More thall a hook: A reflective, interactive IUUlrn,.

,,, guide with real tools for personal and leadership rralnstofllillttm Redefiiled leaderdhip: Provides a new and essential UtellQ.lttt', originates in the essence of the person and radiates 0Utw,ardltH beyond competencies and skill-building to oharaeteF and Illterdi.Jciplillary: Whole-person approach is multiple and interrelated pathways to leadership.

High Impact: Highly recommended by Fortulle 500 authors, and the media. It includes inspirational stories turn leadership potential into leadership practice. Pro veil alld tutef): Not an academic treatise about lea,cter'Shf and practical guide that has been developed through 20 years and executives.

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"True adventure always involves the exploration of one's innermost spirit. Leadership from the Inside Out is a compass that helps you navigate this hidden domain as a means to bring out full leadership capacity with honesty and renewed energy." -Ann Bancroft, polar explorer (first woman to reach North and South Poles) and Director, American Women's Expedirion Foundation

Practicing the seven pathways meaning, and purpose."

"Leadership from the Inside Ollt touches

the heart and soul of transformative leadership. of leadership will lead us into the next century with courage,


-Bill DeFoore, Ph.D., co-editor of The New Bottom Lim and Rediscovering the SOIlI of Business: A Renaissance of Valfles "Outstanding! Leadership from the Inside Out is a must-read positive change in their lives and in the world." -Robert for anyone serious about making


Hawthorne, CEO, Select Comfort Corporation, and former Presidenr, The Pillsbury Company

"Serving as bedrock for this valuable book are Kevin's powerful, intimate experiences with people as they challenge themselves to grow into their leadership potential. His capacity to synthesize experience into principles and practices, integrated with his ability to tell stories richly yet succinctly-to combine insight and illustration-again and again adds up to wisdom. -Barbara Shipka, author of Leadership in a Challenging ''(fodd: A Sacred journey

"Leadership begins with truth and consummates itself in trust. Leadership from the Inside Ollt gives you some very practical ways to live these crucial principles. The support found in these principles surmounts the challenges we must deal with as we approach the next century." -Robert James, Presidenr, Allianz of North America

Becoming a Leader for Life

"In his new book, Leadership from the Inside Ont, Kevin Cashman joins the great philosophers of history in maintaining that we must build internal foundations for the greatest external results. He offers practical wisdom and guidance for leaders who want to increase personal effectiveness in the most enduring and satisfying way." -Tom Morris, Ph.D., Chairman, Morris Institute for Human Values, and author of True Success:A New Philosophy of Excellence, and If Aristotle Ran General Motors: The New SOIlIof Business "If you want personal transformation, then buy Leadership from the Inside Ou« It will guide you through the unexplored territories we often miss in our frenetic-paced business world." -Trudy Rautio, Executive :rice President and CFO, Carlson Hospitality Worldwide


"Our knowledge ofleadership has soared in the past few years, far beyond tactics and concepts, into the powerful but elusive realm of human spirit. Here, finally, is a book that not only explains what this means, but also shows us step-by-step how to get there!" -Jack Hawley, author of Reawakening the Spirit in ''(fork: The Power of Dbarmic Mallagement

a~? not anyone else-can travel that road for C.(l." In fact. Leadership Growth Commitments: A. C. an attempt INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • • COMMITMENTS c.eJ(tfO. No one else can do it for .lwfirf/c/olirf el(0«jh. yourself that for but satisfaction. no one else can be in the loop for it to be genuine.fel'f-6ifr.f.f. Timeline and Measures of Success: -A.<.alNirf. b.f(Jl(a to tt<-Mt to fet I a« cft. av.f/ot<-I(l. .oltfe befoN' 6:30 !-Itf. Potential Obstacles: A. 11(1jh. 1. a flight Personal back to the ideals of the masses. B.ff'clet<. C.far-e Itfo. health. Keep reminding your happiness.f o(Jl(trof6irf· Mel be/Ifj Itfol'e !tr 6 1tf000tu.'ttirf belef t<-fjar-cftirf (~wet<-aeh. 360 0 B.I(I th.ofeh. Everything else was only a wouldat evasion.( r-r LEADERSHIP GROWTH COMMITMENTS PERSONAL MASTERY SAMPLE Keep in mind the following principles as you begin to master your ability to lead through authentic self-expression. and only you can walk your own path to it. assume total responsibility for your life is no small task.I(''zatr'ol(<-. No one else can motivate you." At first.eOffe aeil(owferlje th. (}OI(. 4.eOffe I(otroe th. clients cannot do it for you. Mffeoff~e.irf Itf! fhr~ !tr 1ltf(Jl(th"pttrirf h. His task was to discover his an arbitrary live it out wholly and resolutely be existence.s. Your organization or l(eecI to bv. h.r-e I eh. fe.t{o/)'e ft<-oltfeOl(trof. 2.f of Itf! . Learning to (l.{t( 5. As Hermann Hesse wrote in Demian. No one else is "in the Itfot<-e. "Each man had only one genuine vocation-to own destiny-not find the way to one-and within himself.fwet<-af.rti<of. rear-of fo. rear. Only you can commit to it.Of. .alNirf .lfel awar-eI(e. Resources Needed: A.1fv. you must learn to travel it for yourself.l'ot<-e eoaeh.ts> a weei.Mw_)?. ~et ooffeOj"e. and fear of one's own inwardness. Take Total Responsibility: Commit yourself to the path of Personal Mastery. conformity.lirf t<-e.fOltfeof Itf! fhrOje I(eerk. II not do it for you. too Itfv. you are not a victim of your . or life situation you. "Not 1- 3. II( 3 Let10 of .t{! IItf~ Mel eo. fulfillment. ) \!VIi VI -g """Iv .f.f(Jl(a.ooMe. No one else is responsible<-.t. you are it." Mastery is the one life experience you must give yourself. B. A mentor can1. competence. No matter what life or leadership challenges you face..f.a~ if th.r-ee.o«jh. this may be difficult. cA f'I C+ -_\'\/1 Ptt~G V.a~.LEADERSHIPFROM THE INSIDE OUT PATHWAY ONE: PERSONALMASTERY SEVEN POINTS OF AWARENESS AUTHENTIC SELF-EXPRESSION FOR LEADING THROUGH 57 S.l'ot<-e Itf! l(eecI to c/o0'0Itfv. .. ~eeo/'t eh.<erwa/'etrt th." himself. Walt Whitman I B. Key Learnings: .

Sometimes we may inhibit or ignore the flow. The manifestation pose is always changing. the greater the sense of freedom. His entire personal and professional life had demon_ strated this passion. then it probably him." LesSjoy. Purpose is constant. less freedom are the result. or is it coming from a place of obligation. Purpose opens up possibilities. For years a seeker was looking for his life's purpose. I once had a client who asked me. his relationships. of pur- the source of everything. All life is the purposeful play of the Creator." Purpose releases energy. They think money motivates people. If the behavior is adding energy. y and fulfillment to the pas- bilities?" He again quickly responded. less energy. His passion was deeper than that. people want to know they've done something meaningful. -Bill George which he viewed his entire life. She was born to do that. grew to and his work life. and bondage? Has your life become a seriesof "Have to do's" or is it moving in the direction of "Want to do's"? Take a few minINSIGHTS. It was what he was really ali about. but it is always there seeking expression. which type of became aware of how his external defin_ to the changing market. Purpose also frees us. But each time he went deeply into his own being. achieving the next career goal. Then I said. 72 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUt BATI-lWAYTwO: PURPOSE MASTERY 73 "What happens adapt themselves to the company that defines itself by its core values and capa_ "They thrive because they Continually. When observing sionate. would surface within is omnipohim: "If the Absolute Reality being. them and others." Ponder the . focused behavior of people. It was the "lens" through Take some time to observe your own behavior. What happens when the "thing" is done or the career is over? Does that mean the person no longer has a purpose? Are these people then expendable to the Universe? Purpose is life flowing through us. It was present in his family. duty. with this why did it bother to create the universe in the first place?" After struggling approached his spiritual question for quite some time." How much equity ofpurpose is on your personal balance sheet? Are you living and leading the way you really want? Often the search for purpose in our own Is BIGGER AND DEEPER THAN OUR GOALS How often have you heard someone say about extraordinary was their people. it can sometimes . It was about helping people to grow. Is it coming from a place of purpose? Is it releasing energy. conditioning.. "How can I tell the difference between obsessively or compulsively driven behavior and purposefully driven behavior? It is difficult to tell them apart sometimes. . At the end of the day. He understand that purpose was deeper and broader than his goals. "He was born to do this. "For the sake of purposeful play. A story about a seeker of purpose illustrates this principle. PURPOSE utes and sketch out a "balance sheet" of "Have to do's" versus "Want to do's. Obsession or compulsion drains our energy and binds us to the activity itself. He realized that his purpose was not about simply purposeful place. But not many leaders act as though they believe that's what really motivates people. the greater the energy. REFLECTIONS • COMMITMENTS • People in organizations are primarily looking for meaning in their work. omnipresent. It was the foundation on which he had built his life. 'company' are you?" He immediately itio~ was limiting be difficult to know if is coming from a the person is being obsessive or purposeful." It is as if the "thing" only goal. The higher the purpose. The more profound the purpose. How it manifests itself depends on our ability to open up to it and the particular circumstances we may be facing at the time. he eventually teacher and posed the question. "So. their only reason for lives leads us to question the purpose of life itself. )0. The response from the wise old master was direct and clear. the same question tent.

You just won the $100 million lottery jackpot. During such purposeful times. fulfilled. of that for awhile: It is one of the most profound ideas I have REFLECTION Is your life full of purposeful PURPOSE MASTERY So how are you doing in your own "playground"? play. and life proceeded in a type of frictionless flow. What gives your life that sense of purposeful 1. How are you expressing your gifts to make a difference in all parts of your life? . fulfilling moments? 6. What will you do with the rest of your life? 4.74 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OU1 PATHWAY Two: PURPOSE MASTERY 75 implications ever heard. we are able to achieve extraordinary things with ease. 3. -Sir Arthur Keith play? The following give you some clues. we pursue the tale with avidity} hoping to discover the plot. or is it full of drudgery and work? We have all experienced times in Our lives when work was more like play. reflective exercise may 2.. and "full of life" when I . How are you expressing your gifts to make a difference as a leader? 8.. My gifts are: 7. What is the recurring theme of your life-the motivated to do-that "thing" you are always is present in all your energetic. I feel most energetic. What will you do with these last two years? Discovering How We Express Our Gifts to Create Value The world of ours has been constructed like a superbly written novel. What is that "something more" inside you waiting for expression? S. You have only two years to live and will do so with your normal energy and vitality.

We need to be flexible. -------------------------- be learning from this?" When we are living life on-purpose. __ ---------------------------C. -Jody Thone Lande ure does not exist. B. ----------------~------------------------- S. Resources Needed: that connects divergent symphony. we are unwilling these experiences into a meaningful context. Key Learnings: Becoming a Leader. "The world becomes a glass dictionary. or because ." 8. Like an orchestra interpreting a to 2. B. this will be expressed very differently-as as a professional person. From the vantage point of Purpose Mastery. __ B. Congruence of purpose in all domains of our life is the goal of Purpose Mastery. Learn from "Failure": or unexpected Failure is a subjective label we apply to unintended or unable to integrate LEADERSHIP GROWTH COMMITMENTS PURPOSE MASTERY experiences. "Everywhere you trip is where the treasure lies. c." But we have be open as We rnp. open c. the expression of our purpose will change. 1. The next time you are experiencing something you didn't intend or expect. Timeline and Measures of Success: B.rHWAY TwO: PURPOSE MASTERY 81 . "What am I supposed to A. roles throughout 4. ask yourself. and as a retired person. A. to A. as a parent. For instance. It is life attempting directions.ur meanen identify the potential obstacles. A. ---------------------- -------------------- . In the words of Emerson. At different stages a child. Usually. As Warren to teach Otl us some new lessons or trying to point some new Bennis wrote in to n the learnings that have surfaced as you read this chapter. Reflect O Identify three leadership growth commitments to enhance yo. sorneone's real purpose in life may be guide and to nurture others. C. Leadership Growth Commitments: A. Potential Obstacles: c. 3. Be Flexible: Genuine insight into our purpose can be a recurring theme spheres of our life. resources needing an d purpose. failEvery experience is a golden thread of meaning in our life's tapestry. every life experience helps us to solve the hieroglyphic of meaning. B. --------------------------------------------------- of the life cycle. --------~~----------------------------- the process of expressing our internal sense of purpose in many different life.they were not expressing fully al] aspects of themselves in their work. Th ed and signs or measures of success.80 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE 0 U1' pf. 7. purposeful leaders have lost their sense of purpose because they were not usin their gifts in their personal lives.

• Be Purposeful in All Domains: Understand pose into all areas of your life. Waterfalls tumble down rivers rushing to their destinations. • Get in Touch with Your Values: Values will guide you to your purpose. techniques. rocky cliffs form an imposing backdrop as they disappear into the water's edge.SUMMARY PATHWAY THREE: CHANGE MASTERY Leading. Then the water in my wet suit started to warm up and everything changed. I received adults' counsel about the Great Lake at a young age: "You can only survive the cold water of Superior for four or five minutes. After a short distance. . Swimming from point to point. her calm temperament ships whenever she pleases. Seek your own unique purpose. I met with an life experiences. At a moment's force. how you express it will change as you evolve through various stages. It's an inland sea unlike any other-the largest body of fresh water in the world. I entered the water. Express your own leadership VOKe. leaders remind people ! The north shore of Lake Superior is really an awesome sight. of others are your tools. Cool. can become a raging Remember Gordon which values are important. bone-achingly cold. • Seek the Goal: Be careful not to mistake the path for the goal. Courageous leaders are centered in purpose. in the Flow Change Mastery involves embracing the purposeful learning contained in the unending. I became intensely aware of being the only human in this huge mass of water. energize~. As I dove in. Pay attention to what int. fresh pine scents the air. not your goal. Growing up in Minnesota.82 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSlDE OUT PURPOSE MASTERY. I was In the first couple of minutes. • Be Flexible: Even though your essential purpose will be a constant throughout your life." In the spirit of adventure (some might say the spirit of foolishness). I closely watchedthe into its depth. Black. 'and excites you. the blackness of unbelievably crystal clear water with spears of light passing through it. • Act "On-Purpose": Dream it and then do it! Doubt your doubts and remember your dreams. your purpose gaps- Lightfoot's song about the Edmund Fitzgerald? The Edmund Fitzgerald was one those parts of your life lacking expression of purpose. As calming and refreshing as Superior is. The philosophies. new underwater cliffs and rockformations came into view. Leadership is expressing your talents in the service of others .erests. The language of leadership is expressed through our values. she also is dangerously unpredictable. I believed all the advice of my upbringing. or ~iews. As I swam near the shore. I decided to swim the lake. Donning my wet suit (I'm not completely crazy). • Learn from "Failure": Be open to the purposefulleaming in unexpected or unintended contained sure I could not handle the cold. Expand your pur- • Encourage Others to Find Purpose: Be a true leader by helping others connect with what is meaningful to them. creative flow of life. It felt breathtakingly. • Focus on How to Make a Difference: Connect with purpose by understanding how your gifts can be of service to the world. The truest test of your character as a leader is the manner in which you deal with failure. swallowing of her victims. When I swam further deep drop-offs appeared and revealedthe lake's immensity. the cold water overwhelmed me. huge notice.

riven person. His family life and personal life were clear evidence of his act€r-d . As William "between ning"-he wilderness. Why was he able to change? He was able to change because he was able to grow in a way that was consistent with his real nature. in place. sensitive. . Jim was a tough. Because he didn't see the light. A story about the relationship teacher and student illustrates this principle. the heat overcame him and he was terminated. these highly developed. I wasn't hopeful. but once the cup was full. "Stop! You must be crazy! You're ruining everything! Can't you see what you are doing?" The teacher continued her pour- . Years of parental modeling combined with a history of patterning his conditioning himself after an extremely demanding. For the first time. crusty executive from the "old school." He was finally ready to listen to coaching regarding his style and personality. Although he remained uncompromising on results. the shock of this change was dramatic.LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUT PATHWAYTHREE: CHANGE MASTERY 87 prowess was exceptional. he committed leadership approaches. liabilities but his emotional-interpersonal the growing Unfortunately. Despite the teacher's attempts to share her life experience. Glenn Was and the new beginGlenn took full in this the ending his insightful demands going beyond our pre-conceived ideas. Despite honest feedback. he evolved as a leader. I knew his reputation peeling away layers of self-understanding. Glenn had never "failed" at anything in his Changes [in life} are not only possible and predictable. She not only filled the student's cup. For the first time. Within months. the student always resisted. to an action plan to transform his his own business and he purchased created a new life. but he also "bore holes" right through people in his drive for excellence. He succeeded because he was open to the purposeful learning contained in the change process." He was extremely bright and got exceptional results. When he was referred coaching. He didn't intend to impact people negatively. Fewer and fewer people wanted to work with him. to he would rant and rave. skills were nOt as organization. BREAKING OLD PATTERNS AND OPENING Up TO CHANGE positive change requires letting patterns and taking go of old It of a a fresh approach. Change is dramatic and lasting when it is a purposeful growth toward who we really are. One day the teacher took a different approach." Bridges would have described it in writing on change. After several sessions at our Executive to Leader Institute. he transformed the way he got them. he just wasn't ready to grow. As he advanced through became more prominent. but to deny them is to be an accomplice to one's own unnecessary vegetation. she continued to pour. and coaching. When he arrived. INSIGHTS Glenn never really COm_ prehended the importance of developing these inner resources. the teacher asked the student if he would like some tea. He just didn't know how to get results differently. A student who thought he had it "all figured out" would visit his teacher each day for personallessons about life. If someone didn't meet his expectations. Covering the table and streaming onto the beautiful The carpet. professional assessment. growth available of the creativity and developmental "wilderness. he was rapidly To my surprise he was eagerly open to growth. He jumped up from at the teacher. the hot tea ruined everything! his chair and started screaming • Cos was in the "journey through the Fortunately. The teacher then proceeded to set the tea table and brought in a huge pot of piping hot tea. starting to limit his career progression. Tea overflowed. and it was us for executive and doubted he was open to change. he was truly vulnerable. Once he found congruence between his inner life and outer life. char- student was shocked. Underneath insecure boss had set the surface was a caring.r lOne being. -Gail advantage Sheehy life.

Each time I am afraid that I will miss. better route? Perhaps you have lost a job or relationship. my aliveness coming to get me. attempting nent. I'm either hanging on to a trapeze bar swinging along or. But once in a while." It's called transition. When we resist change. I soar across the dark void of "the past is gone. suggesting to the most instructive? testing INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • Change is always our teacher. new restaurant to replace \ Change is the timeless interplay of the forces of creation and destruction. something. -] anet Feldman it? How many difficult or unpleasant expel'i. In my heart-of-hearts.I mean real change. I hope that I won't have to grab the new bar. for a few moments in my life. and what do I see?. It doesn't matter that in all my previous hurdles across the void of unknowing. and I have the feeling that I'm in control of my life. And so for an eternity that can last a microsecond or a thousand lifetimes. This is a truly accurate perception. if we are open the purposeful learn- . We fear that we will not We will lose something. ing present. the future is not yet here. only to connect with a better Situation restaurant closed and you dis. • COMMITMENTS Change challenges our CUYrem it. my growth. and I know. well-known bar to move to the new one. I It may be something better. If we're not open keep hanging on to that old bar is no longer on the list of alternatives. ences end up being directions. Each time I am filled with terror. you must keep your cup empty.88 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE 0 lJr PATt-iWAY THREE: CHANGE MASTERY 89 ing as if the student wasn't present until the entire pitcher was empty. I spend my life hanging on for dear life to my trapeze-bar-of-the-moment. we can gain insight only if we are open to it. resistance is a losing battle. However. as I'm merrily (or not-sa-merrily) swinging aong." 1IIy Like a wise student. covered a wonderful. I must release my grip on this present. Most of the time. It carries me along at a certain steady rate of swing. because change is a relentless oppo- Unfortunately. we also are going to gain to survive the change without something familiar being lost. I have come to believe that is the only place that real change occurs. But in my knowing place I know that I must totally release my grasp on my old bar. I know that for me to grow. that this new trapeze bar has my name on it. not the pseudo-change that only lasts until the next time myoId buttons get punched. But I do it anyway. "If you want to recei"e Y v tea.No guarantees. to reality by allowing a new reality to rush in. no net. I have always made it. Onl then did she look calmly at the student and respond. I must hurdle acrossspace before I can grab onto the new bar. our potentialities. later? How many times has your once-favorite know most of the right questions and even some of the right answers. It's empty. we respond it like an enemy we have to fend off. what is the hidden dynamic? We usually are to defend ourselves from the fear of loss. How often have you taken a detour in traffic and discovered a new. m that place in me that knows. if our cup is empty. pointing new new options. If we're open new possibilities to flow into our lives. I I seeanother trapeze bar swing towards me. but you do it anyway because somehow. no insurance policies. I look out ahead of me into the distance. Everytime it happens to me. One of the most lucid descriptions of how the change process feels comes from Danaan Parry in Warriors of the Heart: Sometimes I feel that my life is a series of trapeze swings. that I will be crushed on unseen rocks in the bottomless chasm between the bars. I'm hurtling across space in between trapeze bars. It is my next step.Perhaps this is the essence of what the mystics call the faith experience. and for some moment in time.

a parallel reengineering "reengineering" give people the development zation. With them. rforrnance. . The Tao Te Ching captured Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit. ' ves eventuaU will . and growing. At Deluxe Corporation. we must pm our hopes on our ability to deal WIth a11 life . PNfI-lWAY MASTERY 97 by CEO Gus Blanchard. getting the flow going on an organizational level can wake up to their potential awaken more slowly. he hesitantly said to me." I'm quite certain that Lao Tzu was referring not only to people and natural systems. It is crucial tools they need. tbat peop .be shattered at the first unexpected experience ' Since life IS growth Y ' d monon. Williams Change Mastery: "Whatever the essence of is flexible and . technology changes. However. It is encouraging to see that some organizations are not merely treating reengiguru theory but as an all-encompassing of human development process from to neering as a management success-the re-think top to bottom. and retooling of their human capital to be a sustainable. organizations proposition. Reengineering to tional structures as well. lif e WI never "I'rve up " to our limited definitions Our li 'II . they will unfold and as they connect them to a changing organireengineering. "Let me get this straight: You mean to say that I'm going with self-change.: .96 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INS THREE: CHANGE IDE 01)"(. Way IS no sma 111"me Item." However. If we view life in a single-dim . systems and processes change. . many leaders excel at talking flowing will tend to grow. This concept has become more clear to me over the years as I have witnessed firsthand organizations is a very challenging rapidly. "Ifthere is no transformation inside each of us.Just lik e you wou ld i fixed. unyielding point of view." Moving our concept of change from an outside-in paradigm to an inside-out paradigm has profound implications. Individuals that are "blocked. the . as a total organizational and human development thrive in change. ner. inflexible view is our greatest threat to an effective life 3. Change is usually seen as something happening "out there": The world changes. need VIew. ' ' this way: "TIlIS can "t Just be people development and keep the roa d'. While some organizations simply haveto change?" All significant change begins begins with oneself. -Ben . to be mastered . adapting." If we hope t b n D" 0 e IllOte ef ectrve leaders. . Led Wgh~ ent required to achieve the Deluxe iovestm 's the human capital investment laochard View . " throws at us by changing. " The courage to " (human and svsremic) comes from the belief DEVELOPING THE RESILIENCE THRIVE IN CHANGE TO INSIGHTS • 1 o COMMI1 1Jofortunately. Organizations and quality process is required to ensure processes. 1 . internal dynamic-an ceived as something we see change as an internal process of from Change is per- are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. 21st-century company. all the structural change in the world will have no impact on our institution. others are genuinely re-thinking the concept of "the ship" altogether.As Peter Block writes in Stewardship. ." a mas- learning and development. ' n if we experience a few bumps m ~rt~ S Arnold Toynbee said in Cities on the Move ' "The quality in hum's nature 0 " an which we must pm our hopes is its proven adaptability. With such a ng1d f '. whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die. eompetition changes.. ~ro~ commitments in product development or R&D. we will always be disappointed and frustrated . a fixed. 13 We need to invest millions of dollars in talk. enslOnal Illan. products change. sive remobilization they call it the "Deluxe Way. . When viewed from this perspective. system will their true potentialities that are looking at process improvement. the total organization reeogmeer le really are the capital that drives performance. but to organizathat are "flowing" and those abottt reengineering and change. While I was coachinga CEO on a major change initiative.

It all boils down to unfolding Focus on Trust vs. in dealing change. process improvement. in change management. therefore ineffective. or are we throwing them into the lion's den of change and hoping they will somehow survive? Uncovering Personal Learning from Our Change Experiences 1. and reengineering is valuIDg able. Survival of the most aware is becoming the true underlying for lasting effectiveness. Circumstance Focus on Adaptability vs. Problems that comes our way? Are we caught in an endlesscycle of fear? Focus on Long Term vs. what is your first reaction? 3. or are we reacting and defending ourselves against every change 6. How are b well do we prepare our talent to be up to the task? Certainly most of the train. Short Term Focus on Purpose vs. foundation Are we gaining INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • • COMMITMENTS 2. No longer a measure of physical prowess or needs to be re-thought most flexible-mentally. The emerging paradigm for successin the coming years will convert from the concept of external exertion to one of inner mastery. how will you cope differently? mastery from the inside out to withstand the tumult of change. What do you fear most? 5.100 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE 0 U1' p~HW AYTHREE: CHANGE MASTERY . 101 CHANGE MEASURING OUR ABILITY TO DEAL WITH REFLECTION CHANGE MASTERY Managing change is a hot topic today. spiritually. we will be overwhelmed. The next time you face a potential loss. How do you react when you have invested significant work and effort 'into something and it doesn't work out? 4. What qualities or potentialities arose? What qualities would you like to develop further during those tiD?-esof crisis? What were the key things you learned during those times? With the rapid change in our information age. the old-world "survival of the fittest" mentality is rapidly becoming obsolete. The wholeidea of "fittest" needs to be redefined. Leaders at all levels of the organization eing challenged to perform like no other time in business history. Control If our fear of loss exceeds our personal coping strategies. Think about the times you faced major crises or challenges. When presented with a new experience.But are we really preparing leaders and all employees to thrive in change? Arewe helping people to develop the inner resilience required. Doubt coping resources within. Reflect on how well you: Focus on Opportunities vs. us. in terms of and survivalof the most aware or survival of the emotionally. Imagine and with the how .

~ ___ see beyond the fear ofloss and "Hey. Potential Obstac:les: B.104 unpredictable LEADERSH1P FROM THE INS IDE OlJt PNfJ.1eadership Growth Commitments: __ into purpose and vision gives us the courage to take the leap. we begin to have an inn LEADERSHIP GROWTH COMMITMENTS CHANGE MASTERY . Then identify needed. C. dare some change?" When faced with the prospect of change. . (lnjarnin Franklin. As resiliency unfolds.. I like to tell people as they are facing the "trapeze bar" of the moment. and signs or measures of success. Identify three leadership growth comrni trnents to enhance your ability to thrive in change. the potential obstacles.~ C. They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. 105 et senSe that we can handle whatever comes our way. e events. Hide yourself in the middle of the flames. The sun rises in the evening. think of the held inner confidence expressed in this Zen poem: Ride your horse along the edge of the sword. ___ __ _ 3. Timeline and Measures of Success: ~ . Blossoms of the fruit tree bloom in the fire. can you A. Be not disturbed at trifles or at accidents. Buddy. Resources Needed: A. 5.lWt\¥ THREE: CHANGE MASTERY . Making these shifts will transform your leadership effectiveness by shifting from being persona-driven to being character-driven. B. 7.. Follow the advice of B ." 6. . Move from circumstance focus. Con.~ e Move from control focus to adaptability • Move from doubt focus to trust focus. c. -Confucius e focus to OPPOrtunity focus to long-terrn focus to purpose ReBect on the learnings that have surfaced as you read this chapter." . ~.------------------------------------ c. Take the Leap: Accept the fact that you will always feel some hesitation and anxiety when facing the trapeze bar. ~ ___ ___ _ ~ ___ _ A. resources Move from short-term focus. Practice the Change Mastery Shifts: To deal with change as a leader stantly challenge yourself to make the five Change Mastery Shifts: • Move from problem focus. focus. Key Learnings: A. B. B. '. Learning to __ __ B. ___ __ 4. 1. 2. c. common or unavo'd b 1 a 19.

Trust bridges the leader to his or her vision. Leadership is the purposeful leap into the future. Leadership requires a localized focus painted onto a broader. . To help "" breakthrough his self-limiting view.403 middle and upper managers conducted by the or contracts to your personal yourself in mundane circumstances builds up your elastic- ity to handle major life and leadership challenges. He was beginning to bridge personal power with synergy power to enhance his contribution. . . step back. This study validates precisely what we've seen in . He thought he was the prime mover. bridge you have to straddle the leadership gulf between the known and unknown. the relative trends were the same. li d the belief that "he was the person who made things happen . and 10 reallt~ hIS te~ms werethe ones creating and supporting his achievements. Bothgroups were highest in their intellectual and their control skills and lowest in their interpersonal skills. his talent and ~~tellige~ce were appar~nt hi ineveryt mg h e did .106 LEADERsHIP FROM THE INSfDE 0 Ur CHANGE • Be OPen to Learning: MASTERY SUMMARY Instead of spending your energy resisting PATHWAY FOUR: INTERPERSONAL MASTERY Leading Through Synergy Interpersonal Mastery is the dynamic blending of p~rso~al power with synergy power to create value and contribution. He became aware of initiatives for which he had taken credit and for which he now needed to acknowledge others.It didn't take him long to recognize the web of interdependence that wassupporting his success." was supporting hIS orgamzatlo . we asked him outline each key event 10 his life over the past two weeks by focusing on the people that made each event possible.. meaningful canvas. Leaders balance their vision with an acute awareness of the oPPOrtu_ nities and learning available in the present. • Trust Yourself: As the pace of change intensifies. your inner sense of trust may be the only. Martin started to b eli "hiIS press "dan reve I go b e. At early stages of his career his cogrnnve. take the leap. e Practice Present-Moment Awareness: Success can be created only in the present. if the choice connects to your values and purpose. and intellectual skills I ed him to excel in many challenging. and he couldn't understand why. • Develop Resiliency life expands Stretching Through Mental-Emotional in relation Stretching: Your flexibility. In a recent study of 6. Learn to focus deeply in the present moment to weave a series of present-moment successes into a lifetime of achievement. n. accomplishments. . look for the growth and learning contained within the flow of change. at hIS IOternalze . . The learning leader outperforms the learned leader every time. Although women did score higher skills overall. Both groups also received ~heir lowest marksfor their interpersonal than men in communication competencies. • Take the Leap: In those fortunate moments leader to being a Foundation for Future Leadership. He began to lose touch with the synergy that . complex assignments around the he pAs his achievements advanced. men and women received their highest evaluationsfor their intellectual competencies. . " Practice the Change Mastery Shifts: Build awareness of the Change Mastery Shifts to move from being a persona-driven character-driven leader. Martinwas an incredibly gifted executive. shipsstarted to become strained. Gradually hIS relationto • Integrate Immediate Focus and Broad Awareness: Bridge the paralosing your broader purpose and dox of being fully present without vision. of being able to choose change. change.

ed to assert my w . "Where do I fit in? Why am I here?" It's an approach to leadership that misses the power of human capi tal. In the process they have adopted a tough.1_ basis because the synergy power of the organization I recently spoke to a CEO who had started to build his bridge from personal power to synergy power. Contribution model had to change his approach and value the finally. THE INTENTION-PERCEPTION GAP The second step for leaders is to realize that we often lack [ull awareness of our impact on others." Giving an apt description of balancing personal power with synergy power.111 110 Most organizations . I' . Contribution Power I was amazingly self-centered. at all costs rules the day. a long-term sustainable are seen as a means to an end-getresults are being compromised on declines. ." he ___ Have you ever had a great . e organi_ zatron and people to support these goals. Paul Walsh. After a long struggle "to set his organization right. which in turn creates value-added contribution employees. d P . It's an outside-in view of organizations and pee pe. we need to shift from control to trust.. Describing working anymore. It's a huge leap of faith that does not hold up under sufficient . and relationships ting the results. Unfortunately. ne alone. make more of a contribution? ly claim the victory or totally abstain from apply my gifts with others to make a difference?" It's a purposeful. b' Pillsbury. of the belief that 'if I am to care for something. investigation. "We are reluctant to et go future. Unknowingly.. I believed the fate of the entire USlroblerns. In this type of organization. As suppos leaders. We assume to an amazing degree that other people clearly and fully receive our intended communication. synergy power. in his book Ste'UJardship. only was I attempting to take taking the total blame for any This mechanistic approach values results OVer synergy and synergy over the individual. This inside-out one person can total- nizations creates a purposeful people are constantly thinking. wrote. REDUCING personal power supports to customers. 1 This approach to leading organizations results in people feeling devalued and wonderin g. many leaders are limiting persona-devoid their effectiveness by using only Winning their personal power to drive for results. LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSI DE Ql!l1 PATt-IWAY FOUR: iNTERJ'ERSONALMASTERY today take a very mechanistic approach to thi IS Many companies tend to focus on results at all costs and drive th . we are trained as cops who are ed to keep things under control.. dynamic approach to organizational leadership that values and leverages the power of human capital. he went on to say. The more . nsibility for the turnaround. I also was to power of synergy. and the model of orgaculture where "How can I How can I environment. ' hi 1'11 the worse things got. "I don't care who you are or how great you are-no the defeat. Letting go of that belief freed me to really lea us to a new nesswas rrn 1 " Peter Block. I must contro It. An organic approach to business sees people as the source of creativity and dynamism. Not . Chairman and CEO of INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • • COMMITMENTS ~~ . Ito . get-it-done of much emotional intelligence." Learning to move our belief from thinking "I have all the answers" to "together we have all the answers" is the first crucial step in Interpersonal Mastery. described it to me this way: "As managers. he told me "My rules just weren't 's e1Cpenence.

How do we go about encouraging all the "songs to be sung" around us? The most crucial quality of character in a leader is openness---openness to new possibilitiesin the marketplace." It's so important to leadership. spring in Minneapolis transformative. How often do we do that in our How often as leaders do we come barreling through our organi- I opened up and shared my vulnerabili ties. If one is out of touch with oneself. restriction. anger. inadequacies. Committing ourselves to more openness. I now understand nessin the organization people in the that more open- begins with me. He shared with me. and there was nothing I could do. your behavior is shutting down possibilities. I feel privileged to be associated with them and want . He could not be open about his fears. too. It was a total mystery him. I came along and unintentionally relationships? shut all of that down. He even rationalized just weren't as open as he was." it also can separate us from others. tending to her family. it came as a great surprise to him how other people then opened up to him. He believed in openness and authenit by saying that other people in his organization ticity. If. openness to letting people express their "songs. if Your behavior opens up possibilities then you are probably In-Character and your inter_ action will lead to openness. you are probably InPersona and your relationships will be guided by image. hat he didn't realize was that his way of being direct and frank with W peoplewas actually shutting to them down. I started to think that just a moment age this beautiful bird had been singing her joyous song with all her being. Sara really asked why her regard for her. everything is quite dramatic and explodes into life. inclusion. enjoying her life. compassion." Leaders open up or shut down opportunities in direct proportion to how open or shut down they are to themselves. or unexpressed possibilities. but his approach was creating the opposite effect. "It was startling that people opened up and supported built my career by being invulnerable. Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote.116 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUT PATHWAY FOUR: INTERPERSONAL MASTERY 117 Assuming the person you are relating to has positive or neutral intentions. and you help them to become what they are capable of being. As a result. He could be open and direct when it came to driving people to results. maybe we should stop calling people "leaders" and rename them "openers. but very fearful about revealing myself. openness to new ways of doing things. "I treat each one with the respect of an honored guest. I very open about the work. a distance between us and those around us. then one is estranged from others. the trees bloom and the birds return. As I drove away. then one cannot touch others. As you may know. expressing her purpose. It can create a wall. and self-interest. touched her clients. What was missing was openness to himself. openness to relationships. is the doorway to Interpersonal Mastery. we will admit that we all do it more often than we care to imagine. and win-win outcomes. his "openness" was very limited. "When one is a stranger to oneself. From the depths of winter. to me me as I was • COMMITMENTS I was driving along a parkway around a lake in Minneapolis spring day. openness to new approaches and strategies. Once he gained the inner strength and confidence to Treat people as if they were what they ought to be. You may remern_ We worked with a senior executive a while ago who sincerely believed in openn€SS. In a flash. But I didn't understand that I was distancing process. limitations." zations and kill the songs people have to sing? If we are honest. In its effort to "protect us. on a brilliant be more vulnerable and INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • open about his real concerns and feelings in situations. control. on the other hand. conflict. When clients had such outstanding she quickly replied. making our persona more permeable. a big fat robin flew into the front grille of my car and was killed immediately. -Goethe ber that persona protects." As an international consultant. As I was driving along enjoying all of this. I pulled over to check it out. Seemingly all at once.

. ? discover them. What personal beliefs are causing you to hold back? 6. INTERPERSONAL .. This premise is rarely questioned or examined. Sara was driven to validate her spe- Opening Up or Shutting Down Communication Want to lead with purpose? Serve with your whole heart. ." As a result. 1. . How effectively are your relatlOns IpS b ildi a bridge to connect Ul ing your authentic self-expression with your desire to create value? . and self-fulfillment 4. ? It is centered in purpose-how to make a difference in the world." This need was generated by her Shadow Belief "I'm not good enough as I am. I can't fully explain it. hi 8. Looking beyond one's personal search for meaning in life in terms of maintaining meaningful relationships with others is an important part of the growth process. the premise that the human self is a is an inner journey to hierarchy of inner needs. Under what conditions do you inhibit your own self-expression? 5. Sara was not aware of her excessive need to "be special. Once she understood this dynamic and comprehended how mistreated very motivated emotionally her co-workers felt. Commenting sonal fulfillment to the exclusion of everything else. Under what can mons .119 118 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSll) ~ OUt pArr> "'WAY FOUR. How can you be more open in future sltuatlOns. ? 2. -Joe Eastman cialness from the outside. MASTERY them to feel served. Mastery is to shift our focus from self-fulfillment to we can serve others on our excessive focus on per- 3. even though it frequently leads people to defeat their goal and become isolated and anxious instead of fulfilled. The goal of Interpersonal one of service-fulfillment. REFLECTION INTERPERSONAL MASTERY guests. but they are doing so with an ever-narrowing attitude of egocentrism that eventually constricts them. she Was to treat everyone in her life as diti do you shut down commUQ1CatlOn. They felt that Sara only cared about "looking special" in her cll·e nts eyes and cared very little about them." Unfortunately. What beliefs are causing you to shut down? "guests." She worked on her limiting beliefs and changed her relationship paradigm from one of self-service to one of other-service. Daniel Yankelovich wrote: Many people today are striving to expand their lives by reaching beyond the self. bridges? . How can you be more expressive in future situations." 7. People unwittingly bring a set of flawed psychological premises to the quest for self-fulfillment-in particular. I just treat them like a guest in III Sara's co-workers reported that they did not feellik: I home. How can you more effectively build your relationship Increase your awareness of how to develop and to build relationships more effectivelyas a leader by taking some time to reflect on the following exercises. . . .

he imrne late y this gl t. Understand . we acknowledge that we are not the central origin of achievement. h her son about the value 0 serunity to reac t . Practice serving authentically. to others?' " a leader is not judged so much by how well he or she leads. and encourage appreciation. The more . and we simply play our role." "What would make you even happier? H~r sonhad no idea what possibly could add to his . receive. "If you gave someJOY· lse a chocolate. Service is central to the hooked. t from finding fault the value being ad~:Ut to a cultu g. my . gIVe. w .: "Let's go see grandma at the nursing home. Chairman of RTW." as you are. Commit we Serve and appreciate others. i " '11 have people for support. create value-added conttlbutlOn. d' 1 . '11 support us.. . marsha . All value and contribution "leading. an d t h e boy had learned the power and joy of service. INTERPERSONAL MASTERY fOU~ .f h AS leaders. that you are fortunate to have this particular .' The opportunity presented .127 126 LEADERSHIP FROM THE IN SIDE . 5.h friend asked. Start by Life flows through us. We of interdepen- At the heart of service is the principle are effective when mutual benefits are served. we may think we're but in reality we're serving. genuinely is to serve all the constituencies This shift is an emotional and spiritual to it evokes images of service. we WI '11 we live for our . process. d respon ed " . "What for? What am I to unify my being for?" The reply is: Not for my own sake. in the process. Approachmg her layere . ~IC If fter the young boy's birthday party as Itse a "f 1. "There is pride in leadership. When the child saw the joy on his grandmother's and felt how it multiplied face his joy. Peter Block writes in Off they went to the nursing home. The young boy thought for a minute and saId. Practice appreciating analysis of situations Acknowledge authentically. "1 think one of the key questions every leadermust ask himself or herself is. serve our marketplace. His mother then said. Trust that your appreciation acknowledgment will energize people. 'How do I want to be of service Ultimately." As leaders. of serving authentically. he was the essence Stewardship. . d to devour one of hIS gl ts: a rnu tlheprepare . "Oh yes!" My friend probed. when we move from control to service. the more we cooperavaIue. idea of stewardship. d f mine had been seeking an oppor~ fnen 0 f . Learn to . serve our relationships. We serve our customers. entire box was gone. dence: Relationships Capturing We serve our people. If if we live for ourse ves. e and glVlng. -Martin Buber As INSIGHTS • CON David Prosser. and you could feel even happle~. d box of chocolates. Look for what is going well-poi to and have some fun celebrating the good things as they come up. appreciate with others do we appreciating that there are forces beyond the fact that only through our interdependence idi you gUl mg the whole . re of effort and intention even if the results are occaSionally lackind. have any other purpose in life but to serve? As leaders. if I" Wild-eyed.ely generate tile will only have ourselves for support. We serve our organization. but by how well he or she serves. breakthrough. Our real job in our life and. shared with me. Serve with purpose and you WI h whole Universe WI team members commit to be' Ing a source of acknowledgment and appreciation to one another. Shift finding nr It ou . '. Ifar-reachmg resources. t e . We We serve our family. Leadership is a continuum We serve our community. Do we of service. ' One need ask only one question. the . Touchstone Five: Serve Authentically: and appreciation-have world. it evokes images of direction." are achieved through service. If we live or t e t» organiZatlOn. they would be as happy one e . There is humility in stewardship. "Are you happy WIt son. Before he left the nursing home.

How much better it is to give than to receive. then let your talents and gifts come forth. C. growth commitments to enhance your relaobstacles. Servicein any form is comely and beautiful. __ __ 3. love diem Reflect on the learnings IdentifY three leadership that have surfaced as you read this chapter. Bryant summed it up well in Hours with Our Leaders: Binckl eY Life's most urgent question is. 5. Key Learnings: A. c. Jr. __ ---------------------------------- __ __ A. It is the dividing line which separates the two great groups of the world-those who help and those who LEADERSHIP GROWTH COMMITMENTS INTERPERSONAL MASTERY hinder. to impart sympathy. 1.128 LEADERSHIP FROM THE lNSID E 011l' PATHWAY FOUR: iNTERPERSONAL MASTERY . to banish fear. in short-to and to show it-is to render the most precious service. those who contribute and those who only consume. __ A. Then identify the potential signs or measures of success. ~------------------------- . Appreciate it. A. Leadership Growth 'Commitments: B. Service is the virtue that distinguished the great of all times and which they will be remembered by. those who lift and those who lean. to show interest. 4. B.~----------~----~---------------- c. resources needed. and tionships. A. to build self-confidence and awaken hope in the hearts of others. It places a mark of nobility upon its disciples. 129 role. Potential Obstacles: _ C. Resources Needed: ~ B. Timeline and Measures of Success: __ ___ B. To give encouragement. c. 2. __ ----------------------------------B. ((What are you doing for others?" -Martin Luther King.

C ' self to the endless discover ' ornmir yourand rIb d y of how you process your world. ' . appreci. I was fostering an inner silence that would last a lifetime. Commit yourself to 720 ee oac. we grow as a person. listen authenticall '' ow yourate aurh 'II y. Being is the essenceat the deepest level of our character supporting ment. Many other ways are just as effective and easily accessible to us in our everyday lives.Irtue of • Balance Personal Pow 'h Power' U ' er WIt Synergy Power and Contribution " SlOg your personal power to get results is not e Balancing your personal power with synerg nough. Early in my life. We will consider some of these later on in this chapter. practices for gaining with Being can be learned. Regardless of the technique or techniques we choose. effectiveness. 1:' rz ges. Understanding and unfolding our inner Self-our all action and achieveBeing-may be unfafamiliarity miliar territory to many people. our inner Self. However. We lead e ate ase on how we in ' 1 f terpret our lIfe experiences through the ens 0 our personal beliefs. anons IpS gro . • Personal Mastery and 1 C d nterpersonal Mastery are Intimatel11 onnecte . Leaders lead b ' who they are. serve authentically. valuable times of. For several months in 1972.{' t Y S OJ Our trltcture of Interpretation.' RelatIOnships are the brid es b authentic self-expression and ' g etw-een creatlOg value. it was one of the most intense. silence of Being.' As we grow a J hi s a person. to grow as a leader. my life. • Become Aware . it's important stand that these practices are merely bridges to Being Mastery. .130 LEADERSHIP FROM THE I NS1DE Ot)"r INTERPERSONAL MASTERY SUMMARY • Build Relationshih B 'd.. and contribution. However. our relationships grow As our r eI. PERSONAl JOURNEY INTO BEING Exploring Being is an ongoing journey that is particularly tion. entica y. As both grow we lead more elleCtlve y. What I was really doing was non-doing. coast of to under- of what I was doing I was learning to go into the • Practice the F i h ve ouc stones to Authentic Leadership. Tc Although I didn't comprehend it fully then. but create value by virtue of their relationsh:. Although meditation 0 helpful to leading from within. Kn self authentically. hi Y power to make 1'£ ennc 109 contribution is th 1 ' a 1 ee <:eyto aurhenrir leadership. express authentically. Looking back. '". I learned to explore my Being through meditais a technique that works for me. . that's only the superficial description there. PATHWAY FIVE: BEING MASTERY Leading Through Being Being Mastery is connecting with the silence and peace of the innermost depth of one's character to support more dynamism. our source. IT '1 w. • Build Awareness 0+ 1 t ' 'J n entlon-Perception Gap'"Wi fi fully aware of our total ' ' e a ten are not F d/ k Impact on others. it certainly is not the only one. our core. Being is our true nature. I lived in a small room on the Atlantic Spain. I was learning to live in the eye of the hurricane of life.

. REFLECTION BEING MASTERY Exploring the Leader Within Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Close your eyes. When we open our eyes ." The following reflection is not related to doing TM or any other formal meditation technique. it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body. and worries If appear as if on a large screen. Observe your awareness settling down. This settling down of mental and s. nne actton the next day. lie down and then slowly get up. ar Wtth I think what we're seeking one major dtfference: We maintain Our aWare_ is an experience of being ness as we experience inordinately deep rest. -Joseph Campbell refreshing. refreshed state of Hors D'oeuvres of going within. Just return to your breathing. We experience a state of restful alertness wh . ment progra with more than 700 research studies documentmg its benefits t . we leave the field of activity clos . Let your thoughts. When we learn to settle into we naturally more ourselves. It is the power of Positive Being. in and out.. If you want the full meal.140 LEADERSHIP FROM THE I NSIDE OUf PAfHWM FIVE: BEING MASTERY was one of the most thoroughly researched human develop . and act become more and than during sleep. Every night when we sleep. . The practical value of meditation can best be understood in term f i .and .we more effectively. awareness can permeate your activity. It is much like the experience starts to fade. No need of taking a refreshing bath. Stretch your body so it loosens and relaxes. and behavior. Notice centered. After 15-20 minutes. You are refreshed. 1f the bath is truly you are refreshed. It is just meant to be a small taste-an process in a non-judging again. No need to alive. nourishment and refreshment. This is not the power of positive thinking. so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive. and the body is deeply rested. our Being. to do anything. Just be aware of the entire manner. o nl1nd' b0dy. No need to force resist anything. You don't have to believe you are refreshed. lrs i phystcal actrvrty resu ts rn rest and stress relief which prepares us for dyna' . Just for 5 minutes how this your awareness your breathing. . you may want to consider personal meditation instruction. gently come back to your breathing. s 0 1tsprofound rest. . As William Penn wrote: "True Silence is the rest of the mind. Let your thoughts come and go. e OUreye "transcen d" our davti . Ills. feel revitalized. so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our innermost Being and reality. Let your awareness follow the flow of your breathing. tom drops out" and you find yourself thinking you may have just return Being. aynrne actrvrty. calm. You don't have to convince yourself you ate just let your awareness fade. Profound meditation is simt'l . .. you do not have to create a mood of being refreshed. sensations. ere the mind is alert but settled. even more completely rested think more clearly. If the "bottranscended gently into to refreshed. When your mind wanders. your awareness of the breathing anything. anxieties. '.

Consider meditation. OR POINTS OF AWARENESS It'S yOU 1. C. B. when the Understandthe power of non-doing--those ___ uniquelyopen. A.Allow the resistance to be there but stillspend the time to do it. Potential Obstacles: . B. relaxed moments issolved. that seem to Reflect on the learnings that have surfaced as you read this chaprer.148 LEADERSHIP FROM THE I NSIDn FI\(E: BEING MASTERY· 149 FOR LEADING FROM BEING LEADERSHIP GROWTH COMMITMENTS BEING MASTERY FO be following points in mind as you begin to master leading with calm J(eep t dynamism. the resistance will subside. resonate with you. resources needed. It may be the best investment in your development you ever make. wand any other "techniques" nature. Resolve Life Challenges by Going to a DeeperLevel: Problems rarely are solved on theirown level. 2. Learn to go to a deeper level to view things in a more comprehensive INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • • COMMITMENTS 1. s your mind learns to settle down yet A remainalert. Identify three leadership growth commitments to enhance your C0nnection with the peace and silence of Being. prayer. 5. nd the journey is half over. B. 4. Timeline and Measures of Success: A.then the need to do so is probably great. reflection. C. . Only you can judge what "vehicles" ' ill help you on your journey. a 2. As you experiencethe benefits. C. C. C. Take Your OwnJottrney into Being: Find your own path to unfold Being. Leadership Growth Commitments: A. r road and only you can travel it. Start walk- lng. 4. Consider Learning to Meditate: complex becomes simple. the ability to sort through and to organize your life will be amazing. 3. music. __ way. 3. Integrate Some Reflection into Your -- Life: Getting on the path to Being involves . and the unsolvable At least __ considerthe possibility of learning to meditateproperly.easily and effortlessly. B. Resources Needed: A. If you have particularly strong resistance a to spend- __ ___ __ ingtime with yourself in reflection or rneditation. and signs or measures of success. B. Key Learnings: A. Then identify the potential obstacles.

p . Start walking and enjoy both the process and the goal. Ex erience the SIlence. Try not to fill up all your time with . and medita_ tion Take some "B'emg B rea ks'' by investing some time gettmg reacqualOted . It is not an escape. Profound breakthrough ideas usually arise from the stillness of the leader's Being. • Integrate More Reflection into Your Life: Taking the insights and time to reduce the noise in your life allows you to hear and express the music in your soul. . tirne in nature can BEING MASTERY SUMMARY . -Ralph Waldo Emerson Take Your Own Journey into Being: Getting on the path to self-discovery is your own very personal journey. Go on some walks. If you have a difficult time even considering the idea oflearning some form of meditation practice. ourself.150 LEADERSHIP'FROM THE INSIDE OUT PATHWAY FIVE: BEING MASTERY 151 .. Leaders navigate from the depths of their Being. the crash of the waves.'. then remember the equation for personal and leadership development: resistance = need. d speedboats and fishing.. . y . It is preparation coveryfor a more dynamic. . Reducins the "noise" of normal living and spendIng e ucmg . Sort . o There is one means 0/ procuring solitude which to me} and I apprehend all men} is effectual} and that is to go to a window and look at the stars. Learn to dive deeply within yourself to view your leadership and life challenges from a more comprehensive perspective. . • Consider Learning to Meditate: Learning to revitalize your mind and body is the inner basis for outer effectiveness.. Only you can decide what "vehicles" to take on your travels and how you want to get there. It will settle you down and bring you closer to yourself. managers tend to cope with the waves on the surface. But keep in mind this is not an end in itself.out your pnotlties. reflection. but rather a disa process of finding and connecting with the gift of Life.. If they do not startle you and call you off from vulgar matters} I know not what will. the cry of the loon. help you to reconnect. you first need to be more as a person. I ~I • Resolve Life Challenges by Going to a Deeper Level: seen from a limited vantage Problems are just opportunities point. the scent of pine in the cool air. masterful life. Enjoy t h e soliitu d e. with . Don t Just 0 something-sit there! Enjoy the moonlight on the water. If you want to achieve more as a leader. commlttmg to a 1'£ nesty 1e w hich values more solitude.

we want to know how effortlessly we can do it!" You may want to read Douillard's book to get a complete picture. suffering. What we love. We're no longer content to see how much we can do. If you follow this process regularly. Douillard writes. good you feel during and after the activity. Thomas Jefferson believed in getting two hours of exercise every day. so they are always somewhat imbalanced. Deal with Life-Damaging Habits: Poor lifestyle choices account for more misery. In the meantime. If you lose your breath or cannot comfortably hold a conversation with a training partner. uniquely challenging fitness goal. If you feel any strain. "Well no. before you 3. slow effect. you can find 20-30 minutes a few times a week! Check with a physician begin any exercise program. go more slowly. If you have to breathe through your mouth. we stay with. • Always warm up by walking or very slowly beginning 10-15 minutes before you start exercising. if you don't enjoy it. Using ancient techniques of mind-body he guides people through a program to experience the "zone.I 162 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUI PATHWAY SIX: BALANCE MASTERY 163 they look a bit confused and respond. Mind and Sport by Dr. remember. death. illness. either "succeed" in becoming • Maintain an awareness of your body and how it feels during the entire workout." the exercise high. you will person or you will quit it eventually anyway. Within this new paradigm. effective stretching never strain. Most athletes are always on the verge of fatigue. slow down. gentle. and quality of life. so slow down. If someone who wrote the Declaration of Independence. there will be no fitness. Activities o Do light stretching only after you are warmed up-stretch. all in one process. John Douillard. anyway!" If it takes discipline to run. Do more light stretching. is the process. If it is not play. then find something else that you enjoy doing. consider some of these suggestions exercise: balance. If you do not feel comfortable throughout down or stop until you do. • Breathe in and out through your nose the entire workout. you see. Fitness is merely the product. and was for more enlightened 8 Find an activity (or activities) you love. "This gives us a new. The joy of the as the aerobic a more rigid Activities you enjoy bring balance. Find ways that you love to move your physical being. your activity for Secretary of State could find two hours a day. • Walk for 5-10 minutes to cool down. but I do it every day. every time. . activity itself is as health-giving . Besides. became President. -George Sheehan you dislike create imbalance. People start to truly enjoy exercise as they find their minds deeply composed in the midst of dynamic physical activity. and injury. If you are having trouble finding time to keep active. you're straining. goal that you are going to feel good through- • Set the uncompromising out the exercise program. • Start gauging your fitness by how INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS • the workout. perspective I have found on exercise is in the book Body. You will improve your fitness. Exercise with ease. not by how hard you worked yourself or how far or fast you went. • COMMITMENTS The most enlightened integration. Play. you will enjoy the exercise session and remain more balanced. and imbalance in our society than any other single or multiple cause. Consider incorporating into your routine. Fitness has to befun.

o o listen better. -The Dhammapada we are centered below the b Fnd" alance .n just the right combination to achieve dynamic balance. ERY e SIgns of B 1 a ance Mastery? • Smooth. COMMITMENTS major sources: We tend to overdo our activity. but she also gives us immediate feedback on how well we have chosen. nICotIlle. id rse ves f ins I e Out is the key to B 1 rOill the . • Learn to exercise wi th ease • Deal with life-damaging o o "'_ __ NATURE'S BALANCING A n~ Avoid taking yourself so seriously Develop mind-body awareness strpss more pffprtivp1v • Manaoe . The formula for most of us to foster more balance in our lives usually involves two things: 1. THE TEN SIGNS OF BAT HI and activity. .J . The cycles of day and night and the seasonal cycles constantly res t balance rest phase with an active phase. .l''ICE MAsT choose the quantity and quality of activity. Nature reconnects with its vitality in the rest phase. INSIGHTS • REFLECTIONS f) our balance and vitality increase. THE TEN BAlANCE POINTS OF LEADERS What are some ways requirements? many others. Each phase interacts . . Our lives are similar with one major difference: We get to So what are some of th _.. we experience balance and vitality. lack of inspiration satisfy both of these there ten could points be of • Strain in relationships o Although found • Depression and fatigue • Regular usage of ffc' '. abundant energy HLl"\. lAY SIX: BALANCE MASTERY 159 As a silversmith sifts dust from silver. As we learn to • Ability to focus deeply • Internally driven motivation • Optimism : Fulfil~i~g. ance III our lIves? The best model for . a ance III nature unfolds thmll "h r. • Be on-purpose. Balance Mastery I've to unfocused mind Externally driven mot' IVatIOn .158 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE Olfr PA'fHv. When we choose inappropriately. alcohol. I Illg ways to center ou 1POICU. as well as the quantity and quality of rest. intimate relationships CreatIVIty and innovation • Vitality and enthusiasm • Little or no usage f ffc' o ca eme. balance exists in nature All b 1 . Nature lets us choose freely.. • . our lifeis out of whack. Improve the quality and quantity our rest. Most imbalances in our society come from tWO '.and we tend to underdo our rest. or drugs AchIevement VIa strain and effort • Less than optimal prod UCtIVlty " CT: «nsr AND ACTIVITY How do we go about finding more bal . remove your own imbalances little by little. manic energy " Wandering. Negativity Dullness. Nature expresses its vitality in the active a hase. Improve the quality of our activity of and reduce the quantity somewhat. a ance Mastery. ca eIlle. When we choose well. nicotine alcohol d • Achievement with ease " ' or rugs • Optimal productivity THE TEN SIGNS OF IMBALANCE What are some of the signs of lack of balance? • Nervous.o~_~~~ t: I __ ~ __ that can help center our holistic way: but be aware habits lives in an integrated. _ . 2.

dditional rest and meditation greatly accelerate the balancing process. "A cheerful heart is good medicine. Years ago a friend of mine set up a lecture event for a well-known teacher of In Admit that the habit is damaging to you and possibly others. "Don't you know that a Yogi does not drink water with ice in it?" My friend calmly responded. P i externalmask brings b alance an d JOY into our INSIGHT: • Co life. . hapltS. .. balance . it's just a role in the cosmic play. desserts with fruit. but lifestyle decisions can lead . . The more rigid and self-centered we are. and so forth. d t h at more than 70 percent of all disease 'e. but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. poor IfestYle decisions. It's unlikely you can do it on your own.e: . bal- It Get professional orpeer support to help you. The problem is that we have mistaken certain layfulmanner? Letting go of our own rigid.. Did you know that a Yogi usually has a blissful.0 deaths each year in the United States. Ig er than th number of Americans who died in the entrre Vietnam War Thi e . 'I of baIance we become . Habits that involve stimulants like coffee and nicotine are particularly indicatypically is masking broader scheme of things. d body. -Ludwig Wittgenstein It's hard to fathom how much imbalan lif ce hedamaging habits cause.164 LEADERSHIP FROM HIE [ NSID~ OUr PATH W AY SIX: BALANCE MASTERY. an effort to consider every imaginable detail. ng moments. In the know that. f: tigue within. 165 The choice to smoke cigarettes for instance is the cause ofm h . • Find positive behaviorsto replacethe old addictions. The teacher snapped at him. The need for artificial stimulants . The human body is the best picture of the human soul. As the old proverb goes. the more out mtn.h rugs. It was a big event at a university with hundreds of people in attendance. It may sound dramatic. tive of lack of balance. " . "Habit is habit. your fellow actors." The steps for coaxing them downstairs are: It Taking ourselves too seriously can go very deeply." Replace smoking with exercise. To help yourself as you ease out of these particular the deep a . . more can than honor. my friend kindly brought the teacher a glass of ice water. But don't take yourself too seriously. Go deeply into all the negative effects this habit is having on you. as Well as poor Calces m t e areas of food. "You can more easily drive out a tough nail with another nail. • Continually repeat the first three steps if the habits take hold again or new ones appear. Hatha Yoga. "I didn't anced mind?" Treat life like a play. Most of us don't engage in behaviors to harm ourselves. relationships and exercis' ') I h .tlvot . you won't have any genuine motivation to change. IS represent only one lifesryle choice! What about the abuse of alcohol and d S hoi .a 4. That s seven times hi h 00 . coffee with herbal teas. . "Laughter be more satisfying cious than than prayer.' . Harriet Rochlin wrote. ." money. and doing it well. are t an 420. as . more preheart-cleansing exchange a short-term habits for happiness. ..' Proverbs 17'22 captures the essence a t lIS pnnCIp . and not to be flung out of the window. Until you acknowledge the problem. f thi . Aren't these the times you stro can laugh at yourself and observe life in a 'd Taking Yourself So Seriously: Humor and lightheartedness . We unknowin 1 fix for long-term damage. or you would have done it already. and spirit. Be serious about the plot. you In one of two directions-life or death. ." Imagine yourself m your most secure. How do we retreat fr!~ us? Mark Twain captured the challenge of behaviors we know are hurting moving away from certain behaviors when he said.. a basis in t li b een estimate has .

Sooner or later. Understanding sistent with what is really important • Go 'on a retreat. To advance. the more complex our lives become. "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win. Then we will be able to be there for others in their time of need.168 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUT PATHWAY SDC BALANCE MASTERY' 169 7. our lives." The more we have been living from the "outside in. massage. and journaling your latest aspirations. If you can't actually travel to haven't earned.Paramahansa Yogananda once wrote. basics. quiet routine of a spiritual or personal retreat. In The Law of perspective by the innocence and pure love of a child. Simplify Your Life: Will Rogers certainly captured how we can unne€essarily complicate our lives when he wrote. you're still the rat!" What are the underlying principles for simplifying to life? Sort out needs versus and living our lives conto wants and connect with your purpose. Take some small steps. It originates as intimacy with ourselves first. and rest can turn you around. Taking a few days for good food.The question is. you may need to retreat first. Why our bucket. Make more values-based purchasing sort out a difficult situation like a supportive spouse or friend. they will be there for us in our time of need. stressful day quickly can be pu . Ask yourself three crucial questions: Is it possible that your focus on satisfying your wants (versus needs) is complicating your life unnecessarily? Is to your pursuit of wants taking you away from the life you really hope live? Are you living on-purpose? If any of the answers is no. consider creating your own spa by unplugging the Tv. Few people could hel to pUs your finances." 8. to buy things they don't need. Start to rearrange decisions. Transform your per- us is the process needed get back to spective via the gentle. don't panic. Likewise.Y tIn that you finally see things more clearly. but your family will always remember you. and remind yourself that you don't have to change everything immediately. We can only give what we have." the more complicated and imbalanced our lives become. we will need to take an "emotional loan" from one of our close relationships to balance our life account. to impress the people they don't like. getting more rest. does it provide us with the restful balance we need? Instead of "emptying ulation and activity. But this "closeness" does nor come from others to us. If our emotional bank account is low. -Martina Navratilova return more tired INSIGHTS • REFLECTlONS • andworn-out than when we left? As fun as it is to expand our boundaries by experiencing newplaces.' Close rela_ Sflccess. Take Real Vacations: How often have we gone on a vacation only to The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else. no spending is possible. "A few years after you leave your job most people will forget you." we fill it up with even more stimnot try a real Some vacation next time? Why not get some real rest to provide some life perspective? of the best examples of real vacations: • COMMITMENTS spouse advised him. So the key is to develop emotional equity with oneself first. Feel relieved . do the possessions support your purpose?" Commit to theprocess of sorting out your wants versus needs. The harder we strive to improve the things in a spa. Begin to simplify your life by making more choices that support the vision of the life you really want to live. "Too many people spend money the¥ • Go to a health spa. tionships can be our anchors in the sea of change. As Lily Tomlin has said. getting a massage. Don't go on a retreat that fills up your day with activities. Nurture Your Close Relationships: Few things in life can instantaneousl balance us as quickly as love. taking a long walk. "The problem in life is not possessions. a CEO's 9. A difficult. To help him understand the value of life's most essential relationships.

A COMMUNITY? . He explored deeply his core meaning and purpose. He began to admit his strengths and weaknesses to others and to ask for ---_. He shared his insights with others. out of his whole bodily organism should opt into a habit of . he Be got onto tepa lell der. . productive n war mg farro. "I'm not sure how relevant it is. "What a dumb question-I'm tilling the soil!"The second said. The other person stayed with the program. Mter a few days. Wlthlll a year. healthful living. Be pro a ... ow often are our actions serving a higher need and "feeding the commumty . A passerby asked each one what they . empowering . How can we ensure that we don't have only an occasiona. H e staye·d lr P: che h th to Leadership from the Inside Gut. "? H "tilling the soil" or "earning a 1 Ivmg. ''I'm feeding the entire commuaime niry!" All three were engaged in the same . The 0 . One person was open to learning and willin£ to ield vastly different interpretatIOns and Y 1 Early in the 1900s. REFLECTIONS • COMMITMENTS • commit to the growth process from the inside out.' actiVity. He continued the same ther person? He was outp 1ace ." He began to miss some appointments. were d om." The third person. one lost enthusiasm style and personality. he began to speculate if the program was "worth it. He threw himself into every coaching session. "Why?" Achieving another billion dollars in sales or increasing shareholder value is the modern equivalent of "earning a living." It is less often equivalent to the action mastery required to "feed the community. He indulged himself in the self-exploration. uSln2 an d movlllg on 1y hiIS li 1e flllger. eyes sparkling with purpose proclai d .. They both also 'needed to effectiveness if they wanted to con- work on their leadership and interpersonal tinue to advance in their organizations. He committed to more balanced. . not raking responsl I ity an ttern of L hi . hel Genius is the power to labor better and more availably than others. They both excelled on the job. How often as leaders are we simply INSIGHTS. two executives were referred to the course He became a very effective. ki I' a field on a large. g The first person responded. beautiful concert.179 178 LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSID E 0 ur PA1HWAY SEVEN: ACTION MASTERY man who. He projected a new vision for his life. Only one was achieving with purpose. ted to president of the corporation. ") ." He became increasingly skilled at fulfilling his prophecy and at rationalizing his lack of benefit. but only one had comprehended skill in action. " Itt Leadership from the Inside Csa is about playing the song of our life with depth grace. Consumed in our endless pursuit of results. They both had and LIVING EARNING A the same level of compensation. As yOU c. we rarely question. . He started a journal. He began to read and reflect more. -Ralph Waldo Emerson us for leadership about coaching. they both had about 20 years of uninterrupted success with Fortune 500 companies. they both exhibited reasonable willingness. . Toooften as leaders we get lost in our actions. waS promo d six months later._--~ ." feedback and looked for ways to understand and to apply the information his career and life in a relevant manner. but gradually become the harmonious melody itself? Not long ago. as he got closer to some real feedback on his He began to regard the process as "lots of work" and would say." At the start of the coaching.. He listened to the to ·. dramatically Each approached their development in different ways. three people were resu ts. As he pulled see similar CIrcumstances can OR FEEDING .£ pa b bly still blames his former company tor IS mrs ortunes. The other person felt that he already "had it all figured out. He began to open up with people at work. and passion. ihili d projecting hiS limitatious externally. "Just earning a living.

feeling and c . Don openly admitted that he always felt he needed to do everything having to other ways of projects. o~hers to tryout their own way. he was concerned about what appeared to be Don's "super-hero style. he had spent more than a year rebuilding the declining market for the snack division of a major corporation. · If "H w can I i: d i hi book We suggested that he as 1 1 < . He did not want wanted a broad-based foundation of talent contributing the results to depend on anyone individual. Clearly. •I will have achieved noticeable friends. He loved the challenge.umsert: 0 hip denne lO t IS . At our first coaching session." The president wanted to improve profirin this division. learned that he felt this way in all arenas of his life and always had believed that it was expected of him to accomplish everything on his own. and Creating Value. . aspeet n :ome specific actions he could take. to We learned that co-workers and family members were wary of his unpredictable behavior.. we shoulder all the responsibility. • At home and in other personal relationships." When Don started to think about how he was going to do this. as well as in other areas of my life. However. I will ask for help and respect others.189 188 reflecting. co-workers by _---- . think for yourself Let's look at how this can work. hi leaders . and his track record proved that he was a tenacious builder who got results. and they were hesitant ask for advice or to offer suggestions. One of his leadership growth commitments looked like this: "To promote synergy in my organization. and he wrote those down: d foeuse 0 •I am going to be more open to other people's st~le of doing things. Although the company's president appreciated the bottomline results. INSIGHTS• e COMI and implementing • I am going to give fair consideration to the ideas of other people. was known for taking on daunting projects. and I am going to show this by getting feedback dally. we guided him using the three principles of progress in this area based on feedback from my wife. Self-Expression. It IS a process for thinking. Id d broaden my self-expressIOn in t IS authentIc? How can eepen an . I will ment b y ----keep track of my work on this commitment by journaling at least two times per week. Cture and grammar are unimportant. other times resentment made him moody and unapproachable. children. • I will meet with people at work to . . • I am going to be open to other ways of getting things done. g The journaling process we have designed Com_ bines your growth commitments with the three -Socrates principles of Action Mastery: Authenticity. a veteran marketing executive. and them freedom to accomplish himself. Sometimes Don was friendly and genuinely interested in others. was a weakness. but he also to it. LEADERSHIP FROM THE IN SI~E Our Pf:f1-1WA y SEVEN: ACTION MASTERY observing oneself. Depending on anyone. He could fly off the handle at people for no reason at all. He was afraid of relying on others. Your sentence stru . be more I 'I" To address these questIOnS. Don of rn life? How can I create more va ue. Whenever their ideas by gIvlOg them in possible. he believed. . When Don started his coaching with us. . Don needed to work on his interpersonal relationships and synergy. • I will begin to work on this commit. Don. become more open initiating to To find yourself. yet he resented After talking to him further. aptUttn the essence of what is going on. . and taking action. I am going to encourage.

. try not to control. be completely present. and Negatlvl y." 6. Do a few things each day. INSIGHTS 0 REFLECTIONS having five people talking to us. and spiritual life in one deep stroke. Dedicate yourself to personal awakening leading to transformation instead of focusing on process leading to change. process for feedback and support. We accept responsibility . . comprehending Getting the container is m one profound ore insight can our growth on a holistic level allows us to think of Our d . You are it. Start by focusInvolve a couple of people in your D01'/tJust Walk the Talk. but we must learn to run by ourselves. WorrYlOg IS 1 . suffers more than is necessary.f do you may never make . d vision will get It. and we are responsible for how we deal with every situation that crosses our path. 1 Stress in life Without We have enoug 1 'I adding to it. It is estimated . Ourselves nutntron on a fundamental level. Although filling OUr container of knowledge is important.. Going to the latest. Roosevelt: "The only limits of our reaitzatlon of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. do what you enjoy. An amazing thing happens when we totally comprehend our personar. totally responsible faction and our outer circumstances.' 1 " ed" in achieving this negative VISion. created. 'd 0 t is not tt 1 Talk: Leadership from the Insi e . professional. In family life. rint to your destlnatlOn-l you . de 1e "conversatlon In t1 'd . rinue . Certainly there are life preservers of wisdom left by those who have gone before us. deep within. day. There is no one "out there" to rescue you. Take Total Responsibility: Attempting to achieve success or fulfillment side-in means from the out120t that we have learned to accept responsibility outer circumstances responsibility for our lives. In thinking. L Ive t e . all parts of our life are enriched. time. porting your authentic vision and purpose. aga in .' . walking. . Others may be there to teach us to walk. " it is necessary. at the same e COMMITMENTS It .. supporte y 10 yoU to your destination. As we give . Set Aside Worry. keep to the simple. '" SI' our heads occurs at a rate a . Realiz' h lng r at our growth is organic versus mechanistic allows us to greatly acceler ate Our development. . but you have to work it-consistently-every with unbridled energy and enthusiasm to it. our failure. that worry? We are rehearsing f 1 000 words per minute. ' s wa ~ t raug . Doubt your doubts and nu~· h words of FrankllO ture your dreams. borage your success The only person w 1 can sa 10 is you. succe . You know you have dreams you would like to achieve. The external world must fulfill us. There is no true personal Inside-out success is a total paradigm shift. BeC01nethe . In work. W db' ner awareness an . Even small steps. We are for our inner satisWe are responsible for the life we have in outside-in success. 5 . Value Consistency Over Intensity: Leadership from the Inside Ota works. 't . eople trying to convince us that 1 ~1 Y P 11 hi s are not going to work out. In leading. . you WI nese conversatlOnS to can 1 . -Lao Tzu change our personal. You know. 4. that's the information eqUlva ent a ffllnute.vTalk through the great nrne . If you a ow t 109 'II . ~TOU t have to sp don 11 h 11 the difficult timeS-Just keep l' . Be careful not to rush into this only to crash a month later. Either we are created by or victimized by for our lives. greatest seminar may give us some int erest_ ing intellectual content to impact some aspects of our lives.201 200 Approaching LEADERSHIP FROM THE I NSIDE Our PAl R WAY SEVEN: ACTION MASTERY' evelop_ ment as a process versus an event. Warm up it into your routine. Set aside worry unnecessatl y " and replace it with "five new people sup- our external circumstances. that you have k your life could be gifts to express. In conflict. is Iike having five negatlve. e our normal speech rate IS200 war s per SInc '1 f .responsibility: There is no one else to blame-for anything. befair and generotls. "A man who suffers before As Seneca wrote. We grow as organisms. over an d over. crucial. The define us and our success. about mastenng a b unc 1 1 a f quick tips that . 3. Integrate ing on one or two growth commitments. Yiau now more. What are we doing when we Doubt s.

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