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Research Methods

Research Methods

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Research: This is still the most important source.
It is objective and involves systematic procedures.
Experience: This is a common mode of obtaining
knowledge. This is subject to personal
Tradition: Transmission is done through cultural
avenues and values. This is objective too.
Authority: this takes the form of expert in a
specialized area.
Intuition: This is perception into a phenomenon
through instinct.

Research and Theory

A theory is a system of explaining a phenomenon
by stating constructs and laws that interrelate
these constructs to each other.
It is a scientific prediction or explanation
Kerlinger (1979) defines a theory as a set of
interrelated constructs (variables), definitions, and
propositions that presents a systematic view of a
phenomena by specifying relations among
variables, with the purpose of explaining natural
A construct is a concept, a variable, abstraction,
or idea drawn from the specific.
Theory and research are interrelated. Theory
guides research and research guides theory.

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