Best Buy Teach Grant ideas Teaching with digital projectors: secure 1 per grade, share among teachers

for presenting graphical, multimedia, and web interactive lessons. Using Flash animations allows science classes to work through interactive simulations and demonstrations that would otherwise be impractical, impossible, or inaccessibly abstract to lower achieving learners. An example: Holt Science & Technology series: Demonstration of physical science concepts such as inertia, acceleration due to gravity and free fall using the Flash movies provided by the Holt Physical Science textbook website chapter “Matter in Motion” Journalism & Photojournalism idea With 12 inexpensive digital cameras, half a class can create a cross-curricular photoessay of any topic assigned. The other half stays back in the computer lab and writes articles on the topic, and afterward the students switch roles. Students then compare the products and insights yielded. An example: Life as an Ant: photo-essay and narrative. Students discover a different environment, with new dangers as well as different opportunities for feeding and new habitats, less than an inch off the floor or the ground.

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