suplan thursday october 11, 2007b greetings and thank you for covering my duties this morning!

8th grade students began a two-day project yesterday called "the adventure of a first job"; it's written in black on the dry-erase board. (the brown writing is the previous assignment). most students should finish "first job" up today. the executive summary is: write a story, comic strip, blog, diary, letter, script, 1-minute commercial or use the green or orange butcher paper" cave painting" (i actually told a class that yesterday). from the "here's what happens" column, students are required to work in as many elements as possible, from filling out a job application all the way to the first day on a new job. unfinished work from yesterday is in the manila folder on the desk (labeled with a sticky note). students should hand all their finished work to you personally. if students finish early, there are myers-briggs personality test handouts, games and puzzles sitting on the computer. i do apologize for locking the desk (i wish it weren't necessary!) the computer password has been changed to the old one we all logged in with for the first time. have a great day! adam