldn't sound|so fuckin' smug. I'm Jamal..|I'm Bart.|We straight. {26835}{26895}the financial aid office. {28413}{28512}Students enter Harvard|with a variety of goals. Rock.Jamaine. practice starts|tomorrow at 6:..What's wrong with this ass? {29089}{29173}He probably been locked up|more times than me|and your ass put tog ether.|all right? {28076}{28185}Fine! I don't mind|cutting my evening short|to be there.. {27937}{28016}You about to be number two.m. {27450}{27517}The name's Jamal.|Yeah.|let me think..|havin'-ass motherfucker. {29251}{29341}Get 'im!|No short Colin Powell haircut. {29392}{29452}wearin'-ass motherfucker!|Get 'im! {29453}{29560}You ol' Richard Pryor shortcut..|I have welcomed students|from all over the wo rld. {27316}{27388}Well. {26896}{26996}Gee.As I was saying. {27388}{27450}You don't look like|you could hang.ht! {25925}{25981}They are Ben Franklin's!|Great! {25982}{26047}Did you figure out|where you wanna|eat dinner tonight? {26047}{26121}Dinner? Bart. {26169}{26230}and if I can discover|what these are.|Are we in the right place? {28591}{28666}-Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?|. now would you? {27180}{27240}My bad.|We got off on the wrong foot. bro? Hallo. goddamn it! {27779}{27864}This isn't basketball.. this is crew.00 a.|We got a black man|for a teacher.You? You? {28665}{28746}Uh. {27603}{27672}[ Mumbles ]|Well. {27240}{27316}Let's start over.. isn't it? {26705}{26774}That statue is in the likeness|of my great granddaddy Dooster. {28016}{28076}Well.|fade-havin'-around-the-side|wearin ' motherfucker! {29558}{29684}You little Sammy Davis|award Junior afro-haircut-|havin'-ass mothe . {29340}{29392}Get 'im!|Little Angela Davis moustache. {26121}{26168}They look like|earlier inventions.|'cause I'm signin' up.|but don't even think about it. do anybody know where|the financial aid office is? {26576}{26636}Well. {27715}{27779}If you can do it. bro. {26995}{27043}All we did was come over|for directions..|J. from Rome. {26635}{26706}See that statue right there?|It's beautiful. {28860}{28956}That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. {28296}{28366}From Korea. {27043}{27132}Ifwe came over here|and asked if anybody needed|their ass kicked.|some of these things are. my friend. {27864}{27938}I train all year round|for three seasons to make|number one in sin gle sculls.|What's up.|and I'll fuck your crew up. Bart-fart. {28511}{28593}Excuse me.|you got skills in it? {27671}{27715}I'm captain|of the team. shit..|. {26773}{26836}so I'm guessin'|that would be|the Dooster House. {26354}{26463}and I could listen to you talk|about his stinkin'ass all day long. I don't think I've ever met anyone|who actually needed to go there.|Right.. {29172}{29252}Get 'im!|No green Jimmy the Cricket|suit-wearin' ass motherfucker. dog. buddy.|I can do it. {26460}{26508}Excuse me? {26508}{26575}Oh.

{32084}{32125}M. sir.|It.|. {31129}{31203}[ All Gasp ] {31202}{31290}No. Dean. {33178}{33246}See.|I would like to conti nue.. {33049}{33116}I don't know what that is.|I'm lookin' for the pot. {31050}{31131}Did I hear you say something?|With all due respect sir. {29818}{29866}Gentlemen! {29866}{29973}If you don't mind. Hey. we lookin'|for that shit too! {33382}{33456}What are you talkin' about?|[ Both ]|Same thing you talkin' about. {30127}{30211}[ Imitating Passing Gas ]|Thank you for your. {30372}{30432}Fuck is this? {30432}{30480}.P.[ Spits ] {30480}{30547}It's a part of my pledge.|Watch the colon.|I'm not saying anything.|I'm a volunteer. {30291}{30373}We here at Harvard|are rooted in tradition.Oh. {32214}{32285}Well. whoa."|..'s.Did you call me an asshole? {31356}{31406}.|I'd like you to sit down.P. {30047}{30128}Excuse me.|Do you guys mind? {30546}{30597}No. well. gentlemen: {33116}{33177}You better watch your mouths|and your behind.That's toilet water.|. {32338}{32399}You need to pay that|by Friday at 5:00. {33546}{33606}or go to your little roadster|and move the fuck on. shark has fangs!|.|Either your holdin'. but do you mind|talkin' that way? {30598}{30667}'Cause your breath smell like|straight ass-crack.Uh. {30926}{30984}Can you guys just show|a little respect? Jeez! {30984}{31049}.. boy. {31901}{31965}Whoa.No. I can't pay this. bro.Oh! Word.This is not funny... {30666}{30734}Isn't there a hip-hop convention|you two should be at|or something ? {30734}{30841}. Gerald. I'm lookin' for the ecstasy.|Fuck off! {32603}{32680}[Bike Horn Honking]|Well. {29972}{30048}Excuse me. {33246}{33320}Oh. this bike phat as hell!|Whoa! Don't touch! {32841}{32962}All right.|I'm lookin' for those 'shrooms.|Forewarning.H. {32422}{32487}That was uncalled for. leave the bike alone. {31289}{31356}.. I said "idiot. whoa! {31965}{32030}Better pull back|on those pedals. It's these guys. {30210}{30259}entertaining anecdotes.|[ Students Laughing ] {31760}{31809}This would never have happened|if I were black.H.|This isn't even|a real ticket. go easy on him.This class is fuckin' boring.An idiot? {31405}{31464}No... excuse me.. {29769}{29818}Get 'im!|You little dog-with-a-haircut.rfucker! {29682}{29771}Get 'im!|You I ittle dynamite Disco Danny|double-statin'. {32284}{32337}It's a student citation. Excuse me.|Eat me. well.|suck my di ck. whoa.'s? {32157}{32213}Fifty bucks?|Oh. sir.|Why? {32030}{32083}Maximum speed on campus|is 15 M.|. {33320}{33382}Shit. okay? . {32680}{32753}Look who we have here.. {32752}{32842}Damn. {30840}{30927}We probably|the only blackheads he seen|since he looked in the mir ror..You're an asshole.|I'm outta here!|. {31540}{31596}You couldn't teach your way|out of kindergarten class. {33456}{33548}What are we talkin' about?|Look. yeah. man.|What did you say? {31464}{31541}. Watch your toes.I said that this school|has nice halls. {32487}{32562}You just earned yourself|another citation.|I think you shou ld leave! {31679}{31726}Sir..|Did you just call me fat?|And wha t is that stench? {33001}{33048}That's my cologne|Can only buy it from Mennen. {31596}{31679}I think we've had enough|interruptions for today.

. man..|and funky fresh. {35042}{35141}If you smart. {37985}{38034}Yo. {36257}{36336}Okay.. {33979}{34065}Don't worry. {36194}{36258}Man.. I am down with you.. {37671}{37739}." {36932}{36997}and we started makin' it|together after that. baby. {36772}{36882}When we first hooked up. but. {37178}{37264}But he's smoking in our room. {35399}{35446}I'm gonna be|a part of a fraternity.|we're the same: Africa tan.. {37263}{37349}Just be cool.|Do you have to play that l oud? {34944}{35044}.drops the N-bomb up in here. no. {34265}{34325}always likes|funky fresh women..This Niggas With Attitude. who's that? {36335}{36415}That's I Need Money!|Goddamn! {36473}{36541}Okay.|Second Floor. {37738}{37846}.|[ Coughs ] {37400}{37502}NWA? Kid." {36880}{36931}I said.BUFU.|. {35332}{35399}I am getting thousands|of lifetime connections here. {35447}{35518}Hey.|That's not legal.Whatever. "Shit! Me too. man.The original man|was like us. .|So.|. {38174}{38243}Gentlemen. {38242}{38318}countless|Fortune 500 C.Nobody. {33802}{33881}Like a hawk!|Somebody needs a hug.|I Far East coast.'s.|Shut up. this institution|has graduated. yeah.|like a hawk.|Don't be late.|its traditions and its ideals. {37934}{37984}I'm from Wisconsin. man!|You like? {35950}{36025}I designed it myself. {37348}{37399}Stupid..|and I am watching you. I'll fuck your ass up. entrepre-Negro. {34064}{34117}Oh! Wow! {34118}{34186}Oh." {34446}{34524}And professional player. {34186}{34267}You look funky fresh. {34798}{34865}"I believe in the Fly Club.|he wrote on a slip of paper|"I Need Money .. {34523}{34589}and what's yours|I've probably already had. {34590}{34710}You and you and me. nobody.. I'm watching you. {35710}{35776}Well. {35140}{35228}A coupla notes|get you hogtied and roped|Dope like guns {35227}{35282}Why you wear smelly eggs? {35283}{35332}These eggs|are a part of my pledging.Oh.Where he stayin'?|. {35831}{35888}Jamal! Oh! {35888}{35950}Fresh gear.|.|a pothead. but if you two|are our roommates. {38034}{38128}Dean Cain wants to|see you in his office... what do you|know about that? {37500}{37571}Yeah.E.Doesn't talk.|what's his name? {36541}{36633}I Need Money! {36632}{36679}[ Cash Register Dings ] {36680}{36773}. {34357}{34447}"Amir: Professional student/|resident advisor for you. {33698}{33765}Oh. {36996}{37065}.|I repeat. he's a mute. she wants me. {37613}{37671}Nobody.|Welcome to Lovell House. {34708}{34799}.I Need Money.|right on the couch. God. Not you two! {36116}{36194}Pink-ass Paul Bunyan|plaid-pussy-shirt-wearin'. child prodigy.|One glove. my brothers! {35630}{35710}I am Tuan.Hey.|You can suck my dick|after class.I'm trying to study|my pledge book." {36024}{36117}.O. How come he?|. hey.|and you might have some fun|this semester.{33607}{33699}It's Volunteer Officer Pickelstein.That go for you too. {34864}{34945}[ Rap ]|I believe in the. you|tell people you love NWA.. nigga. {37065}{37180}Lovell House. {35775}{35830}Silas.|." Excuse me. {37845}{37935}You East coast. what's mine is yours.|I love Niggers With Attitudes.|.. I'm Jamal. fresh and funky.|They think you cool. hey!|What's up? What's up? What's up? {35518}{35633}Oh.Harvard.|I call it "BF.

{42524}{42572}I'm wonderin'|if this guy cheated..{38318}{38396}41 Nobel laureates|and 6 presidents. . {38990}{39085}on an original 18th-century|handwoven tapestry! {39084}{39132}You mean.. {42947}{43019}You. sir..|. slam.|I only seen some stuck-up. fuck you! {42629}{42703}Why is fuckin'Dick Butt-kiss|over here always ridin'me? {42702}{42784}Dick Butt-kiss?|Did you hear that. Mr.. {43572}{43635}and you're gonna|make the team. {38394}{38447}Hey. {39597}{39716}must maintain|at least a 2.|or you will be expelled.0 average. how is carbon dioxide|changed into oxygen? {40568}{40634}Plants. wake up! {40806}{40856}[ Clock Beeping ] {40940}{40997}I got somethin'|for your ass. I know the bitch|that make these rugs. {38704}{38824}[ Time Bomb Ticking ] {38822}{38887}[ Crunch ] {38886}{38935}Aah!|[ Vacuum Whirring ] {38935}{38967}You were dropping Chee-tos. {39490}{39541}we have very high standards. {43382}{43429}I have to go to those|lousy cocktail parties. {38607}{38656}nerdy-ass-lookin'|women out there. {40996}{41044}[ Grunts ] {41044}{41117}[ Loud Rock ] {41516}{41576}[ Continues ] {41628}{41688}[ Indistinct ] {42122}{42223}Come on. {39319}{39388}. dick!|God ! You guys! {40691}{40757}Jamal.|I wish I could have said that . {39192}{39259}I got this in|my travels to Nepal! {39258}{39318}Man. {38448}{38503}where's all them fly-ass|women the chancellor|was talkin' about? {38504}{38609}I mean. son..|Dean Cain. {40757}{40806}Sleepyhead. motherfuck.It means the world to me! {39388}{39493}Now. I think you'd better|go open up the boathouse. Dean. {38966}{38989}You were dropping Chee-tos. {42837}{42884}But.Yeah. brother|My brother. is that|the one that you want {40483}{40569}Now. making my life|a misery fo r years. Jamal. slam. yes. brother|My brother {40314}{40366}Is that the one|that you want {40367}{40486}Slam.|. Coach?|He's cursing! {42784}{42836}Bart. Come here! {43151}{43266}Nice comeback|on the Dick Butt-kiss. I remember that bitch..|Me and Jamal here. so far. this carpet? {39133}{39193}This is out of|my personal collection. as I was saying. {39845}{39915}we're all about good grades. Dean.|you keep throwing zingers|to this jerk-off.Is that right. I have not lost|an oar run in three years... King? {39914}{40020}Hell. Jamal.|I mean. {42572}{42628}Cheated?|Man.|and he has a lousy toupee. {43334}{43381}but they give lots of money|to the university. {43263}{43334}His parents have been|driving me crazy. sir. {39542}{39597}Any student on a scholarship. {43499}{43573}Anyway. {43430}{43500}She has lousy perfume. {39774}{39845}And don'tyou worry..|You know Juanita.|here at Harvard. {39714}{39775}It's good to know|we have the support|of the faculty... gentlemen!|Pick it up if you want to be|part of this squa d! {42260}{42327}Taxi! {42384}{42450}Whew! What took|y'all guys so long? {42450}{42525}Coach.. here. {43018}{43075}Come here. Coach!|Bart! {42885}{42947}I don't think|you wanna see this. {40242}{40314}Slam.

uh. {44415}{44485}Paleface. {46023}{46122}That's the kind of attitude|I like to hear.Yeah. {47219}{47279}Hey. {44966}{45055}Who invented|the air conditioner?|A black man.You tellin' me to "shh"?|See what I mean? {45665}{45716}Fuck history. {44039}{44124}by the African-Americans|in the history ofthis country.|I'm sore as a motherfucker.{43636}{43748}And let that|be a lesson to you!|This is the last time! {43746}{43819}All right..|Oh. {43991}{44039}The role played.|who is recording the account? {44360}{44416}If it's Snowflake. go. we didn't land|on Plymouth Rock. {45276}{45333}Once again. {46371}{46456}What about you two?|Why don't yo walk out|and protest with your br others? {46455}{46547}Walk out on me! What are|you doing sitting there?|You look like Wh itey.|Peckeoods. Cracker. {44123}{44175}has been largely unnoticed. {44552}{44620}Jesus looks like a hippie in a dashiki. nigga. what's|going on here? {47442}{47525}He took my baby!|Stop! {47524}{47580}Bring my baby back! {47580}{47627}Bike. {44619}{44706}But if it's one of my proud|black people that's doing|the recordin g of the account. dogs? {45116}{45203}Yo.|Black History? {45501}{45585}Man. all right!|Malcolm X! {46305}{46371}I'm glad someone's|appreciating the knowledge|I'm dropping on you today. {46546}{46619}You look like a couple|of goddamn Uncle Toms!|Walk on out! {46619}{46684}That's right. {45772}{45865}I'm Mr... {46230}{46305}Ooh. {45332}{45404}Can't this wait till|after class? You're supposed|to be in here an yway.|I'm sore as a bitch in here.|. go. {44275}{44360}but the issue here is..Shh!|. {45943}{46024}I'm goin' to lunch. Moses. bicycle {47394}{47442}Hey.|that's some bullshit . fuck history. we got Cleopatra|looking like Elizabeth Taylor. Silas! {44754}{44803}Well. {44869}{44968}But black people|don't get any credit. {44705}{44754}Yo. bike |Not my baby! Oh. go.|rookies. {45584}{45666}. son. what's up? {47279}{47330}[ Screaming ]|Stop! {47331}{47394}Bicycle. what's up|with the fast stroll? {43934}{43992}Can I holler?|Hi..|take a nice long shit. man.. {45404}{45502}This is Black History.|Qu iz.Fuck history. God! . {46749}{46821}Stand up for your rights |Move on up! Move on up! {47136}{47183}Go.|And you know what else? {45202}{45277}I'm gonna have to knock that|Bart character the fuck out. {44804}{44870}this fine black man|right here. {44176}{44278}Of course. where are you going? {46120}{46233}Um. anyway.|Plymouth Rock landed on us.. it look like|all the black students that|was in here are hist ory. I expect you'll|be ready for your quiz tomorrow. a black man. push-ups!|Get down! {43886}{43934}Yo. {45717}{45773}..|And. {44484}{44552}well.. my ass! {45865}{45944}The white man teachin'|Black History. we might have|Moses looking like.. {45054}{45116}What's up.|get up and move!|You should lynch me! {46685}{46749}Lynch me for what my people|have done to your people.|history is the record|of an account of the past. Whitey. that's right.

{49483}{49569}.|hanging rubber plant. shit.. though?|Bein' a spoiled little bitch. Ma! Stop. my horn!|Please don't back up!|Please don't back up! {48101}{48150}Hey. he likes plants. . ride you|feel you deep inside me {51549}{51602}Hell. {49278}{49364}Oui. I hate it|when you do that.|Oh.. I do.I even smoked it before. {52038}{52117}Where the hell is he?|[ Coughs ] {52117}{52165}Maybe I ain't|hit it hard enough. {50548}{50620}and eventually you're gonna|leave his ass for me. {50233}{50293}But wait till you see|my presentation.Did you wash your ass today? {51729}{51808}Aah! Aah!|Damn. does he? {50163}{50233}I see still waters run deep.Look at these.. bicycle. Lauren.|cleared it up in an hour. {50025}{50096}Good work. {48924}{48993}Yeah. It is. bicycle {47825}{47881}Bicycle |Oh.then take all the credit. bro! {48452}{48553}No. {50095}{50163}[ Lauren ]|So. {49135}{49221}And the survey says.|How you said.V. that figures. no. {51271}{51325}Yes.|Keep up the good work.{47628}{47684}Oh. don't put 'em in. {52323}{52399}Hey. huh? {51663}{51730}.You have the most amazing. hold you ||penis. {50489}{50548}you're startin' to see Bart|for the shallow bastard that he is.| Make love to you {51353}{51431}And I'm gonna kiss you|suck you {51430}{51551}Taste you. my baby! {48672}{48776}Can anyone tell me the name|ofthis plant? Bart? {48774}{48832}Oh.|but how did you|know that. {50354}{50442}So. yeah. {50865}{50940}how women are objectified|in popular culture. {50804}{50865}This semester in Women's Studies.|Class dismissed.|[ Imitates Buzzer]|"You lose. Ma! {51966}{52039}You hi gh yet?|Hell. uh. what's up. {49728}{49814}something that|may benefit mankind. {50294}{50355}You gonna love me after that. yeah... {51603}{51664}So you're playin'|grabby-ass again. no! {47881}{47955}Oh.|-Jamal! {51131}{51224}. right. Silas? {49363}{49414}I had this|nasty-ass rash once.J?|Give me five. {49889}{50028}I guarantee you|an "A" in this course.|you might as well tell him now|and get it over with. {48833}{48925}It's indigenous to the wet drylands|of the Northern Hemisphere. God!|Come back! {47685}{47771}Bicycle. {52165}{52233}What are you doin' in there?|Droppin' your kids off at the pool? {52275}{52323}Oh. {51047}{51132}. you!|Where's E I m and Thi rd? {48151}{48233}What?|Don't go foard! {48232}{48306}Not forward!|[ Screams ] {48382}{48452}. {49414}{49483}Put a little|neem plant on it..|Would you bet money on that? {48993}{49054}Or is that like below|the "Dooster Principle"? {49054}{49136}Yeah. {50620}{50667}Allah.?|I got three of 'em. {49813}{49889}And if you devise|something groundbreaking. please. {50940}{51049}while the masculine bastards|exploit women's ideas|for great profi t.|Thank you. man.|.|Maybe not high enough.Well. {51223}{51270}Please you|love you. {52399}{52468}Yo.. lick you |. {49568}{49648}One thing it doesn't cure.|Please believe.Ijust wanna touch you|tease you.|How about an S. I'll bet on it.Ma!|.That's not yours!|.|we will discuss. my God! My wheels! {48004}{48102}Oh. {49646}{49729}I'd like you all to do|an experiment on a plant.|Professor.." {49220}{49278}It's a neem plant.|I love that funny shit. It's a. everyone. Bart. {50441}{50488}What?|You know. bicycle {47770}{47824}Bicycle.U.

{52723}{52778}. man.|Everything was cool. man.. {54436}{54533}The chickens are not|clucking around here. they throwin'|a p arty. {54356}{54437}I ain't seen a stitch of pussy|on this whole campus. I want to boldly go|where no man has gone before.|and you just throwin' it away? {53100}{53157}.. {53476}{53536}Come on.D. sucker. get in here!|You have to see this! {55911}{56021}Oh. {55780}{55836}We need to start|importin' some ho's. {54586}{54685}You've come to the right place.|You've got|a golden opportunity here. man. man. {55052}{55103}short ones..What took you so long.|It's Portuguese. {55697}{55779}This is nothing!|I cut myself shaving. man. what are you doin'?|1 961. we got a test|in about five minutes. {53157}{53200}I'm out. {52993}{53040}Come on. {55157}{55261}Man... {52935}{52993}Ready? We ain't studied.|Word..|Yeah.|. son.It's time for you to learn a lesson.|I've been an undergrad for 1 2 yea rs. no.Biggie and 'Pac. {54767}{54829}Twelveyears?|Damn. {54828}{54876}Your people payin'|for all this shit? {54876}{54994}A drop in the bucket. You studied for i t. {53041}{53100}to make somethin' of yourself. {56191}{56238}Yeah!|Here we go. {56405}{56463}Virgins?|No. {55369}{55416}I am an explorer.|I got all the answers. {56352}{56404}We're virgins. {53535}{53583}You know you my boy. {55417}{55523}I see you are very much|liking to explore S. {55836}{55911}[ Girl]|Molly. whatever. dog. {53248}{53340}Why you go and tell him|we ain't studied for the test?|Damn all th at! {53340}{53425}You should've thought about|all that before you got us..|You just told me that answer. man. {52858}{52936}What's that got to do with me?|I know you ready. . "B. {53692}{53739}1 863.Yeah. {53963}{54032}[ Women Moaning ] {54185}{54265}[ Moaning Continues ] {54263}{54357}Goddamn virgins.|Definitely the French.. {52659}{52723}till Marvin Gaye|came in there trippin'.Yes. {52779}{52860}Listen.. {56082}{56142}I think there's some freak|in those gigs. my frien d. {52573}{52659}Open bar all night. man?|. tall ones." {53740}{53824}J. {53583}{53693}"C.Nah! {56532}{56603}[ Men ]|No.He is quite attractive. Yes!|." Silas.|More cushion for the pushin'.|. {54991}{55053}hooking up|with Harvard women. {55596}{55698}Is that why no puff-puff?|Pass the dutchie. my!|Look at those muscles! {56018}{56081}. my friends.Indeed. no.. Come on. {56284}{56353}Don't get the wrong idea. kid. man.|I remain here solely for the purpose of. {55521}{55597}That shit on your lip|got some shit on|its lip.|We've never done this before. man. we are. son. chunky ones. man. {55104}{55156}skinny ones.{52467}{52575}. That's "B. T.|Ive! {53201}{53249}Don't play!|Yo.Marvin Gaye?|. {56462}{56532}.|What's u p! {53423}{53476}I was just fuckin'|with you. you're not." French. {54684}{54767}I know everything there is to know|about Ivy League women. {53893}{53964}"A.'s|also.Come on. I'd love me a fat chick. {55260}{55371}Yes. talk to your boy." {53823}{53893}Trust me. Ive.|This is some good shit.|At least y'all|bein' entertained.

who would ever think|that the two would go good {57319}{57392}[ Fades ]|H istory! {57392}{57461}Got an "A-pl us.Um. it's not a felony. I ain't callin'. {60894}{60954}Well. pretty legs|and she walksjust like a cat {58408}{58503}Hypnotic eyes|and a stacked-up love sack {58502}{58603}She not only wants your love|she wants your life after that {58602}{58703}Don't do it|Don't give your love to sexy Ida {58701}{58795}'Cause she's a sister|ofthe black widow spider {58793}{58865}Sorry.That's the vice president's daughter.. si r.|Can I come in?|. {60151}{60209}Move my things. {60665}{60726}I. yes.|but maybe we can work with that. um. {60418}{60533}I've got a lot of artifacts|and delicate things down here.|I'm right here. don't stop!" {57964}{58035}Excuse me. black. {59242}{59313}Ever busted up your|mother's house and slapped her|when she asked you about it? {59313}{59363}Oh.|Them girls only know three words: {57787}{57838}"stop.|Player. {60954}{61029}I do know it's Ben Franklin's.That is all me. player. it is old.I didn't mean to scare you. girl .|Groaning Continue ] {56858}{56929}Oh. yo." {57839}{57898}Uh-oh. no! {56702}{56774}[ Women ]|Yes. sort of|discovered it. {60368}{60417}You'll have to pardon my dust. yeah!|Oh! Oh! {56929}{57016}Why do good girls|like bad guys |Hey. no. {58998}{59048}Ooh-whee! {59048}{59098}[ Barking ] {59099}{59158}What's your name?|I'm Jamal.|Jamie's not accepting|any male callers at this time.|There you go.|"No. {59417}{59460}Wait a minute!|Wait a minute! {59461}{59509}Hold! Hold! Hold! {59510}{59586}I once got arrested|for stealin' a car one time. my brother. yes." "no" and "don't. {58865}{58927}Man.|You can sit there. G. . {58927}{58998}Cedric. {60043}{60090}Sure. bro. black hair {58218}{58284}It's a-hangin'|on down her back {58285}{58411}Long. Jamal?|Uh.|How very thoughtful. {58087}{58158}We are about to tighten|this ass up right here. {60253}{60309}Thank you.. {59650}{59718}Well.|You a straight-up genius. {56652}{56701}[ Men ]|No. step aside. Boo|like bad guys | Good girls {57091}{57139}Showin' that bad guys|Showin' that thigh {57138}{57192}And why do|want a honey with class | Dog niggaz {57193}{57249}Sometimes you want more|than just a honey with ass {57249}{57319}Hey. {57897}{57965}They always tell me. no. {60726}{60828}You discovered|all this crazy shit. yes. {59158}{59243}You ever been|arrested. {59718}{59779}[ Panting ] {59909}{59970}Yo! {59970}{60043}.{56602}{56652}[ Women ]|Yes. hell. {60607}{60666}It's over 200 years old. change for a 20? {57016}{57092}Heyyo. {57650}{57713}as in vice president|of the United States. {57461}{57537}Whew-whew!|Who is that? {57537}{57652}. I don't know|about all that. {59586}{59650}but my mother|dropped the charges. yes! {56774}{56859}[ Screaming."||my ni gga. {58158}{58218}She's got|this long.|I just don't know what it is.|. {60531}{60608}What's this shit?|Looks old. come on in. {57712}{57787}Jamal. no!|Crazy? {59363}{59417}You ain't my type. you don't want that.|Oh.|You got those words backwards.

{61029}{61144}But I was thinking|that it could be like|this old Revolutionary ca nnon. {62580}{62649}Oh. no. well. blow-uppy.|Yeah.|you are just in time. {63826}{63925}I think they said|it was one of those|tick-tocky. {61142}{61201}or a telescope. Mr. Bart-kowski."|my ass. I'm out. {62696}{62750}Your girl is doin' somethin'|I think you need to recognize.|I knew it. Bart! {63571}{63627}God. my God. Bart!|Buck up! {65281}{65368}Yo. do you think|they gonna find out|we stole the Dooster statue? {65367}{65407}Hell. {63511}{63571}Okay. I was just admiring|your girl's. you got a little|somethin' on your dress.|greeting or farewell. {65457}{65527}You guys stole|the Dooster!|They do what? . {61282}{61341}Let me ask you|somethin'. boys.. {63994}{64053}Yeah. {62843}{62938}Um. {64712}{64756}Locked on. {63357}{63413}if you don't know|your grammar. {64615}{64677}Outta here.Listen. {63222}{63294}as a request.. son? {65213}{65282}Buck up. {63721}{63771}Yes. uh ... Civilized. {61591}{61657}Isn't that.|Peace.|Listen. with th e lights dimmed. {63294}{63358}So try to find another way|to be an asshole. thing. maybe next time|I'll get to study with you. man. {61967}{62036}because I've just|finished studying." {63070}{63141}now that you're amongst|civilized people? {63140}{63222}Well. {64110}{64167}All righty. that is. {64198}{64301}[Sirens Wailing] {64325}{64374}"Dooster Principle.. Silas. {64534}{64591}[ Jamal ]|Man.|Can I get my stuff? {63651}{63709}Geesh.|. I guess|I should say "thanks..|alone. {65409}{65457}Oh.|pipe bomb thing-things. {62937}{63006}"Peace"is meant to explain|a state of tranquility.My eyes.... {61787}{61861}. Bye. {64850}{64934}Yee-hah!|Look out! {64962}{65015}Timber! {65064}{65147}That statue was priceless. {63923}{63995}exploding thingy. {63005}{63070}So why don't you try|thinking of another way|to say "good-bye. I know|what you're trying to do. {61511}{61592}and if it weren't|for his family.Yeah? So?|. {63771}{63825}It was near|the medical library.|I probably wouldn't be here. {64399}{64446}Mm-hmm.. {63414}{63445}Peace. sweet? {61690}{61766}Look. or.|You're trying to fri ck her! {62359}{62418}[ Gasps ] {62418}{62551}Whatever. honey.Aha! {61888}{61968}Bart. Yeah." {62648}{62696}This is a part|of history. {61369}{61426}How'd you hook up|with that Bart dude? {61427}{61513}I've known Bart|all my life. {65147}{65213}Will you stop your|damn sniveling.. You too. {62751}{62844}. {62206}{62269}drinking beer! {62270}{62361}Look. my grandmother would|love this shit in her garden. sweetie. {62084}{62208}I didn't know the two of you|were studying in here..|this shit is hot. {64053}{64111}Thank you. {61200}{61258}Whatever it is.|It means everything to our family. {62037}{62085}Studying?|Yeah.|"peace" can also be used|interjectionally.

{68801}{68850}. {66230}{66304}Rich weapons. get set.|I'm gonna lea rns you.Who the hell|is that woman in the sky? {68581}{68629}. ]|In the far lane.|Yeah. Dean?|How you doin'? How you been? {69431}{69481}I see you're|checkin' out my gear. {65962}{66009}I heard that. young M C. {68422}{68508}Jamal. {67411}{67468}Bart. motherfucker. hell. {66836}{66885}Oh. man. I think it's time|we all sat down and kicked it. {67469}{67518}You ain't gonna be laughin'|in a minute. {69318}{69399}How you doin'.|we have Harvard. man.|I'm gonna learns you.|I think you keep|getting funnier every day. {67645}{67702}I want you up against Yale. row! {68961}{69050}Yes. we have Yale. what has happened to you?|Sit down and take off those glasse . {68042}{68143}[ Air Horn Blows ]|And they're off!|It's a clean start. {67519}{67648}Jamal. {65597}{65645}No. {65770}{65859}There's a lot ofthings in life|your assjust don't get.[ Bart ] She's huge! {68726}{68801}I guess you mi ght as well|come back home and live with me. midgets.. what you missed this|You got to bear witness {66886}{66955}Catch a ho and another ho|Merry Christmas {66955}{67026}Yes.. eh? {69481}{69548}. it's rather baggy.|. fold the blunt|at once to approach it |For sure. {66303}{66374}Yeah. ]|They're blowin'Harvard's ass|out ofthe water. {67986}{68043}On your mark. the system|is geared to put.{65527}{65598}Fellas.You supposed to be in class.A.|Know what I mean? {66780}{66836}And I'll tell you|somethin' else.What's the matter? {68629}{68727}.|Ah! {67703}{67772}You can't just|change the lineup!|That's against the rules! {67771}{67837}What rules? Who cares?|Do you guys care|about the rules? {67837}{67884}[ All ]|No.I don't know.A. though. {66612}{66678}Them motherfuckers don't wanna|see a black man make it. {67096}{67127}Forward motion|Make you sway like the ocean {67125}{67174}Forward motion|Make you sway like the ocean {67175}{67288}The herb is more than|just a powerful potion|What's the commotion {67287}{67359}Word up.|. {68342}{68422}[Man On P. Something. {66107}{66165}See. {67358}{67410}Young MC. Ijust don't get|you guys.Pretty tight.Actually.|Hip-Hop Hooray? Paddle! {68248}{68343}Paddle like a man!|Shoot the J!|Get diggy with it. huh?|. what is your ass|doin'rowin'a boat? {68507}{68582}. I've decided|since you and Jamal|are my two best athl etes.|Know what I mean? {66726}{66779}For sure. {69611}{69697}Bill. {66507}{66559}Dwarves. you know.Did you cuss at me? {68851}{68922}Row. Dean Cain.|It's BUFU. {66678}{66725}Yeah. no.|It's fat. {67885}{67936}[Man On P. for sure. {66560}{66612}motherfuckin' unicorns. that's for sure. {68181}{68249}What are you doing. {65645}{65709}I have a pledge meeting to go to|and haven't greased myself up. dope.. motherfucker.|There you go.Oh. no!|..|You're just in time|to help cheer us to victor y. I smoke shit|Straight offthe roach clip {67026}{67097}I roll shit. {65858}{65921}Yeah.|I'm not kicking anything. {67937}{67985}In the near lane.You been smokin'|too much ganja. {66373}{66446}Y'all don't know shit. like pussy|and respect. {69547}{69611}No. {65709}{65771}God.|poor schooling. Bart. cool.|Am I to believe this is correct? {69049}{69119}Jamal and Silas|have gotten all "A's"? {69262}{69317}I'll call you back. right?|. {66164}{66229}most of the wealth|into the hands of a few.

maybe it would be|better if you went to school|somewhe re down south. all right? {72443}{72543}Bring your ass over here!|We got work to do before|Dean Dickhead g ets back. not yet . {71727}{71802}for the sake of|my father's campaign. son.|and it will be everywhere.|Me and you cannot see|each other no more. {71801}{71884}If he lost the election|and it was my fault. {71625}{71729}Yes.|how is Jamal doing? {69825}{69882}Oh. smoke.. {70837}{70889}"Word"? {70890}{70998}Stroke. {72006}{72071}I don't think I could|live with myself.|.BUFU!|. smoke. smoke.|there's been several mishap s..|It's all good. {72358}{72444}I can't.|It stop.. That's it. "Hey. {74587}{74643}But I know if|I give you enough time. {74482}{74589}Now my instincts tell me it's you.|Stroke.What an asshole.|Jamie's father is having|an upcoming election.|but he'll tell me. {71524}{71574}No more datin'. {70073}{70140}Isn't Jamie a freshman? {70140}{70209}All right. {71384}{71431}[ Inhaling]|[ Woman ]|Ooh! {71432}{71526}Listen.|Fuck you! Fuck you! {70331}{70430}Point well taken.|He's coming along.|So you want me to tell Jamal|to stop seeing Jamie. {70477}{70598}Oh.Yeah. {72541}{72592}Please!|Come on! {72941}{72991}Aren't you worried about|getting kicked out? {72992}{73073}For this? He ain't gonna|never find out. {73498}{73572}. they just won't shit. I see now.|but I can't prove it. yeah. {72283}{72331}This guy's a real asshole. {74310}{74387}And.BUFU? . {69883}{69975}Now. {71883}{71973}gosh. {73177}{73241}[ Cooing ] {73325}{73387}What happened to bird?|Crazy shitting everywhere? {73387}{73471}Crazy shit. {74644}{74702}pretty soon|you're going to slip up. I could that. {74702}{74816}and then I'll be able to send you back|to your miserable existence .|Oh. {70996}{71074}Good. smoke. golly.|Stroke." {70260}{70331}Fuck you. {71575}{71626}None of that. {69777}{69824}Tell me. baby. man. yes. {70670}{70765}Bill. {70428}{70476}that Jamal|is diddling Jamie. {69974}{70075}and it won't look good|if she's involved with someone|from the low er class. {71074}{71172}Stroke. Jamie.With that. {72165}{72230}[ Jamal Laughing ] {72231}{72283}I think you should|go down south first. Relax. did you|just call me "son"?|Hmm? {70763}{70811}Word.|I can't do it. fine. {69697}{69749}All righty. it's probably better|ifwe stop seeing each other. man. smoke.|Stroke. Dean Cain think|he can kick me out|the school that easy? {71249}{71321}. listen. {72071}{72167}Look. as for you two..|no more foolin' around.. Coach.|that would be so hard on me.|.He got another thing comin'. {73571}{73625}They're gonna blow up.. {74964}{75019}What the hell|are you wearing? {75020}{75088}.. {70208}{70259}Well. {70596}{70671}I'll go holler at him.s.|I owe you. thanks a lot.|I need you|to help me get proof. all right. yeah. {71321}{71383}Hey.. {74387}{74483}ever since|you arrived on this campus. {71171}{71250}Hey.

{76711}{76777}Y'all gonna pay us. he kinda cute. {76946}{76993}And if not. Just bring all the ho' s.|Go.Oh. {76612}{76713}Bring all your horny friends. {76994}{77076}Yeah. {76293}{76342}1:00 p..|But he is black.. {78375}{78477}As human beings.|There you go.|All right! {77352}{77418}[ Both ]|Popcorn player. {79191}{79275}Oh. my goodness.|Ballers and stuff gonna be there? {77076}{77169}Ass. {78082}{78151}Thank God I fell out|before I hit the freeway. Mrs.|Go to your room. {75849}{75911}Girl. God! {78802}{78887}Now go to time-out. {77475}{77542}I got one more delivery|to make. {77646}{77706}Dean Cain. we got dough. {75367}{75424}wait till Harvard|see our Halloween party! {75424}{75482}Yeah. the Fox Club. {76420}{76519}.Yeah.|What did you do to yourself? {77947}{78015}Oh. look at this.|If not. {76343}{76420}Please bring your ass|and titties along with you. {79361}{79437}"Dear Carl. {75766}{75850}They look like they got money. right? {76810}{76881}. {78476}{78536}How you gonna talk|when you shuttin' up?|Fine! Fine! {78537}{78591}You want some violence?|You want a piece of this? {78591}{78654}Come on! I'll show you|some violence! Come on! {78654}{78719}[ Screaming ] {78720}{78769}Ow! Oh. shut up|before I kick your ass. {78015}{78082}Theyput me in a shopping cart|and shoved me down a hill.We want all the ho's|out here to come.|they best friends got dough.{75088}{75148}"Buy us. {76881}{76946}Yeah. but if Dean Cain|find out about this shit. saw these|and thought of you.Did you just call us ho 's? {76518}{76613}.|.|costume party|at the Lovell House.m. {77541}{77603}Guess who used to be black. go! {77168}{77222}We gonna be there.|. {79437}{79485}Love. we gonna get paid! {75938}{76018}Ooh.|not resort to violence.|Honey. {75616}{75682}We're gettin' straight "A's.I don't hear nothin'. okay.|." {75682}{75767}We've got this motherfucker|locked up. girl. Ray.|Oh. {76191}{76295}We havin' a party.|but I got a recipe.I meant that in a good way. fuck you. we down with that. ballers. we should|be able to talk this out. our best friends got dough. {75543}{75617}What the fuck is he gonna do?|We've got the Ivory.. oh. {77786}{77862}that'll inject some ghetto|back in his ass. {79273}{79322}I wonder|who these are from. how you doin'?|For real! {76069}{76129}End-table ass!|Hella Back! {76129}{76191}Where the party at?|We're tryin' to get a party on. {78886}{78950}[ Panting ] {79061}{79125}[Doorbell Rings ] {79125}{79191}I wonder who this could be. {75483}{75543}he gonna be mad|as a motherfucker. fuck you!" {75171}{75221}Get out!|Out! Out! Out! Out! {75258}{75310}"Buy us. {77705}{77786}Like a polar bear. {77861}{77947}Got some more beer." {75311}{75366}[ Jamal ]|If the chancellor throwin'|a Halloween party. {78151}{78248}What the fuck you doin'?|Put the milk back! You're not|supposed to steal from us! {78247}{78311}Why are you always taking|violent tones with people? {78311}{78376}Man. titties." {79485}{79583}It's my old schoolmarm!|I haven't heard from her|in years! . we got dough..

Chattering ] {83768}{83841}Yeah. Yo. hey. {81802}{81860}You look lovely. {82017}{82129}And will you loosen up?|You're so stiff sometimes. {81617}{81671}and Miss Lovell|from Administration.What? {81932}{82019}Dear.|you're going to make us late. {81671}{81733}And of course|you know my wife Sheila. {84181}{84232}Yo.. {79920}{80003}Hurry up. hey. . {81733}{81802}I almost didn't recognize you.|Hold this.This is how we do it |. I don't remember|you cooking brownies. {82814}{82863}[Slow Ballad] {82863}{82959}Dance!|[ Grumbles ] {82958}{83044}Yo.|You have a good show.|[Record Scratches ] {81045}{81111}Hey.What a jerk! {82508}{82574}Don't spoil your appetite. {80938}{80990}Right.|so I brought my man|I Need Money.|you big weenie! {80319}{80390}.|[Jeffrey]|I'm gonna hurt you! {84077}{84182}[ Grunting Continues ]|Hey.|I thought you'd brought|a professio nal model. {80990}{81045}I'm out. {80780}{80852}I see Monks couldn't make it.|this is boring as hell. {82636}{82720}I got the munchies|like a motherfucker. hey. deejay ! {83043}{83116}[Music Stops ]|Hit me! {83116}{83166}[Funk ] {83167}{83231}[ Chattering ] {83295}{83358}Come here.|There go the two big ballers|right t here. {80852}{80939}. baby. {82238}{82329}Can you put this|back on. actually?|Your butt is sticking out. I do n't. Philip! {81861}{81933}. right. yo. can you at least|feign some interest?|You're embarrassing me .|Stiff? {82127}{82239}Bart.|Wonderful. this party is stiff.What?|.|I'll take these upstairs. can you hold this?|I'm hot. {81500}{81558}Carl.|He speaks with his hands..He don't talk. {79629}{79693}She knows|I love brownies. hey. {80003}{80085}All right. {83957}{84013}[ Both Grunting ] {84014}{84078}You two stay put.|Better than mine? {79846}{79921}Darling. Dean.|hey. yo. {84232}{84299}See those two|fine ass ho's right there? {84299}{84350}Don't you wish|they were really ho's.|Oh. {80127}{80195}I'll have another one. {82574}{82636}and Indian pudding|that doesn't stop.{79581}{79629}Oh. How are you?|Philip.|Don't fuck up tonight.|Excuse me. {80194}{80263}This is how we do it|Throw me a beer. {82719}{82816}He seems unusual tonight. Good. darling.|all right? {81235}{81295}What the fuck|is the plate for. fellas?|What's up? {80722}{80779}.|and you know I ha te to be late. yeah.Yeah.|Yo. how sweet. yeah {83840}{83960}I told you I had you covered. J. {82371}{82464}. {79733}{79848}Mmm! A little piece|of heaven.Good.|They're great. girl! {83606}{83687}[ Hooting. hey. the bitch is fine..|Nice to see you. hey.Is he any good?|.Whoo! {80390}{80494}[ Continues ] {80492}{80563}Lovell House!|[ Burps ] {80635}{80723}Life is hell. T. baby. {81559}{81618}You know Miss Jenowitz|from the Chemistry Department.|He's dehydrated.How was the trip?|.|We're about to have|some lobster bisque. hey. isn't she?|. hey. yo. man? {81329}{81379}[ Rhythmic Scratching ] {81380}{81437}Gonna be a long night.|You're right..|What up.

{87908}{87956}Okay. {86471}{86527}Where's my bitches?|Okay. you got a big sword.|I'm gonna make you mine. you pretty boy-lookin'|motherfucker. {88309}{88413}except climb out of this costume|and climb into some pussy.Smells good. hi.|You and you.{84350}{84397}and they came over here|and said. fuck that! {86716}{86827}Oh.|Come on. {85998}{86092}I know. {84714}{84797}Okay. {88242}{88309}Oh.|It goes in together. that's my song! {88051}{88162}What's this?|Ooh. {85793}{85898}Don't cuss when I'm tryin'|to listen to the Word. But. baby.|Me too! {84548}{84609}Mm.|Hella Back is my bottom bitch.|. thinks she got|away. {87699}{87779}I'll slap both|them motherfuckers. {86307}{86375}Now let's practice it.|peer pressure.|Badow! Badow! {87777}{87861}[ Both Chuckle ]|Here. {87860}{87908}Come on. Peer pressure.|The Lord don't l ike that. right?|Right. don't h old your breath {86902}{86950}Spinnin' on a track|with Red and Meth {86951}{87033}Open up a fat one and smoke up|the sess.Oh. {85737}{85792}Bitch better be out here|checkin' my motherfuckin' money.|But that's what|she told Cocoa Butter.|You ain't even a real pimp. {87648}{87698}Put another one|on the front just like it. {88488}{88590}.Ooh. okay. Powder. give me|that Chinese egg roll fuck! . yeah.|It's only pussy. Silas.|Place: Lovell House.|Hey. baby. {85596}{85684}These bitches|better be gettin' my money. {86091}{86189}And you an assistant pimp. {84398}{84492}"We want to run a dick-sucking|marathon with y'all two"? {84491}{84547}Oh. {85684}{85738}You know that. an assassin|from Cypress Hill|DJ just resonated {87193}{87294}[ Crowd Chanting ]|Go! Go! Go! Go!|Go! Go! Go! Go! {87412}{87463}Oh. {85000}{85121}Hey. {85440}{85536}"Costume party. {87956}{88052}[R&B ]|Oh. bitch.|[ Laughs ] {85167}{85231}I got two inches of hard dick! {85264}{85344}I'll work with you. {85896}{85950}." {85534}{85597}It is Friday. {84795}{84892}Oh. don't be scared. yeah!|. I ain't laughin'.|Now don't laugh. {86528}{86602}Where my bitches?|Can't we just|say "employees"? {86600}{86662}What about your employees?|No.|All right. baby."|So drive this mother fuckin' car. check this out." {85950}{85998}and "bitch" ain't in the Bible. hey. see these. I'm not|that good at it. let me ask you a question. baby.|Let me holler at you. {84891}{85002}. {86187}{86245}So you supposed to be cosigning|to the shit that I say. peer pressure . {86246}{86308}You wanna lose your job. {87464}{87558}Um.|Oh! {85119}{85166}Don't be scared.. {88410}{88488}You have to appreciate|the colorful use|ofEnglish language.|I will pull your motherfuckin'|applicatio n. um.|Where's my bitches?|Where's my bitches? {86375}{86423}Where's my bitches?|Where's my bitches? {86423}{86471}You gotta say it together. you ain't got to|do shit. believe me.|and neither is "motherfucker. {84608}{84680}We wanna run|a dick-suckin' marathon|with y'all.You said "bitch.What did I say?|.Wait. I'd like that.|Time: Friday. {87556}{87650}[ Clears Throat ]|Does my ass look fat?|No. baby! {88160}{88243}I-I have to go prepare. look who|it is with the hokey feel {87109}{87194}Look. we|the ones wi th the Wheaties {87032}{87109}Treadin' on them all|Come on.. yeah! Great ass! {86825}{86902}Box up just like bein'|in your chest.

|[ Chuckles. {90168}{90254}[ Gasps ]|Oh..W-W-W-Why?|. didn't we? {89977}{90024}We did not. {91667}{91725}Y'all gonna make me|lose my mind {91726}{91784}Up in here.|Not a hell.|It's in my blood. {89389}{89475}I'm not that much|of a square. boo. Indistinct ] {92127}{92178}Ragi ng party|with open beer cans in hallway.|Yes.[ Gibberish ]|. {91116}{91185}I would not have had|not a bitch come into my life.|Stop it! {90443}{90555}I'm gonna tell you something. {91233}{91296}Nobody say that now nothin'|like you say that now nothin'. not a bitch. {90554}{90603}My granddaddy was a pimp. shut up|and drive this fuckin' car.|I never deny you that. . {90025}{90086}We did not. you surprised me|by getting high. people smokin'|like Cheech and Chong {88885}{88982}Let it be something|he is involved in. I must be buzzed. {90892}{90952}all the people in your family|were assistant pimps. {89053}{89147}But pass the blunt. Clears Throat ] {89196}{89257}Whoa. {88980}{89054}He is a huge baby.|I might just let you|in my head one day. {89300}{89361}You know. {90253}{90322}Did I spoil the moment?|I can't help it.. not a bitch. up in here {91899}{91956}Y'all gonna make me|act the fool {91956}{92013}Up in here. {91362}{91410}but it sound good! {91410}{91506}Now nothin' mean|"don't get a now nothin'.Bitch.|[ Laughs ] {89553}{89635}What about you?|We all have secrets. up in here {91784}{91842}Y'all gonna make me|go all out {91843}{91899}Up in here. {90952}{91011}You's a pimp.|Turn the headlights off. {91068}{91116}If it had not been for the Lord. you was born." {91505}{91563}Now nothin'. we did. girl. and I better|be the bi gges t cheerleader. Silas. didn't you?|And we almost kissed. {89832}{89893}Who said this was a date? {89892}{89978}You smoked my weed. look at them.|You know what? {90371}{90444}Oh. {91296}{91363}Not a now.|But I ain't sayin' shit|on the first date. had you|chokin' offofa bong {88805}{88885}Cypress Hill and we can't|go wrong.|A now nothin' nothin' now.|Damn.|I still don't know|what that shit mean. {90819}{90892}.|and you will never be th at.|I'm babbling. {91564}{91669}. {89474}{89553}Whatever.|You know what? {90321}{90370}Them shits|was talkin' to me. {91184}{91233}Goddamn.|Here. {90604}{90651}My great-great-great-granddaddy||was a pimp.|Yeah.Because. {90700}{90747}since been pimpin'|since been pimpin'. {90748}{90820}It's in your bloodline. not a. {89730}{89833}Whatever. you surprised me|by getting high. my God. hit this.{88588}{88639}I love America! {88639}{88725}[ Rap: Indistinct ] {88724}{88807}And sing along|to my hip-hop song.. my bad. you hoggin'|the whole shit! {89146}{89195}I'm sorry. {92525}{92572}What's this? {92618}{92666}Oh! Oh! {92708}{92802}Sterilize hands tonight|with antibacterial cream|many times. {90652}{90699}I'm talkin' about|pimpin' been since pimpin'. {91010}{91068}I thought you was the one|the Lord chose.|I did do it once in high sch ool. {89359}{89388}You know.|This pimpin' that I got|came from a family tree.. {89634}{89731}Well. if you act right. up in here {92013}{92061}Y'all gonna make me|lose my cool {92061}{92126}[ Continues. I hear you|with your fine ass.

.{93034}{93081}What do we have here? {93109}{93157}Nothin'. {97575}{97660}.|Excuse me. {94897}{94953}Hey.|What is that? {94117}{94225}It's just a baby.|What kind of shit is that|hangin' out the back? {94498}{94570}I need to get her home.The cops! {97659}{97744}Somebody owes me|for one night's worth of|flat-back fuckin' up in here! {97743}{97790}[ Wailing Continues ] .[ Nervous Chuckling.|you better get up off of me. Mad Hatter?|Come on. {93617}{93664}in the most flammable of ways.|Come on with it.|huh? {94826}{94897}Hey. Screaming ] {96513}{96580}[ Chattering. {93192}{93240}Aha! {93282}{93359}Multi-socket extension cubes. Look. Indistinct ] {97054}{97146}Come on.|[ Laughing ] {95484}{95531}You know you|fucked up. little baby bitch.[ Gibberish Continues ] {94426}{94498}This ain't no damn baby.[Sirens Wailing]|. Whining ]|. {94569}{94644}[Man ]|How's it going. {95347}{95487}Your Halloween costume.|If you pimp. {97522}{97574}You ain't gonna need that.|Come on with it. let's add up|all the factors {93962}{94047}You wack. {93359}{93428}This is against campus|fire code section 1743: {93427}{93554}"Thou shalt not allow|multi-socket extension cubes|in dorm rooms. Screaming ] {96580}{96662}What the fuck is all this?|What y'all three bitches want? {96660}{96725}. Powder!|.. what's up.|Y'all come back later . {97228}{97284}A party ain't a party|without you.Tell them. {93665}{93714}and they're producing|an immense amount ofheat. you broke pimp.We already got pussy.|Where's my bitches? {95041}{95103}[KnockingAt Door] {95103}{95151}Yo. you're twisted|your girl's a ho. Woody.|[ Whining ] {94222}{94292}[ Both Speaking Gibberish ] {94333}{94427}. please. you broke|the kid ain't yours {94047}{94118}Wel l. there's no room|in the limo! {97440}{97489}I'll be back for you." {93552}{93617}The extension cords themselves|are intertwined. {95532}{95664}Baby powder?|What smell that is?|You changing diapers? Ah! {96061}{96150}[ Coughing ] {96405}{96461}Ah! {96463}{96512}[ Grunting. homies? {95151}{95199}Where my bitches at?|Where our bitches? {95199}{95278}You got the voice down. {96725}{96776}I'm about to knock you|the fuck out. {97285}{97365}Campus-smelling|little motherfucker! {97363}{97441}Plus. I'l I be damned. {95277}{95348}What's wrong with my shit?|Homey.|but those outfits no good.. look at them|bitches here. come on {97146}{97230}Where you going?|You gotta stay.. {94954}{95042}You little bitch. come on|Come on. {94644}{94695}Y'all gonna make me|act the fool {94695}{94770}Up in here. man. {93809}{93857}I smack him with my dick|and the mike {93857}{93905}Y'all niggaz is characters|Not even good actors {93905}{93963}Hmm. up in here {94769}{94827}We gonna kill|these motherfuckin' bitches. {93715}{93777}They could cause an i gnition|at any point and i gni. {96777}{96839}I'm gonna do the knocking out. {96840}{96905}[ Women ]|Oh! {96905}{96969}[Screaming Continues ] {96969}{97056}[ Shouting.

|. {99172}{99267}Man.|we got this. {99742}{99825}rock bands. {100461}{100521}Why you gotta sound|all belligerent about|my shit anyway? {100522}{100572}Belligerent?|Yeah. {101607}{101666}I say we burn them books.What the fuck is that?|.You'd ratherpiss eau de crude|than piss offPowder. no.|Yeah. {101667}{101803}go to that graveyard. it did get|a little out of hand. both of us.|to academic probation. {100572}{100656}As in abusive or truculent. {100357}{100405}and what the fuck|are you doin'? {100404}{100461}Oh.? {99999}{100048}How charmingly ghetto. {99823}{99920}Welcome. {101549}{101607}Me hungry.|I been on Wheel ofFortune. blaze up. {100733}{100803}and your ghetto pass|is gonna get revoked. motherfucker. {98651}{98765}.|Wejust get some more. {98336}{98404}And while you're|sittin' in this car. {101966}{102061}I'm tellin' you. {98404}{98492}. you keep on usin' them|big-ass Harvard words. Come on with it.|.[Slaps Twice ]|.{97920}{97968}Whoa! {97967}{98035}This is exhilarating. gentlemen. come on.|[ Laughing ] {100656}{100734}Yo. {98491}{98566}.[ Giggling ]|. Mm-hmm.|. {98925}{98981}Oh. that's fine. not pussy. {101018}{101094}I used to love watching|my dogs hump. {100076}{100124}You're dismissed. {98836}{98925}. bitch? {98565}{98653}This is pimpin' here. {99266}{99324}Now let's go see what this|Dean "Stick Up His Ass" want. Do you have any? {98264}{98336}Ain't that a. Ooh.|Price is R. {99693}{99741}indecent exposure. {102060}{102149}Woo. {98088}{98158}We're virgins.|All of Ivory's ashes|was in just that plant.|I get an "A" in botany class.. Powder.|One.|[ Snoring ] {99524}{99627}Yeah.Dick drive this car.. who gonna be our P. two. {100239}{100287}We ain't got no Ivory.|.Whoa!|. {99409}{99527}Man.|find us a smart dead guy|and smoke his ske leton ass. oh.. bitch.|you don't run shit.|Bring your face over here.|But don't get the wrong idea.. {99950}{99999}Damn. {101800}{101862}We sit down.. {101861}{101967}hit the books|for a few hours a day. {100924}{101019}.Ah! {101314}{101364}Oh!|Oh.|[ Both Giggling ] {98981}{99077}Wow. {102148}{102195}Light that shit up.[ Belches ] {101499}{101548}I'm gonna have to tweak|this shit a little. {100803}{100855}Why don't you go pick up|a book or something? {100855}{100925}If I get this shit right. {98035}{98088}Megan and I have never done|anything like this before. {100287}{100357}we about to get kicked|the fuck out of here. belligerent. hoo!|That's what I'm talkin' about. {99076}{99173}Man..|Keep on laughin'. we ain't got no. hoo. I'm workin'|on my truth serum. fighting.We used to have a good time.|We don't need no smart dead guy. you think it's funny.O.[ Chuckling ] {101189}{101247}[ Clucking] {101247}{101314}.Pay that shit. yeah {102466}{102542}In-slum-national underground|Thunderpounds when I stomp|the grou .. {102255}{102307}Hit them books! {102388}{102466}One.|You act like I took it.|obscenity. ain't no more. {101093}{101191}.Ah. oh! {101421}{101499}. {98764}{98838}Oh. {99325}{99411}He probably gonna curse us out|about that wild-ass party.|Hell. hoo.|without a permit.Oh. buddy.|You know what I'm sayin'? {99626}{99694}Sex novelties.Oh. three. that party|was not that wild..Tell them.When I was 12. {98158}{98265}Molly and I are really into|D'Angelo. two.

wait. You should|have some more respect|for an ex-presid ent. window! {105528}{105597}Yo.|whoa.Relax! Relax!|. Coughing ] {104554}{104623}What the fuck|are you doing?|[ Coughing. I'm cuttin'|this arm now. no! You can't|dig up somebody's grave!|That's disg usting! {104031}{104105}You guys don't think|that there's anything wrong|with this? {104104}{104226}Huh? You guys are fucked up!|What are you gonna do|with this now ? {104224}{104284}[ Grunting] {104283}{104391}[ Screaming ]|Ah. my God. no. {105717}{105840}Wait a minute. no. .|Fucked. {106011}{106096}This is|a motherfuckin' president. whoa. yeah {103065}{103135}Don't even bang unless|you plan to hit something {103135}{103185}Bombs over Baghdad |[Jamal]|These are our midterms? {103186}{103250}See what I'm sayin'?|See what I'm sayin'?|All "F's. {105926}{106012}No. no! {104888}{104953}Get up before I smack|the shit out of you.|Get this arm.|did you check him for any|jewelry or money or anyt hing? {106298}{106374}Fuck all that. It's so good. in a silk suit|tryin' not to sweat {102689}{102763}Hittin' somersaults without|the net. whoa! {106225}{106298}I Need Money. {104839}{104887}Oh. man. hey! {103699}{103751}This guy'll do. Didn't|you put the ashes in the soil|before you g rew the plant? {105837}{105927}We ain't got no time for that|shit.Whoa. {105215}{105293}Fly! Go fly!|[ Laughing ] {105293}{105341}Yo. who are you? {105405}{105460}Do you see me? {105461}{105528}. window! Open. wait. asshole. no.Open. We gotta grind him now. no." son. {103651}{103699}Well. whoa. {103820}{103871}Yeah. {103250}{103307}We are fucked. wait. he should know|all the fuckin' answers. wait. {103872}{103941}Answers?|What are you talking about? {103940}{104033}Wait. Silas.|He's a president.nd {102540}{102613}Like a million elephants|with silverback orangutans|You can't st op a train {102612}{102689}Sittin' in a drop-top|soakin' wet. {104791}{104838}Come on. dog? {105342}{105406}.|What's up. wait. wa it.|wait. anything goes {102821}{102914}[ Screaming ]| [ Continues. what the fuck|are we gonna do now? {105597}{105656}Fuck you think we gonna do?|We gonna smoke his ass. guys. Indistinct ] {102912}{102991}Don't pull the thang out|unless you plan to bang {102991}{103065}Bombs over Baghdad| Yeah.|Listen. fucked.|Wait.|[ Groaning. come on. God. shit! {104389}{104441}Oh. Groaning Continue ] {104623}{104763}Get the body. fucked! {103307}{103445}How did I fail|women's studies?|I love bitches! {103443}{103507}[ WolfHowling ] {103507}{103610}What are we doing?|Looking for|a smart dead guy. {105060}{105132}Oh. fucked. no. God!|Stop actin' like|a little bitch! {104441}{104506}Get the body.|Put this shit on your back.[ Screams ]|.|What the fuck are we doi n'? {106095}{106151}You wanna stay in Harvard|or what? {106151}{106225}Whoa. whoa. man. but this'll be the|year tha t we won't forget {102763}{102821}One nine nine nine|ano domi ni. no. {104952}{105000}Come on. come on. {105656}{105716}then we gonna start|askin' questions.

Yeah. {108964}{109037}Um. Dean. and then I'll have you out|of my hair and out of Ha rvard. {107905}{107998}You're gonna have to study|on your own.|. I got to go. {108428}{108459}Yo. bros? {107483}{107531}I didn't know that you guys|were gonna be here.|how's the project coming? {109433}{109480}[ Nervous Chuckle ]|Fine.|Yo. no. man.. I got to go.og. Silas.You stole our plant! {107795}{107907}Damn right.Repeat after me.I stole it. {106663}{106753}. {108460}{108503}. you know. did I say that? {109228}{109298}Oh. {107720}{107795}.No. {110389}{110479}You'll fail.|. {109829}{109904}You two are an absolute disgrace|to this university. no.What?|.|You idiot! {108551}{108596}I'm disappearin'. {109575}{109602}.|These are invitations|to the alumni celebration. {109481}{109539}I'm going to check on that|right now. when you gonna|pay us our money?|. {109761}{109830}that think that everything|should just be given to them. dog.|I hate pot-smoking punks. {108298}{108385}. {110220}{110319}Certain students will be invited.|How'd you get that? {108893}{108964}. shit! {106752}{106817}[ Screaming Continues ]|You is a nasty|motherfucker! {106901}{106963}[ Screaming Continues ] {107166}{107251}[ Whimpering]|I can't smoke a finger! {107279}{107352}.Just place them|on the wall there.What? {108725}{108793}[Silas ]|This reminds me|ofmy lab back at the crib. {110318}{110390}For real?|But you won't pass|your finals.What?|. no.|. {107629}{107721}What did you do to it?|This is a special plant.. {110567}{110620}Fuck! {110621}{110669}I'm trying to do my thing..|. no. these.Dog. man.You know.|like more ofthe p lant.|.[Jeffrey]|This is insane. yes. we ain't got no more|goddamn plant! {108215}{108298}Hoggin'all the good shit. . zog.You know.|Okay. well. {108503}{108551}You idiot. that's fine!|Let's go. {110069}{110123}in which the vice president|will be attending. {109298}{109371}They must still be in my system. Ivory here?|. Calm down. {107531}{107593}I saved your plant.I got a $25 mo ney order.What?|. {108597}{108627}. well.. no. this idiot smoked up |all the plant.{106374}{106470}[ Crackles ]|[ All Screaming ] {106544}{106592}Get the arm!|Get the arm. Ivory. {109142}{109229}.I know. he stole your plant.|.[ Coughing ]|. {106592}{106663}Y'all calm down!|We got this.. Dean. maybe. {109371}{109433}Lauren. {109904}{109980}Yo. {108793}{108895}I have some of the same stuff. {110124}{110222}and Lauren will be unveiling her|Benjamin Franklin experiment.Repeat after me. {108160}{108215}Man. what up. they can't|hear me or see me. no.|.|Yo. gentlemen. {110478}{110569}[ Laughing ]|Happy studying. no. {109603}{109697}Yo. {109540}{109577}.Oh.|[ Laughs ] {109037}{109143}Never thought|I'd find you two ghetto asses|up in here studying. why you gotta be a hater? {109695}{109762}Oh.Baby Powder..|what are those? {109980}{110070}Oh. As a matter of fact. Damn.. well. {107425}{107482}Hey. it must be the effects|ofthe brownies you sent me. someone else|was breakin' in here.|I'm disappearing. {108055}{108161}so I caught them|and you can give me a reward.Ghetto asses?|.No..|It's pimpin' over here..|those that pass theirfinals..This shit's not workin'. I'm a hater.|Yo. Tell 'em! {107997}{108056}Well.Wait.Oh. {110669}{110768}. {108384}{108427}.What? {108628}{108668}. no.

{114003}{114087}Did Commander Riker give up|when the Borg infiltrated|the Starsh ip Enterprise. {112950}{113023}Very sad. {111664}{111742}No. {113941}{114003}You can't let the dean win.|Man.Who you callin' a bitch. God." {111052}{111141}. y'all {111268}{111348}We don't listen|to that Chinese shit. This what we d o.. {111823}{111901}[ Confused Chattering ] {111901}{111962}Let me get my switchblade out. I did receive them.|Mm-mm.|Yeah...Wu-Tang. you can't give up.. Very sad indeed. yes! {113286}{113347}Ah!|Hey! {113346}{113459}[ Whistles ]|Dean Cain expects us|off campus by Monday.[ Car Alarm Sounding] {112168}{112222}Ooh!|Ooh! Ow! {112264}{112348}Who the bitch now. brother?|.|I got you. {114718}{114792}My. I agree.Hey. bitch?|Bitch! {112348}{112420}I need to slap|my goddamn self for that.No.|Let's not get "ignant.[ Yells ]|.|As a matter of fact. shit! {112032}{112120}Come on.. {113752}{113831}Maybe I can go back|to being your manager. {112520}{112567}[ Chuckling ] {112598}{112658}[ Phone Ringing ]|Mm. it was two egg rolls.{110765}{110809}$25?|Money order? {110810}{110891}. my truth serum.|We do this..|I come for your girls.. we gonna get|kicked the fuck out this school.|Let me get my blade. what you listening to. {111140}{111218}Wu-Tang.[ Yelling Continues ]|.. {112659}{112710}Yes.|It wasn't duck sauce. {112766}{112845}I was just going over Silas|and Jamal's grades. {112709}{112765}Yes. bitch.|[ Laughs ] {113893}{113941}[Jeffrey]|No. bitch? {110890}{110947}Come on with it. {113830}{113893}and you strip at that club again|like you used to.Ooh.| I came to bring the pain {111218}{111267}Hardcore to the brain | Dollar. {111961}{112032}.|. Yeah.|they have to keep you. {113173}{113237}Yes..|And I'm still below a 2. {114612}{114689}If you get this|botany grade changed. dollar bill. ..That you bitches can split. yes.G. {110948}{111054}." {112895}{112951}Yes. {113023}{113102}Yes. {112845}{112894}and I see they're all "F's.." {111616}{111664}Maybe he just came here|to pay our money. we can't give up.|Ooh! {111742}{111825}Actually. actually. Dean Cain here. {114564}{114611}Silas.. no. Powder."|. {113457}{113517}It went that bad|in botany class? {113516}{113579}Kid lost|about 1 5 pounds of fluid.|My point is|shut the fuck up! {114410}{114457}It's over. und erstand me? {111532}{111618}Hold on. {113700}{113752}Man. Wu-Tang. Powder. man. {111348}{111402}Oh.|you gonna come back and give me|them two duck sauces y our mama.|Wash my hands. run for your life!|Oh! {114302}{114412}My point is that you two. {114458}{114529}And we out of here. {111455}{111532}I'm gonna round them|motherfuckin' almond eyes|of yours out.If it ain't "Rice Puff Daddy. That's "Run M .0.|Well. {112120}{112167}. you can't dance! {111402}{111455}You need to sit down. {113101}{113149}Bye-bye. {112420}{112521}Pimps go through this kind|of shit from time to time. {113579}{113703}And that|wasjust from the mouth. {114086}{114142}and Captain Picard came back|all half robot? {114142}{114219}The Borgs? They're here! {114219}{114303}Oh. I'll speak to you later.S.

look who's back! {115957}{115999}Holler. {119111}{119199}I got somethin' to tell you. Ivory. {114912}{114984}Yo.I actually feel wonderful. Jamie. no. we weren't expecting you. {117844}{117935}I'm proud of you. {117574}{117630}I hope we don't have|to pass out any barf bags.|Uh-oh. Daddy? {118140}{118181}Yeah. {115496}{115594}Listen. fellow alums.. look. {118064}{118140}. are you? {118961}{119026}Yeah. {116491}{116587}Ain't that right. hey. {115870}{115959}Yo. I guess|it's that new serum.|Listen. {117394}{117460}Ha!|Oh. {116146}{116230}Let's go meet|the next likely leader|ofthe free world. {117522}{117573}I got a feeling you gonna|see my experiment work... {116443}{116491}without her daddy on her arms.Jamal.|He's great.|Zing! {115715}{115806}Not that problem.|. Bart.. {115805}{115870}Those rejects|have been rejected.|See.Isn't he great..|Yeah.|Thank you.. this is my dad. {116958}{117047}And I call you Mr.|but you're right on time. I found my secret ingredient. son. {117631}{117721}Don't even worry about that. yo {115028}{115090}Here's your coffee. {116827}{116896}Mm-hmm. . hey. I already got|the prescription filled. {115592}{115719}Oh.{114791}{114844}I gotta fix it.|I think I have a solution|to your little problem. dog. {116714}{116773}where I get to see|my beautiful daughter. Daddy.. President|'cause I know you gonna|rock this e lection. cannabis. T oni ght.|Thank you. Professor. The serum|workin'.|Nice to see you.|This is Jamal. I know|you all two ain't over here|playin'grab as s. {118547}{118623}We don't want the dean|to get his panties in a bunch. {117046}{117117}I hope you're right.|Hi. camera. {116096}{116145}Guys. hello. {116586}{116655}Old friends. Dean Cain. yeah!|Yeah? {119026}{119113}Man. {115999}{116097}. what a surprise. {119256}{119325}I don't know. President. {119198}{119257}What you tellin' me for?|Damn. {116896}{116958}Ah. They hot. {118229}{118328}[ Laughter ] {118326}{118384}[ Mutters ] {118408}{118467}. {115195}{115243}[ Laughing ] {115332}{115344}[Swing] {115343}{115378}[Swing] {115448}{115495}Ah. man. {118181}{118229}He's great. Professor.|. man. Yo!|That's right. {115116}{115163}[ Silas ]|Nausea.|Don't even worry about it. I been pinchin'|your weed off.|Mr.|Jamal. man.|Man. {117720}{117792}By adding a little bit|of chro. Daddy. man.Dean.Hey. hey. {116772}{116826}Hi.|Look! Hey ..|.|[ Mumbles. sit down. {119325}{119382}I'm sorry. Daddy.|Look who's here. man. baby?|Right. {116655}{116713}it's wonderful|being back here at Harvard. {117296}{117396}All right.|Do your stuff. {118468}{118549}Here's your dad|after a frat party. man. Indistinct ] {118623}{118684}He might want to spank us!|Oh.How exciting. {116299}{116347}What are you two doing here? {116347}{116445}Couldn't have my future ex-wife|show up to some bigwig event. oh.Good service.|This is the last of you. {118808}{118885}Wait a minute.|That's okay.|What's going on? {117460}{117522}Nice to see you again. {118884}{118961}while I'm entertainin'|my future vanilla villa|father over there .|I'm talking about the boys. {117791}{117844}I was able|to counteract the nausea. look.

yeah! {121440}{121486}[ Laughter ] {121486}{121538}This is insane! {121538}{121588}What are you all laughing at? {121588}{121640}Dean. {119984}{120062}some of Benjamin Franklin's|artifacts. it ain't all right. whoa!|Hold up.. man. {120500}{120547}[Audience Gasping] {120548}{120603}[ Cain ]|A bong? {120604}{120665}This is.|[ Both Grunt ] {122850}{122900}. {121639}{121720}.Hey.|overopinionated ass!|. dog..|Look like you did it.|.Hit the bricks. I will take that|as a compliment. man.[ Woman Screaming]|. {121069}{121168}[ Both ]|Smoke that shit. dog! {121934}{122018}[ Funk ]| Get down with my girlfriend {122017}{122094}That ain't right {122094}{122150}The bi g payback {122151}{122195}[ Continues Indistinct ] {122265}{122310}[ Laughing ] {122310}{122369}Silas!|Jamal. Smoke. I have had it|with your uptight. I would wax that|ass t ill she show me what she. Dean. {119888}{119924}Thank you. {122787}{122850}I will. {119926}{119985}We all know that Harvard|has been honored to host. man.|You got a new serv e.. whoa. didn't we? {122585}{122645}Did we!|Amazing what two brothers. {120800}{120848}to these so-called findings. Ben. {123091}{123140}[ Yelling Continues ] {123140}{123224}Oh.|Light that shit. {120234}{120329}the reservoir|and the top-loading bud bowl.. I been takin' your CDs. {121229}{121311}. nigger!|You better give me three feet! . which I personally found.[ Gasps ]|. {120062}{120136}Like this cannon-like|article back here. man. {119706}{119743}Whoa.Come on.. man. {122645}{122716}from the P. {120728}{120801}he would deny and denounce|any claim. {120848}{120905}I'm gonna have|to disagree on that. {121167}{121229}Yo. {120387}{120502}the proud owner|of America's first. man.|Is that a bong or what? {120989}{121069}Yep. dog. {122530}{122585}Me and you turned this place|upside down.|Holler at your dogs. {120327}{120386}Ladies and gentlemen.. {122368}{122468}Yo.|pass that shit.|Whoa ! {119576}{119709}She's fine..{119382}{119500}No. bong. this motherfucker done|messed up my shit! {123224}{123281}Back up! Back up.|I been usin' your weed pipes. Ben. man. {120136}{120236}Now later you can take note|of the foot-operated carburetor. ease up on|the black-o n-black crime. tell this fool. Hey. Dean. man. It's the liberty bong.|Harvard is now. {121311}{121377}Gerald! {121377}{121440}Oh. you are fired! {121780}{121886}.self-serving. {119497}{119577}I even been lookin' at Lauren's|ass a couple of times. you gotta come|to this party. whoa!|Dean.|Yo. {119744}{119822}Jamal.[ Yelling ] {122901}{122963}[Man ]|Secret Service! {123013}{123091}Whoa. whoa. {122467}{122529}You gonna be|an herbal scientist. can do with just|a little bit of opportunity. this is outrageous! {120665}{120729}IfBenjamin Franklin|were here today. {122715}{122788}Word..[Silas ] Get 'im! {121720}{121781}In short. and ifshe gave|me the chance... bro. my brother.. man..|[ Gasping Continues ] {120906}{120991}Yo.|[ Chuckles ] {119822}{119877}[ Muttering ] {119878}{119889}Thank you.

my God {123546}{123593}Oh.Where my bitches? {127181}{127242}Come on with it. {124529}{124588}Good. {124676}{124756}Daddy. feel me? {126014}{126082}Just keep it pimpalicious. {126705}{126802}Give me a call next week. you have never|satisfied me.|. yes. {126476}{126533}I like the ladies..|[ Snickers ] {124756}{124837}Silas. that's two.|Take your hands off of me!|Do you realize w ho I am? {123681}{123773}. {126882}{126963}I'm one. you talked! {123772}{123844}Why.|you are coming with me! {125344}{125425}Honey.What are you looking at?|.. and you're|going to get an "A" in my course.|but if they ain't in her e.|Popcorn player. {126962}{127018}if you don't pass this class. {123843}{123967}Lord. welcome to the family. {125076}{125144}I don't care. your experiment|was a success. son.{123280}{123338}Give me three feet! {123338}{123400}. {124061}{124110}[ Both Speaking Gibberish ] {124110}{124158}Popcorn player..|Keep it pimpalicious! {126082}{126162}Powder.I Need Money. I like it. {126534}{126617}Just stop it right there. {126801}{126882}Today's class is called|Pimpology I and II. {126304}{126351}they might not understand. {127018}{127089}It got to come out right!|And if it don't come out right. . {126428}{126475}fat bitches pissin' on you|all the time. this is the wildest time|I've ever had. 'cause Jamal's|gonna be my baby daddy. {123593}{123682}Take him away. {125921}{126015}we gonna get those|intellect bitches and start|our own new stabl e.|It is somewhat|of a surprise to me also.[ Yelling ] {123400}{123438}[ Yelling Continues ] {123440}{123549}Hey.|You like them hand-jobs. {124836}{124930}Your serum worked. Professor!|So that means I get to stay. {127089}{127129}you ain't gonna get|the pimp tonight! {127129}{127180}. Jamal. Lord.| Oh.Whoa!|.|Have you ever been to college? {126616}{126707}. {124994}{125076}You betcha!|You can stay as long|as it takes you to graduate. cool. it's a gift!|It's a gift from above!|Make it float like a dove! {123965}{124063}Make it scream like Michael|in a rhinestone glove. ladies? {125200}{125269}Hey. {124588}{124677}Ah. {124929}{124994}Ooh. {124389}{124483}[ Laughing ]|You won't mind that I'm bangin'|your daughter on th e regular. {124158}{124206}[Bong Bubbling] {124206}{124254}[ Coughing ] {124254}{124334}I didn't inhale!|Woo-hoo! {124334}{124390}God.|I think we can work|something out. {125795}{125849}The day you lay off|is the day you pay off.|That's what your ass will be. ladies?|[ Together ] Mmm! {125144}{125199}Shall we.Where my bitches?|. down here!|This is not happening! {125268}{125345}Lauren.. no!|Not at all.Yeah. {125850}{125921}We come in here|to get our old bitches.|Lord. what are you|doing here?|What are you doing in here? {126162}{126229}Well. boys.Academia. I've been rolling|this joint for 20 years. {126352}{126428}You are one|of my biggest customers. {125425}{125476}Huh? {125477}{125525}Silas? {125525}{125573}But I can. {126228}{126305}But if these people knew|I was using your|Dial-A-Ho service.|Licking poodle feets and shit. two years Pussyology.|Right. get up. {124481}{124529}No. L ord.

you fuckers!|Call action! {129069}{129157}Uh-oh. y'all {129908}{129965}How high. how|How. {128441}{128528}See each other no more. {127857}{127946}They know we stole the.Cut!|. indeed|I'm ill as any S.|I'm about to go stick my dick|in a Thermos o r something.Cut!|..|What is that? {127944}{128073}I knew it. the fuckin' around.|Y'all don't wanna leave! {129608}{129663}[ Woman Vocalizing] {129663}{129747}Yo. yo.|Why don't you get|out of your seat? {129558}{129609}Go home! Go home!|All y'all. baby!|Puffs of purgatory.|Camera rolling shot on "A. how {130019}{130076}Yo. how. Come on in. {128528}{128576}Ah.L. how.."|[ Woman ] "D" marker. Spock|Bringin' my boys {130777}{130857}Bringin' you lungs|Pop the Glock but only|if you feel this shit {130856}{130918}Jack the Ripper|don't make me have to kill|this bitch {130918}{130980}Back to get ya|Put it in check|That's the mista {130980}{131042}Meth with his wood|on your neck|Shut your lips up {131041}{131105}[ Vocalizing Continues ] {131105}{131160}Smoke cheeba cheeba|Smoke cheeba cheeba {131225}{131281}So high that I could kiss|the sky {131349}{131406}Brick city|to the crooked letter I . Go home.|Puffs of purgatory . {128190}{128300}Man.|I don't give a fuck|if it breaks! {129157}{129221}You hear me?|Goddamn it! {129221}{129277}Turn that goddamn water off! {129277}{129364}Cut! Cut! Cut! {129363}{129398}.D. T.Cut! {129470}{129558}The movie's over. shit!|[ Laughing ] {128606}{128654}[ Sneezes ] {128873}{128966}I pledge allegiance to the pimp|of the united pimps of America. {128124}{128190}I told you we should have went|to U. {127492}{127567}[Man ] Ten. stop doin' that shit. yo {130076}{130133}Tical shittin' again|Spittin' to win {130134}{130197}L oad they guns clip in the end|None sicker than him {130197}{130271}Yes.Cut. {128070}{128124}Can I get some pussy?|Sure. motherfuckers|How high {129965}{130018}How.|I mean. {128965}{129000}[ Crowd]|Oh! {129001}{129070}Come on.|. dog.|You can't be laughin' at me. I forgot|my motherfuckin' lines! {127713}{127810}Yo. damn all this.A. how. {127809}{127856}Fuck my close-up up..C. ladies and gentlemen | Smoke cheeba cheeba|Smoke cheeba chee ba {129747}{129796}We got Toni Braxton|up in the house {129796}{129847}So high that I can kiss|the skies.|You guys and your lines. bitch {129848}{129908}We live up in here. nigger. Line 'em up! {128351}{128410}Puffs of purgatory. how. {128297}{128350}Puffs of purgatory|for everybody. {127585}{127629}Cut! {127630}{127715}And another thing. {129398}{129471}..{127242}{127281}and let it fly! {127310}{127408}Not yourselves!|Shit! {127405}{127492}That was deep!|That was deep.|or sex disease {130270}{130318}These dirty rats|want extra cheese {130318}{130377}On that piece ofthe pie|Now ask me how high {130377}{130439}Until you reach for the sky|Blame the crooked letter "I" {130439}{130494}That's my home|Twenty three's|wrapped in chrome {130495}{130558}Not only snap on y'all niggers|but I'll snap dem bones {130558}{130614}Slap your dome|Make you leave|that crack alone {130615}{130671}You got the key to the city|but the latch is on {130670}{130717}I gots it locked|bringin' the noise {130718}{130777}Bringin' the funk Dr.Cut.

let's get|L et's get | Yo.{131407}{131504}L et's get. yo|It's how they perform it {131759}{131821}My dash is 1 0|My weed half a pound {131821}{131881}When there's smoke in the air|my nose is like a basset hound's {131881}{131935}I don't stash the drug|Nigga. close the door | Yo. yo {131502}{131579}Yo. yo|L et's get {132910}{132958}Yo. bitch {132483}{132546}[ Vocalizing Continues ] {132546}{132604}Smoke cheeba cheeba|Smoke cheeba cheeba {132666}{132720}Yeah. divide {131936}{132013}I'm that nigga that ride|with a trigger to get a supply {132012}{132061}High is how I stay|all the time {132061}{132117}Niggas. you can call on the man|when the party is borin' {131578}{131639}I had these ho 's strippin'|till it's part ofthe mornin' {131640}{131701}I love a fat chick|with a body enormous {131701}{131758}It ain't about the weight. let's get {132958}{133016}Mista Method Man|puttin' in work foot in the dirt {133016}{133076}Like it's all good roll|through your hood|pushin' a hearse {133077}{133133}I wish y'all would come|around like Clint Eastwood {133134}{133410}[ Vocalizing Continues ] . bitches|shut all your blinds {132117}{132180}If I'm hard to find|take two puffs and pass {132180}{132240}I stayed back|but my Benz moved up a class {132240}{132301}It's Dock and Meth|The format is real sickening {132301}{132361}Contagious|We out for Mista Biggs women {132360}{132414}You better shut your trap|when my dogs around {132415}{132483}We pissin' on fire hydrants|so walk around. so high|till I reach the sky {132788}{132849}Brick city|and the crooked letter "I" {132849}{132910}L et's get.