Venn diagram: Valuable Work vs.

As you recall, last week we worked on two types of assignments: a Halloween word search and a “Creative Thinking for Technology” activity. The”Creative Thinking” assignment was Valuable Work. The word search was Babysitting. It is vital to know the difference:

Valuable Work: - Helps you learn how to think - Makes you ask questions - Feels like steak for your brain
What It Made You Do: - Write sensible answers - Analyze what’s required - Decide how to respond - Create a drawing or visualize a solution

Both: - Were on a handout - Can be worked on individually - Use up class time

Babysitting: - Keeps you “busy” - Doesn’t challenge you - Feels like Cheetos for your brain
What It Made You Do: - Identify words and circle them, or write short answers - Choose an item from an easy list - Avoid thinking deeply

You Know You’ve Accomplished Something When You Need A Break Afterward!

If You’re Not a Little Tired Afterward, Maybe Nothing Much Got Accomplished!

When you and your family expect success for you, you are consistently demanding valuable work from your teachers and your school. Anything less is a waste of: - your precious time - your parents’ faith in your school - your teacher’s paycheck, which is supported with the taxes paid by the residents of the city of St. Louis If you are focused on success, you already know: Babysitting will not prepare you for a successful career. If you are given as much Babysitting as Valuable Work, you and your parents are being ripped off. You must protest such treatment to avoid spending pointless time in school and being subjected to failure and disrespect in the workplace due to inadequate preparation.
Please bring this handout home to your parent or guardian. Encourage them to respond to it and to discuss their response with you. Responses could either be written on the back of this handout, or take the form of a phone call or email to Mr. Bockhorst. He can be reached at 361-4940 (extension 310), or at

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