Video 1 ~ Where are you from?

Where is Barbara from? a. England c. France b. Spain d. Italy

Where is Howie Grossfield and his family from? a. Toronto, Canada b. Latin America c. Pronto, Canada d. The front of America Where is Tracy from now? a. Pennsylvania c. Lithuania Where is Jill from? a. Massachusetts c. Pennsylvania

b. Transylvania d. Manhattan

b. Salt lake city d. Flushing, New York

Video 2 ~ How old are you?
How old is Camilles Daughter Abigail? a. 10 months old c. 12 months old How old is Greg? a. 18 c. 22 How old is Tracy now? a. 22 c. 26 How old does Howies Dad say he is? a. 23 c. 34

b. 11 months old d. 11 years old

b. 20 d. 30

b. 23 d. 28

b. 24 d. 44

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