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!onny Sharples
1he WrlLers 1reaLmenLţ Lhe SLep CuLllne Ǝ CLher Þre

1he Lady on 1he
Los lellz
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Treatment
.9 Jne: In9rodu.e Problem
S.ene 1
Ex9 Los Feliz Blvd - Nigh9
Jpening Sho9 a shaded figure - pro9agonis9 - appears under a
s9ree9lamp The surrounding environmen9 is 60% in darkness as 9he
.amera goes 9o a .lose-up of our pro9agonis9 ligh9ing a .igar The
ligh9 from 9he .igar boun.es off his fa.e as he s9ares ou9ards -
firs9 look a9 Dorian Dayle (Sounds of heels agains9 .on.re9e .an be
heard) The pro9agonis9 9urns aay from .amera s i9 si9.hes 9o a
lady alking don 9he s9ree9 in be9een 9o s9ree9lamps s she
rea.hes 9he nex9 s9ree9lamp 9he .amera goes 9o a .lose-up of female
.hara.9er Mave (slo mo9ion imagery as 9he s.ene 9ransi9ion) The
.lip 9ransi9ion via hi9e noise and you see an image of a sligh9ly
blooded room gain hi9e noise por9rays 9he 9ransi9ion
S.ene 2
In9 Cafe - Midday
f9er Transi9ion 9he .amera fo.uses on Dorian reading 9he paper in
a barely ligh9 .afe The indo is .omple9e hi9e from 9he ligh9
ou9side and makes 9he environmen9 .omple9ely invisible 9o anyone
inside 9he .afe (The sound of high heels again .an be head) as Mave
alks pas9 9he indo The .amera goes 9o a .lose of Dorian as he
s9ares in beildermen9 and his head follos her a.ross 9he indo
The .amera goes 9o an oversho9 of Dorian as he a9.hes Mave go ou9
of sigh9 of 9he indo Clip 9ransi9ions i9h hi9e noise final
9ransi9ion 9o nex9 s.ene
S.ene 3
Ex9 Los Feliz Blvd - Nigh9
Transi9ion ends .amera has oversho9 of Dorian's silhoue99e under
s9ree9 lamp as a .ar pulls in9o sho9 Dorian alks forard and
s9i.ks his 9humb up in a reques9 for 9he Taxi 9o pull over The
.amera jumps 9o an over 9he shoulder sho9 of Dorian as 9he .ar pulls
in9o sho9 and s9ops a9 9he ba.k indo in vie s soon as 9he
vehi.le .ame 9o a .omple9e s9op 9he indo rolls don and Mave
appears in 9he .ar Camera goes 9o in9erior vie of 9he 9axi as Mave
looks ou9 of 9he .ar as Dorian's fa.e lean in9o sho9 of 9he .ars
indo Mave and Dorian .onverse qui.kly before Mave offers Dorian a
ride Camera goes ba.k 9o pan sho9 of 9he .ar and Dorian as he alks
around 9he ba.k of 9he .ar and Mave inds up 9he indo s Dorian
opens 9he .ar door on 9he o9her side 9he 9ransi9ion is ini9ia9ed by
hi9e noise
S.ene 4
In9 Taxi - La9e Nigh9
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

Camera is fo.used on 9he pair as 9heir posi9ion in a in9ima9e ay
hils9 as 9hey .onverse i9h ea.h o9her The .amera goes 9o ou9side
sho9 of .ab as i9 .omes 9o a harsh s9op Re9urning 9o inside 9he .ab
e see 9he 9o .hara.9ers lean forard due 9o for.e of 9he s9op
Camera goes 9o a behind 9he head sho9 of Dorian as he peers in9o 9he
fron9 .abin of 9he .ar and goes 9o .onverse i9h 9he driver The
shadoed figure presen9 in 9he fron9 of 9he 9axi 9urns and hi9s
Dorian in 9he 9emple i9h ha9 appears 9o be 9he handle of a
revolver We see Dorian fall ou9 of pi.9ure (9he .on9a.9 of his body
on 9he floor .an be heard) 9he s.ene fades ou9 as 9he shado figure
poin9s 9he gun in9o 9he ba.k (Mave's s.reams .an be heard) Whi9e
noise spli9s .lip and shos a shado figure in a door en9ran.e of a
house and hi9e noise make ano9her spli9 9o nex9 s.ene
.9 To
S.ene 5
In9 Taxi - Morning
Camera fo.us on a mid-body sho9 of Dorian as he s9irs aake The
.amera goes 9o 9he lef9 as he leans up giving a mid body side sho9
of Dorian as he looks around 9he emp9y .ab The ligh9 ou9side again
blind vieer 9o environmen9 as Dorian goes 9o open 9he ligh9 shines
on his fa.e shoing him i9h a s9ern expression (hear him grun9ing)
as he leans ou9 of sho9
S.ene 6
Ex9 lley - La9e Nigh9
Dorian is in a 9ussle i9h Sammy They're bo9h holding ea.h o9her in
an army lo.k singing periodi.ally a fe pun.hes Camera si9.hes
9o differen9 sho9s as 9hey s9umble 9hrough 9he alley as 9hey going
9o 9rash .ans and rubbish bags alike Camera goes 9o behind Dorian
as he finally pins Sammy 9o 9he all and gives him a righ9 hook and
send him falling Camera goes 9o a floor sho9 as he 9umbles 9o 9he
ground as he falls 9hrough 9rash .ans 9oards 9he .amera The .amera
9ransi9ion 9o a silhoue99e on a door hi.h is has 9he .rimson 9ag
on i9 The .amera .a9.hes a leg from 9he bo99om lef9 smash 9hrough
door before fading ou9
S.ene 7
In9 Gang Hideou9 - La9e Nigh9
Fade in as .amera lef9 pans dingy basemen9 9he ligh9s appear red
and smoke is visible over an ash 9ray in a rounded al.ove surrounded
by gang members along 9he all .oming 9o a darkened s9airay Camera
fades ou9 and fades in 9o a sho9 over a figure righ9 shoulder
alking 9hrough 9he s9airay 9o 9he red ligh9 room The .amera
remains in 9his posi9ion as he pulls ou9 of 9he s9airell and e see
i9's Dorian s he 9urns lef9 he raises his Revolver and poin9s a9
9oards a s9age In resul9 gangs members s9and up in differen9
se.9ion of 9he room i9h eapons raised The figure of a omen 9ied
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

9o a .hair is sligh9ly visible due 9o 9he red ligh9 boun.ing of her
body The a.9ion holds for a se.ond as 9he oman lif9 her head an
looks 9oards .amera (Mave .ries Dorian names) The images is .u9
finally by hi9e noise 9hen an image of blood 9ri.kling a.ross 9he
floor is seen folloed by ano9her s9andard hi9e noise 9ransi9ion

.9 03
S.ene 8
In9 Living Room - La9e nigh9
The .amera begins 9o 9ra.k ba.k from 9he hi9e noise I9 appears 9o
pass 9hrough glass and begins 9o see a border around 9he edge s
9he .amera .on9inues re9rea9ing e see 9ha9 9he border is a TV and
as 9he .amera pans fur9her ba.k e see a framed pos9er of a oman
above 9he TV - Mave in ano9her movie (We hear a phone ring and be
pi.ked up as 9o blokes .onverse) The .amera no 9ra.ks ba.k 9o sho
9he room li99ered i9h rubbish su.h as 9akeaay boxes and DVD on
9he floor s e pan fur9her ou9 9he .amera begins 9o as.end as i9
hi9 9he roof e see a figure sa9 in an arm.hair pu99ing 9he phone
don on 9he 9able beside him Then seeing his head drop Finally 9he
.amera goes 9oards 9he pos9ers and as i9 .loses in 9here a flash (a
gunsho9 is heard) The pos9er is .overed in a spray of blood and 9he
.amera 9ra.k ba.k 9o a differen9 room i9h a body on 9he floor and
a9 9he bo99om of 9he sho9 a shado 9urns and alks aay S.ene fade
ou9 9o 9i9le sequen.e
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Step Outline
.9 Jne: In9rodu.e Problem
Pro9agonis9 sees 9he female for 9he firs9 9ime in 9he s9ree9 and is
beildered by her looks
He sees her again as she passes by 9he indo of 9he .afe
Dorian halls for a .ab and sees again Mave inside They .onverse
before Dorian en9ers
The .ar .omes 9o a harsh s9op as 9hey .on9inue 9alking Bu9 as
Dorian goes 9o enquire he's kno.ked un.ons.ious by 9he Driver -
Sammy Jones
.9 To: Figh9ing The Problem
Dorian regains .ons.iousness and peers around 9he .ab No9i.ing he's
alone he lives 9he .ab
Dorian 9ussles i9h Sammy in alley and kno.k him un.ons.ious
Dorian smashes 9hrough 9he door in 9he alley and alks in
En9ering 9he gang's hideou9 Dorian peered don 9he room and sees
Mave 9ide up behind a small group of 9he gang Mave .ries ou9
.9 Three: Tis9 ending
The image 9urns 9o hi9e noise and e peel aay 9o see e've been
a9.hing 9he TV in a li99ered room
We hear a .onversa9ion be9een Dorian and Sammy nego9ia9ing an even9
9ha9 nigh9
We 9hen see 9he en9ire room as e pan ba.k and see Dorian's
silhoue99e in an army .hair looking glum
udien.e fo.us on pos9er above TV suddenly flashing as a gun goes
off and blood sprays a.ross 9he pos9er
The .amera pans ba.k 9o see a differen9 room i9h a body lay on 9he
floor and a shado figure alk ou9 9he door
The Premise
S9ory of a De9e.9ive ho fa.es his .orrup9 lifes9yle hi.h des9roys
his dream film noir .areer hen 9he omen he loves dies be.ause of
The Logline
S9ory of a De9e.9ive hose dream 9o be like de9e.9ives in film
noir is 9rampled on his .orrup9 lifes9yle .ausing 9he dea9h of his
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

damsel in dis9ress Thus leaving him 9o solve 9he .rime and pu9 his
bad pas9 behind him and be 9ha9 perfe.9 de9e.9ive he dreams abou9

Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

haracter Biographies

Name Samuel Jones
eight 6ft 2"
Age 18
Back story Sammy Jones gre in 9he neighbourhood a9 9he end of
Los Feliz Blvd and had been a..us9omed 9o .rime from
an early age This be.ame an influen.e on his life as
he began 9o hang i9h gang member hils9 a9 s.hool
and a9 home Hoever hen 9rying 9o ini9ia9e in9o 9he
lo.al gang (The Whi9e Fen.es - Whom ould la9er join
par9 of La9in Kings) he asn'9 ex.ep9ed 9o due 9o his
.olour even 9hough his mo9her as from sou9h meri.an
origins In resul9 by 9he 9ime he as 16 he as
isola9ed a9 his s.hool and re.eived a bea9ing by 9he
gang 20yds from his house This as a nearly 9he end
from SJ bu9 lu.ky for him a Crip gang here riding by
and sa 9he hi9e fen.e bea9ing a fello fri.an

The gang here sho9 don in an improvised drive-by
and SJ as es.or9ed 9o 9he .ar and driven 9o 9he
nearby se9 safe house His allegian.e 9o 9he Crips
gre as he began 9o hang i9h 9he member a9 s.hool
and sa himself a..ep9ed in9o 9he group Bu9 as a
.hild he remained no9 a member un9il he .ame of age
Hoever i9 as a mon9h af9er his 17
bir9hday hen he
a9.hed 9he aful image of his mo9her being moed
don by a drive-by 9 firs9 i9 appeared 9o be
ano9her gang bu9 af9er an inves9iga9ion began i9
appeared 9o be 9ha9 of 9he Whi9e fen.es

In .on.lusion SJ began 9o .ommi9 .rimes agains9
Sou9h meri.ans; be i9 s9eals from a shop or bea9ing
on lo.als alking home In resul9 his ra.ial ha9e
gre and his ambi9ion 9o be par9 of 9he .ribs gre
By 9he 9ime i9 .ame 9o his 18
SJ as ready 9o be.ome
a fully fledged .rib and 9o lo.als had be.ame knon
as Diablo Muer9e (- Devil's Dea9h or DD for Shor9)
s s9andard 9his began his ini9ia9e progress bu9 for
his repu9a9ion 9he (No knon) Crimson had se9 him a
bigger 9ask 9his one ould be a famous a.9or of La9in

Affiliations SJ Sammy Diablo Muer9e DD

Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Dame
Name aryese oreau
eight 5ft 7"
Age 23
Back story Maryese had dreamed abou9 be.oming a model Bu9
re.eived mu.h reje.9ion a9 9he s9ar9 of her .areer
She ins9ead for 9he 9ime found ork in a lo.al
fashion shop and orked on her figure hi.h due 9o
numerous reje.9ion and .ommen9s by people i9hin 9he
indus9ry be.ame her obsession By 9he 9ime she as 19
see be.ame 9he ideal oman 9he fashion indus9ry i.on
bu9 a9 a huge pri.e Maryese had be.ome bulimi.;
vomi9ing af9er every meal she be.ame prone 9o
fain9ing bu9 pushed passed heal9h issues as she loved
9he a99en9ion her body had given 9o her

The obsession be.ame .urse as mu.h as i9 as a gif9
9o her She remained ill mos9 of 9he 9ime suffering
from s9arva9ion Her personali9y ou9 of 9he limeligh9
be.ame va.an9 and impassive; rendering her 9o 9he
ni.kname of Sad Beauty 9o her friends as 9hey a9.h
her old self de9eriora9e 9o a fashion zombie

s her modelling .areer spiralled in legendary s9a9us
she as given by her agen.y a mansion on 9he 9op end
of Los Feliz hi.h she moved in9o from her home 9on
in Florida This gave her more Job oppor9uni9y bu9
mos9 of all en9ered her in9o 9he orld of a.9ing By
9he nex9 summer she had s9arred in her firs9 fea9ure
film and brough9 her more fame and finan.ial ba.king

s 9he money .ame in she used i9 9o help 9he less
for9una9e; se99ing up founda9ions and .hari9ies
a.ross 9he s9a9es of meri.a Her ork helping loer
you9h unemploymen9 and .rimes na9ionide Her name
soon be.ame The American Dream bu9 9o many she be.ame
The American Saviour Wi9h 9his .ame s9alkers and
o9her psy.hopa9hs hom ould send e-mails and le99ers
9o her Many of hi.h men9ioned her beau9y and
al9hough 9hey frigh9ened her 9hey made her happy
be.ause of 9his No sooner her obsession 9urned 9o
JCD as she be.ame fo.used on no9hing more 9han
main9aining her volup9uous body 9o ge9 more praise
and in some 9erms s9alker mail

By 9he 9ime she as 23 she as na9ional i.on and a
oman adored by 9he na9ion Idolized by 9he omen and
roman9i.ised by men She represen9ed 9he bes9 of
meri.a bu9 as 9he re.ession hi9 ..olades mean9
no9hing as Maryese as abou9 9o find ou9
Affiliations Sad Beau9y The meri.an Dream The meri.an Saviour
Na9ions Prin.ess
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz


Name Dorian Dayle
eight 6ft 5"
Age 27
Back story Dorian pas9 as full of a..olades from a young age he
ex.elled in s.hool and he as aarded spe.ial
re.ogni9ion for his ex9ra.urri.ular a.9ivi9ies in
s.hool Playing 9he baske9ball 9eam and meri.an
foo9ball during his free 9ime

By 9he end of high s.hool he looked 9oards a .areer
in la hils9 s9ill main9aining his physi.al abili9ies
running 9ra.k for his .ollege Yale During his 9ime
9here he fell in love i9h Film Noir Idolizing 9he
likes of Sam Spade (The Mal9ese Fal.on) Philip Marloe
(Murder My See9) and Mark M.Pherson (Laura) hom
be.ame influen9ial as 9he firs9 semes9er .ame 9o a
.lose Before his se.ond his ambi9ion had .hanged and
his ork in la had shon so mu.h .orrup9ion 9ha9 he
.ame ou9 and en9ered in 9o a Poli.e a.ademy By his 23

bir9hday he gradua9ed from 9he a.ademy bu9 due 9o his
knoledge and qui.k ini9ia9ive during his final poli.e
9rials he as promo9ed immedia9ely 9o de9e.9ive

During his .areer as a D9 He be.ame no9orious 9o gangs
as he fished ou9 .ells one by one Taking ou9 big hi9s
hi.h previously seemed un9ou.hable He be.ame infamous
as The Crippler 9o Crips and The Vampire 9o 9he Bloods
s his lega.y .on9inued his fame gained be9een 9he
Los ngeles .ommuni9y and infamy be9een gangs

When 9he re.ession hi9 an all 9ime lo 9hings .hanged
as gangs .ame in9o poer over lo.al enfor.emen9 The
Crips and Bloods espe.ially had be.ome a join9 gang
hi.h profi9ed more 9han ever from 9heir join9 drug
ven9ures and as a .ollabora9ive for.e knon as The
Crimson 9hey began 9o run 9he s9ree9s Jrganizing
9hemselves in9o s9ronger .ells i9h differen9 agendas
making i9 implausible for anyone 9o bring 9hem don
For Dorian 9his be.ame a big hi9 as all .ases en9 .old
and his grea9 name in 9he .ommuni9y as dragged 9hrough
9he dir9 By 9he firs9 year of 9he depression he be.ame
impa9ien9 i9h his failure 9o bring jus9i.e

I9 as on a small gun .rime .harge 9urned his orld
upside don as a Crimson Lieu9enan9 as .ornered don
an alley by Dorian Before 9he arres9 9ook pla.e 9he
Lieu9enan9 9ried 9o bribe Dorian s his mind 9ossed
over his .hoi.e he be.ame aare of his possibili9y 9o
be.ome a legend on.e again Taking 9he bribe he 9old
Jonny Sharples
The Lady on The Los Feliz

9he Lieu9enan9 9o .on9a.9 him on.e more 9o dis.uss an
agreemen9 By 9he end of 9he eek Dorian had made a
pa.9 i9h 9he Gang s 9hey made 9ransa.9ion i9h ea.h
o9her 9o supply 9heir needs Dorian ould pay off
members 9o s9op .rimes in .er9ain areas or a planned
hi9 Whils9 he ould 9ake money for ini9ia9ions When a
gang re.rui9 ould kill a person 9o gain en9ry 9o 9he
gang he ould pull .ops from 9ha9 area giving 9hem
false eviden.e of a .rime on 9he o9her side of 9on
Wi9h 9his he be.ame 9he man of 9he hour on.e again and
he fel9 9ha9 during 9his 9ime he be.ame ano9her hero of
9he re.ession

Affiliations Dt. Dayle, The Crippler, The Vampire

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