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Health Class

Health Class

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Published by: Khameliyah Bhat Yisrael on Oct 26, 2011
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detoxification colon-needing fiber soluable and un soluable roughage unsol and grains sol water rev osmosis

, colloidal silver(for storage)?, bentonite clay w/ psy illum husk, liquid chlorophil and senna colonics and enemas with herbs and flaxseed oil slippery elm and mayberr y -enemas good for constipation maintain regularity, chia seeds, flax seed Crohn's and leaky gut syndrome cat's claw, grapeseed extract, pau d'arco, licorice, goldenseal, comfrey liver-garlic,tumeric, dandelion leaves bitter herbs stimulate bile production, yellow dock, omega-3, antioxidan t rids free radical omega3 from nuts, seeds, fish-coldwater, white fish, red snapper, wild-c aught, cod omega6+9-seaweeds teas-horsetail,cinnamon, clove, ginger, summer best time to detox blood-burdock, goldenseal, red clover, yucca, root veggies, watercress, milk t hi, rose hip, olve leaf extract berries, green tea, cascara sagrada, kidneys-jicama, red banana, lemons, watermelon, dark leafy veg, jucing 12 essential salts, sea veg, dandelions, gravel root www.renewlife.com www.vitacost.com www.thevitamincode.com www.healthfoodemporium.com megafood parasite-improper cleansing of meats, veg, tap water clover, raw pumpkin seeds attracted to unnatural, sugar, mucous detox syptoms nettles

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