Bockhorst – Careers 7A, 8A, 6A Hello and thank you for subbing for me!

The students are filling out their self-assessments. Most if not all will need both papers: “Self-assessment” and “Self-assessment scoring sheet.” For the first paper, “Self-assessment,” students write a number that represents their agreement with each statement (there are 70). They write 0 if they feel the statement is totally false, 10 if they feel it is totally true, and make a judgment call if they feel the statement is somewhere in between totally true and totally false. Having finished both sides of the first sheet, students then transfer each number to the “Self-assessment scoring sheet”, starting with column A (#6, then #14, etc.) and then column B as indicated. Each 2-column box has a total score that students add up; for example, for score #1, they add number 6, 14, 21, 42 and 66. At the bottom of the score box, the total of column A is added to 50, then column B is subtracted from the result, giving the total for score #1. Each box is done likewise. When all the score # boxes are complete, students write these results on the other side of the “Self-assessment scoring sheet” and discuss the results.

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