poet with a comedic Fran Isherwood is a performance rly on the London bent who’s been performing regula ing

exhibitionist poetry circuit since 2008 and exhibit t as a comedian, tendencies for centuries before tha try is a wry, improviser, actor and singer. Her poe the vagaries of life awry, word-playful gallop through lollipop ladies, Glam encountering mail-stealing snails, me jobs en route. Rock, insomnia and macabre part-ti
eral anthologies, The Book Fran has had poems published in sev s in the Spring 2011 Club Boutique newspaper and feature m’. She has also written edition of ‘Poems In The Waiting Roo websites and newsletters, sketches, scripts, lyrics, content for stories. Occasionally Fran radio features, speeches and short zer, Chair of the Trouserford works in character as Dorothea Bla or as Doctor Lucy Swann, an Ladies Literary Luncheon League, ale poets (the latter being a academic specializing in obscure fem . collaboration with poet Jude Cowan) op facilitator of Creative Fran has worked as a tutor / worksh a variety of settings including Writing, Drama and Adult Literacy in centre for mental health an active retirement project, a drop-in s, colleges, school Drama service users, in schools with parent is available for individual clubs and with homeless youths. She entry etc. A tutee of hers has audition coaching for Drama school ious American Academy of recently been accepted by the prestig Dramatic Arts in L.A. broadcaster: www.reverbnation. Fran is also a voiceover artist and com/franisherwood.

Fran is available for full or half-day long-term workshops, performances and for r, racts as a poetry and / or drama tuto cont r and actor. Prices star t workshop facilitato nses. from £50 per hour plus travel expe day Workshops star t at £170 for half a for a full day, plus travel and from £250 to book expenses. For further information, availability please contact Fran or to check Lynsey on info@bookapoet.co.uk.

ired A non-refundable 50% deposit is requ a booking. (We will endeavour when making rever to re-arrange any cancellations whe possible.) Our terms and conditions are available be at www.bookapoet.co.uk and will quotes / bookings. included with

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