Dice Rules

How to Roll the Dice in Combat… INTIATIVE To determine the order of action players roll a d10 initiative. Lowest number starts, followed by the next highest and so on. ROLLING DICE All dice rolls are d10. The high number wins. JackPC rolls a 5 NickPC rolls a 2 JackPC wins and rolls damage if applicable. ADDING SKILLS AND SPELL BONUS TO ROLLS If your character has a Skill Bonus then you may add this to the result of the roll. EXAMPLE: Jack swings his sword, the dice roll is 5. Jack has Advanced One-Handed Swords as a Skill (+4), which he can add to the roll: 5+4=9. JackPC: D10 (+4) JackPC rolls a 5. JackPC total is 9. To learn more about skills please visit the following link: [Custom Skills] or [Magic Rules] DAMAGE All damage whether physical or magical is d8 damage, unless stated otherwise on the character sheet. HEALTH POINTS Every character has 20 HP. However we do offer a Skill that will increase HP slightly. The Skill: “Stamina Increase”, raises your HP by 2 (Beginner), 4 (Advance) and 6 (Expert). INCAPCITATED When a character reaches 0 HP, the character is considered incapacitated, unable to react, out cold. DYING When the character reaches (minus) ‐5HP, the character is in a critical state. Without medical attention in the next five minutes, (or 3 rounds) the character may die. DEATH For every minute that passes after your character reaches -5 HP there will be a deduction of 1 HP. When HP reaches – 10, the character is considered dead.

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HEALING The character must have a healing type of skill whether medical or magical. Healing cannot take place during combat be done in combat. Guide to DICE healing: Step One: First step is to set up a difficulty level for your character. Roll d10 and add +4 to the roll. EXAMPLE ‐ Healer rolls an 8 then add +4 equals 12. Second step determines if you were successful. You roll a d10 and + Skill Bonus (a healing skill).EXAMPLE ‐ Healer rolls an equal or higher number than the first roll of 12 and the action of healing is successful. Lower than 12 and the action is considered a fail, and the healing is unsuccessful.

Step Two:

RESURRECTION There is currently no method of resurrection known.

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